Copyright 1998 Olivier Mengué.


Unzip this archive on any directory on your disk. I suggest 'C:\Games\GTA\Tools\FXTEdit' if GTA is installed in 'C:\Games\GTA'.
You can create a FXTEdit.ini with the following lines, in the same directory as you installed it.

Limits of the software

Currently (v0.1), .FXT files are read-only in FXTEdit.

Known bugs

Planned for next versions


FXTEdit is distributed with its source code, under the GNU Public Licence. Read the file COPYING. The GPL is available online in HTML format.
Pour les francophones, une traduction du texte de la licence GPL est disponible.


Michael Mendelsohn for his FXT2TXT and TXT2FXT tools.


For updates, go to the Road-killers Rendez-vous: http://www.mygale.org/~dolmen/gta/.
For informations about MISSION.INI and .RAW files, go to the GTA Hackers Area.

For informations about other GTA files, have a look to the GTA Reference Handbook


Date (d/m/y) Version Comments
11/02/98 0.1 Initial release.
Source code is included.
FXT files are read-only.