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What the hell?
Who is schu?
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What the hell is GOURANGA!? <Top>

GOURANGA! (G!) is a GTA web site that covers the entire GTA series on all platforms.  I originally opened G! in December of 1997 on my student account at the University of Missouri, Columbia.  After gathering a rather large following, ASC Games offered to buy the site, host it, and give me a domain name.  I joined up with ASC Games for awhile until it became obvious that they were only going to publish GTA, but not GTAUK, GTA2, etc.  After thinking it over awhile I broke my ties to ASC Games and moved the site to my own space and to my own domain.  I've been here since August of 1999 and hopefully I'll remain here for some time to come.

My main mission here at G! is to inform gamers about the Grand Theft Auto series in its various forms through up to date news, reviews, and information.  I found very few web sites about GTA originally, and even fewer in English, so I decided to change this.  Luckily it all worked out for the best and G! has been fairly successful.  


Who the hell are you? <Top>

My name is schu, well my nickname anyway, and I created GOURANGA!.  I've been running this site in various forms and locations since 1997.  There really isn't much to say about me.  I live in the US (recently moved to Milwaukee, WI) and spend most of my weekends in Chicago with my friends.  I recently graduated from college and now I'm out looking for a job in the IT industry.


What the hell does GOURANGA! mean anyway? <Top>

The word GOURANGA appears in the original GTA after you run over an entire line of Hare Krishnas at a high rate of speed.  I first did this totally by mistake, but soon after it became somewhat of a mission to try and run over them every time I played.  I have received a few messages regarding this but DMA's translation of the word is "be happy."  I also received the following from Brian over at DMA that may shed some more light on why GOURANGA! appears in GTA:

I noticed this morning that you were a pondering and having a bit of a strokey beard think about the origins of the word 'Gouranga'.   

If you ever bump into a Krishna in the street (and here in temperate Scotland they tend to wear anoraks over their robes) they tend to hand out badges or stickers saying "Call out Gouranga - Be Happy"   

What could possibly make you happier than calling out 'Gouranga!' as you plough through 7 or 8 of the buggers eh?

I've also been informed by numerous people that there are GOURANGA! signs and graffiti in various parts of the UK.  I'm not really sure who uses the word outside of the Hare Krishna and GTA population.  I'd like to think that is associated with my site but I doubt it :).


How the hell can I help? <Top>

Submitting news is probably the single best way to help make G! better. Reviews, tips, links, general GTA information, and files are welcome as well.  If its related to the GTA series or the GTA community, chances are I'm interested it in.


What the hell do you edit your site with? <Top>

I used a combination of Homesite, Dreamweaver, and Notepad to create G!.  I also use them to do everyday updating.


Legal Stuff <Top>
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