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Thursday - December 30, 1999 <5:00 PM CST> <Top>
Tax This! <5:00 PM CST - schu>
This isn't news directly related to GTA, but rather to gamers in the UK.  I've read on a few different sites that Gordon Marsden (House of Commons - Labor Party) is proposing a tax on computer games to help fund adult learning programs.  You can find out more info on this at Gamespot.

Site Updates <5:00 PM CST - schu>
Well its been another slow day, but hopefully the next update on Monday will pan out a little better.  Once again, there will be no update on Friday because I will be going to New York for new years.  Have a happy new year!


Wednesday - December 29, 1999 <6:00 PM CST> <Top>
Project News <6:00 PM CST - schu>
  • Wild Wild West
    X-Mail is here with the latest on WWW.  If you'd like to help X-Mail out with any of the things mentioned below, please send him a mail at
  • Howdy Cowboy,  I still don't have a Sheriff-Car, so I will make it myself if I don't get one sent to me in the upcoming week.  I still don't have any rocket launchers, tanks, motorcycles either!  I wanted to make the WWW-Project together with other people, but I'm still working alone.  What a pity.   :|

    Hopefully some other people will send in ideas or files.

    This is the current statistic:

    • Cars: 7/40 (17,5%)
    • Sprites: 8/???
    • Weapons: 2/4 (50%)
    • Fxts:1/2 (50%)
    • Sounds:11/??
    • Textures:The most

    The next update will come in January 2000, and the full WWW-Power will come in the year 2000, too!

  • GTA Hawaii
    Graham is looking for help with GTA Hawaii, especially with textures:

    I need help! If I don't get a person to do the textures for GTA Hawaii I will have to cancel GTA Hawaii. If I don't receive any replies for people that want to do textures by January 15 then I will cancel GTA Hawaii. In the e-mail list I still have 10 spots left for the anyone that is not on the list. The offer will only last till January 1st. I still have 3 spots left for beta tester. That offer will still only go till Jan. 1st.

    In about 1 or 2 weeks I will be closing down my GTA files site. It just was not working. The good news is that I will be opening a new site with a friend of mine from ICQ. His name is spacemonkey. The new site is called Liberty Docks. We are not sure about the URL yet. That site will open in about 1-2 weeks. For anyone that has not got their name on the e-mail list there are still more spots left. There are only ten spots left! Come and get them while they last.

    If anyone is doing a new project for GTA the original and are looking for somewhere where you can post your updates. Then look no further. I will post updates for anyone that wants to get their project out in the open. If you are one of these people then send your project updates to gta_hawaii@hotmail.com and I will post then for you. Don't forget to visit my site members.icq.com/55359564 for daily updates. You can also look for more GTA Hawaii updates at www.gta2wipeout.com/main/gta2.htm.

Site Updates
<6:00 PM CST - schu>
Pretty slow day again... Email is still pretty strong, but there seems to be less news and more tech questions :).


Tuesday - December 28, 1999 <6:00 PM CST> <Top>
No News <6:00 PM CST - schu>
Since there isn't much going on today I thought I'd post this pic of GTA3D that Simon brought to my attention.  It sure does look impressive, the lighting, the textures, the 3Dness... WOW...  You can find this pic and more over at DMA Design's site...

Site Updates <6:00 PM CST - schu>
Wow... Must have blown all the news on yesterday's update cause it seems like NOTHING is going on today.  By the way, I should mention that I will not be updating on Friday, at least I don't think I will be.  Currently it looks like I'm flying out to New York on Friday morning for New Years, and then flying back on Saturday morning.  This shouldn't affect next Monday's update, assuming of course I don't get blown up by a terrorist bomb attack and that the plane I'm flying on is Y2K compliant :)


Monday - December 27, 1999 <10:00 PM CST> <Top>
Exc0r5's GTA2 Mission Pack <10:00 PM CST - schu>
Exc0r5 has released a GTA2 mission pack over at his site, the GTA2 Editing Compendium.  The mission pack "replaces the two Zaibatsu green missions on the third level."  Check his site for download information and for more details.

GTA2 File Editor 1.1 <10:00 PM CST - schu>
Stephen has release version 1.1 of his GTA2 file editor.  The newest version fixes a bug in the GCI window and adds an export function to the STY window, no import just yet.

