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If you don't get a reply within at week at the most, resend your email, it's possible I overlooked it the first time around.  I try to respond to all the email that is sent in within a few days of getting it, but lately I've been swamped and that has become more difficult.

Comments:  (schu@gouranga.com)
Comments and suggestions regarding GOURANGA! are always welcome, although I urge you contact Rockstar North or Rockstar Games with any comments specifically pertaining to GTA, GTA London, GTA2, or GTA3.

General & Technical:  (schu@gouranga.com)
If you have any questions regarding GTA, GTA London, GTA2, or GTA3, please check the Help or Gameplay forum first.  If you cannot find an answer there, feel free to send your question to me and I'll do my best to answer it.

News:  (schu@gouranga.com)
All news on any issues relating to the GTA series or about GTA web sites is always welcome.  Send it in, and if it gets posted you will be given credit accordingly. 

Tips & Cheats:  (schu@gouranga.com)
Please feel free to submit your favorite tips and cheats.  If your tip is good enough I will post it in the appropriate tips section with credit to you.

Files:  (schu@gouranga.com)
Do you have a map, utility, or other GTA, GTA London, GTA2, or GTA3 related creation you want everyone to see?  Submit it and I will post it with credit to you in the News and the appropriate download section.  GTA3 cars can be uploaded from here.