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Java/IRC Chat
Habbo Hotel
Note <Top>

I do not manage the IRC chat room, so please don't ask me to op you.  Until I change this note I cannot guarantee that anyone with the nickname 'schu' in the chat room is me, but I'll try to make sure my nick is registered to avoid problems.

When you opened this page a new chat window should have opened.  After you enter a nickname and click Connect, it may still take a minute or two to get up and running.  To use the Java/IRC chat room you will need to have Java support.  If you try to use the java chat room and it doesn't work, you'll first want to make sure that Java is enabled in your browser preferences.  In Internet Explorer this can be found under Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced.  If you need Java runtime files you can download them here.

Please let me know what you think about the chat room.  I really haven't had time to set one up myself so PR2005 was kind enough to do it for me :) ...


Java/IRC Chat <Top>
You can connect using Mirc.
Server : irc.darksystem.com
Port : 6667
Channel : #gouranga

Habbo Hotel Chat <Top>
Check out the other chat room over at Habbo Hotel.  I don't get over there much anymore, but you might want to check out the room :) ...
The Habbo room name is GOURANGA! and the password is gme.  My name at Habbo Hotel is schu-G! .  schu was already taken, so please don't bother whoever owns it.