Announcements <10:00 PM CST - schu>

  • ERiX GTA Pages is releasing a GTA/GTA2 newsletter.  I just got the first one in the mail it was pretty good, you can sign up at EGP4 to have it sent to your inbox.
  • GTA IAT has changed its URL.  Now you can find GTA IAt at gtaiat.tripod.com

Project News
<10:00 PM CST - schu>

    Byron sent in the latest update on GTA AUS' progress:
  • "Hiya everyone. I've got some good news, I'm recommencing work on GTA AUS! I'm not really sure how much longer the project will take to complete, it's all currently up to the missions. Basically everything is pretty much done, 'cept for the missions and some other little bits and pieces here and there which I'll be working on now. Btw, Zero, if you're reading this, can you please contact me ASAP and give me a status on your work? (I bet that line was a real morale booster, hahahahaha)"

  • Wild Wild West
    X-Mail sent in the latest set of updates on Wild Wild West:

    "Sorry, but the next update will come later (I don't know when).  If I get new cars from some people I will make the update faster.  It's not worth it when I make a Patch only with one or two new details.  When I have 10 new cars, 5 new sounds, and a rocket-launcher replacement I will make the next update.  If you know how to use the Fxt2Txt-program, so please email me."
    "Today I will make the sheriff skin for the cops.  They will have a green hat with a golden star and a green and brown uniform with cool shoes.  I hope someone will send in a car for the sheriff car soon."

    "It has taken about three hours to make the sheriff, but now he's done.  Now I'm going to fix the weapons and make some new textures.  Tomorrow I'll release a new update with two new cars, three new weapons, some new sprites or sounds and of course the new sheriff skin.  The sounds at the start are stolen from the game Shadow Man, hopefully this won't be a problem."


Community News <10:00 PM CST - schu>

  • Zaibatsu²
    Zaibatsu² is having a poll now and the first is about my upcoming TC, GTA2 : Rally. It is for the good of the future community, and if I get a bad response you people mightn't be ABLE to actually DOWNLOAD the TC, and that would be bad wouldn't it now.  You can find it on the news page @ gta2.blasterweb.com and if you don't want to answer the poll, just come for the info!  Z² was the first GTA2 site ever created, even before the official one. Doesn't that say something about it's content and my commitment? Anyway come along, but hold on.
  • GTA2 Wipeout
    Gta2wipeout is up and running in its new domain (still under minor construction) so come a have visit! It has a whole new design, new content, everything has changed!

    You must use a screen resolution of 1024x768 and maximize your browser window otherwise the site will not display correctly and will be almost unusable!

New GTA Sites <10:00 PM CST - schu>


Friday - December 24, 1999 <9:30 PM CST> <Top>
Happy Holidays <9:30 PM CST - schu>
I just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays, I hope your Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, or whatever celebration you observe goes well.

Announcements <9:30 PM CST - schu>

  • Chemical Distortions has released a new MP3 track entitled Scarab.  Check it out over at the Chemical Distortions web site hosted by Valued.
  • GTA PL is currently only available in Polish but the web master there says he plans on doing an English version as well.

Project News <9:30 PM CST - schu>

  • Wild Wild West Updated
    Even though e-mail said that Wild Wild West was not going to be completed he has decided to make some modifications to it.  The first update (2.83MB) is being made to the front end with a new look and sounds .  Here is X-Mail with some other modifications he is planning to make in the future:

    I think I will continue this project and fix the grass-textures, cowboy-skin, and make (or copy) better weapons.  In the upcoming months I will make the buildings, cops (sheriffs), title-wallpapers and of course better cars (I'm not so good in car-making).  Ok, I need help!!!  If I learn how to use Fxt2Txt, I will make new messages! The people who send me some (or one) car(s)and so on, will be in the Credits (don't know how to edit them, but I will do it by an other way).
    I need:

    • Some nice Car-Replacements (but not futuristic ones of course)
    • A nice motorcycle (but not a futuristic one of course)
    • A sheriff-car (not a sheriff-skin)
    • Some good busses and limousines (but not futuristic ones of course)
    • A cool tank (but not futuristic ones of course)
    • Some very cool ideas for rocket-launcher replacements
  • Email to X-Mail (Only about WildWildWest):

  • GTA Hawaii
    Graham has had a change in address and has announced his contest winner:

    "The contest winner for the GTA Hawaii e-mail list was Bob Jimit.  Bob Jimit received a read-me of what will be put onto GTA Hawaii before anyone else did. Congrats to Bob. Please do not forget to visit my site for more updates on GTA Hawaii. And there is still lots of spots in the e-mail list. The count is at 25. Please if you have not joined this list then e-mail me at gta_hawaii@hotmail.com Thanks, from graham and the rest of the Gta Hawaii crew!

