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Playstation & Game Shark Cheats <Top>
To use the Playstation cheats just change your name to one of the cheats below.  After entering a cheat you can then enter another cheat (to enable multiple cheats) or you can change your name back whatever you like, that way your high scores list has your name on it instead of a cheat.

Cheat Code Effect
ITSALLUP Level Select
LIVELONG Infinite Health
NAVARONE ALL Weapons (Max Ammo)
HIGHFIVE 5x Multiplier
BIGSCORE  10 million Points
DESIRES   Max Wanted Level
MUCHCASH Gives you $500,000
WUGGLES Display Coordinates

Game Shark:

Cheat Code Effect
D0035510 ???? Joker Command
80120008 0063 Infinite Lives
80145A9A 0064 Infinite Health
30026348 0001 Invincible
3002634E 0001 All Weapons
30026349 0001 Unlock All Areas
80024F24 0003 Unlock All Normal Areas
D0024F1C 0000
80024F1C 0001
80024F28 0009
Unlock All Bonus Areas
3002634B 0001 5x Multiplier
3002634C 0001 10 Million Points
3002634F 0001 Most Wanted
800A419A 2400 Infinite Bonus & Kill Frenzy Time
3002634D 0001 Debug Basic Scripts
3002634A 0001 No Cops
80145A8E 0000 No Cops
80145A8E 2EE0 Lots of Cops
8012A870 0000 No Kills
8012A870 FFFF Max Number of Kills
8011FD0C 967F
8011FD0E 0098
Max Money
D0164D6C 0000
80164D6C FFFF
Have Pistol (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164D6C 0000
80164D6C 03E7
Max Pistol Ammo
D0164E5C 0000
80164E5C FFFF
Have Shotgun (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164E5C 0000
80164E5C 03E7
Max Shotgun Ammo
D0164D94 0000
80164D94 FFFF
Have S-Uzi Machinegun (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164D94 0000
80164D94 03E7
Max S-Uzi Machinegun Ammo
D0164EAC 0000
Have Flame-Thrower (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164EAC 0000
80164EAC 03E7
Max Flame-Thrower Ammo
D0164DBC 0000
Have Rocket Launcher (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164DBC 0000
80164DBC 03E7
Max Rocket Launcher Ammo
D0164E84 0000
80164E84 FFFF
Have Tazer (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164E84 0000
80164E84 03E7
Max Tazer Ammo
D0164DE4 0000
80164DE4 FFFF
Have Zapper (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164DE4 0000
80164DE4 03E7
Max Zapper Ammo
D0164E0C 0000
80164E0C FFFF
Have Molotav Cocktail (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164E0C 0000
80164E0C 03E7
Max Molotav Cocktail Ammo
D0164E34 0000
80164E34 FFFF
Have Grenades (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164E34 0000
80164E34 03E7
Max Grenades
D0164D6C 0000
50000B28 0000
80164D6C 03E7
All Weapons (Normal Max Ammo)
(GS 3.0 or Higher Needed)
D0164D6C 0000
50000B28 0000
80164D6C FFFF
All Weapons (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
(GS 3.0 or Higher Needed)
Gameshark Codes From Cheat Code Central


PC Cheats <Top>
To use the PC cheats, first change you name to GOURANGA, then change your name to one of the cheats below.  After entering the cheat you can then change your name to another cheat (to enable multiple cheats) or you change your name back whatever you like, that way your high scores list has your name on it instead of a cheat.
Cheat Code Effect
GOREFEST Enable blood splats
MADEMAN Max respect for all gangs at start
EATSOUP Free Shopping (For Car Upgrades etc.)
CUTIE1 Gives the player 99 lives
ARSESTAR Keep weapons after death
DANISGOD Gives the player points for saving,resprays, etc
IAMDAVEJ Gives the player 9999999 points
MUCHCASH Gives the player $500,000
SEGARULZ Gives the player a multiplier of 10
COCKTART Skip exploding scores
GODOFGTA All weapons + max ammo
DAVEMOON Basic set of weapons + max ammo
VOLTFEST Electro Gun with infinite ammo
FLAMEON Flame Thrower with infinite ammo
SCHURULZ Infinite 'double damage' powerup
RSJABBER Infinite 'invulnerability' powerup
HUNSRUS Infinite 'invisibility' powerup
JAILBAIT Infinite 'get out of jail free' cards
BUCKFAST All dummy chars are muggers
NEKKID All dummy chars are naked
LASVEGAS All dummy chars are Elvis!
FISHFLAP All cars are 'mini cars'
GINGERR Access to levels one & two
UKGAMER Access to all three levels
TUMYFROG Access to all levels + all bonus levels


Cheat Files <Top>
GTA2 Saved Game Editor - A utility that allows for the editing of GTA2 saved game files (*.SVG) - it allows you to edit/add weapons and ammo, health, lives, armor, multiplier, powerups, etc. Easy to use and install - comes with a readme.txt detailing its operation. (Author: Ishani)
GTA2 Power Manager - A GTA2 loader that extends the standard GTA2 Manager application's UI to include a complete car physics editor and debug panel. The debug panel allows setting of many options, including the well known GTA2 cheats. It also allows you to start on any level or on any saved game. (Author: Ishani)

GTA Zone's GTA Trainer
- This is GTA Zone's take on the GTA2 trainer featuring 26 different functions.  You can get all the latest updates and news on this trainer at GTA Zone or if you prefer the German version you can pick that up at GTA Zone as well.  (Author: Holger Arndt)

GTA2 Trainer
- A GTA2 trainer, what else?  Although I think you can do most of this stuff with the Power Manager, but for the sake of completeness here it is.  Check the NFO file for file details.  (Author: BIOS Systems)

I have seen other registry hacks for GTA2, but they were all pretty much eliminated by Ishani's easy to use Power Manager, I highly suggest you check it out.