    I just wanted to say that I have a new e-mail address. Anyone that sent me e-mails to graham_woloski@hotmail.com after Dec 24 please re-send them. Except for these people: Mark, Lemon_lova, Mike(beta tester), Gaz Hughes, and Kim Czuy. My new e-mail is gta_Hawaii@hotmail.com. I will also except e-mails for becoming beta tester. Only first three people! Better hurry."

Community News <9:30 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA Traffic Jam
    All a happy X-Mas & a nice new Millennium!!  I updated the GTA Traffic Jam with 46 cars, news, a new special section, a new poll and more.
  • GTA2 Wipeout
    What have I done!? I've been playing around with a few designs and I made something, well, different.... Here is a screen shot of the design so far (why?) but anyway you can visit the enter screen of the site at: www.gta2wipeout.com it is sort of a test page, I'm not altogether sure if it is available to the  whole web yet or not. The enter button is not functional, but later it will lead directly to the site.

    As far as I can tell, the all new Gta2wipeout will be opened for business perhaps later today or tomorrow. Don't forget to visit :O)

Site Updates <9:30 PM CST - schu>
I normally only do Community News and Project News on Tuesday and Thursday, but since its Christmas, and since Tuesday is a few days off I decided to post that stuff today as well...  I might decide to change that schedule since it doesn't seem to be working as well as it used to.  I originally limited it to Tuesday and Thursday because my other site, GOURANGA! started looking like a glorified message board but things have changed since then so I'll probably change it to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.


Thursday - December 23, 1999 <7:20 PM CST> <Top>
DMA's Early Christmas Present <7:20 PM CST - schu>
Brian Baird (one of DMA Design's programming gurus) informed me that DMA has "released the docs and compiler necessary to create your own scripts for use with GTA2."  He also sent along the following directions on how you can download the files:
  • Go to www.dma-design.com (or www.dma.co.uk).
  • Select 'gta 2' from 'out now' from 'games' in the navigation panel on the left-hand side.
  • Select the highlighted text 'Features: behind-the-scenes' in the
    second bullet point under 'infodump'.
  • Beneath the GTa2 logo in the top right-hand corner there's a small key...
  • Use your left-hand mouse button to grab the key and drag it down to the bottom of the page (you may need to drop the key in order to scroll down).
  • Insert the key into the bottom (fourth) bullet under 'extra material' at the bottom of the page to download the file gta2script.zip.

GTA2 Files Editor <7:20 PM CST - schu>
Stephen sent in his GTA2 Files Editor, currently supporting GCI and GXT editing and STY viewing.  Here is a bit out of his email:

I am writing a complete GTA2 editing tool. Here's version 1 (2.32 MB).

It currently supports the loading and saving of GCI/GXT and the viewing of STY files

Also some information on the GMP Files.

They have the sections
The CMAP section is 256x256. Each square an Integer type.

For more information check out the readme from the file.

Wild Wild West - GTA <7:20 PM CST - schu>
X-Mail has released a demo version of his GTA addon called Wild Wild West
(3 MB).  Unfortunately the project was canceled, but X-Mail figured he would release what he has done so far.  The demo includes a new GTA front-end, characters, sounds, and textures for the San Andreas levels.  The readme that comes with the file is in German.  I checked it out rather quickly but it looks like the peds have cowboy hats on, the weapons have some different graphics and slightly different sounds, there are new cars and everything has a rather brown look to it.  Still it looks like it would have been pretty interesting had it been finished.  I don't have X-Mails permission to post his email address yet so I won't, but if he says its ok Ill post it so you can sent comments to him.

Announcements <7:20 PM CST - schu>
Another Polish GTA site has sprung up... GTA PL is now up and running at www.gtapl.w.pl

Project News <7:20 PM CST - schu>

  • Chengdu Updated
    pid has updated Chengdu once again, check it out:

"Here is the latest on Chengdu: I've been pleasantly surprised, Chengdu is a great success! My mailbox is currently bursting with mails, so, it seems that I will be finishing it after all. Although I'm feeling rather ill at the moment-so far I have resorted to drinking cheap beer and watching Sesame Stree... Just what the doctor ordered :O) (I never know that there was so much to know about the number 7,)..... so as it stands don't get your hopes up to high, at least till I'm feeling better.

Updates so far include:

  • cannel system 100% working, fenced and bridged
  • Many more boats
  • Fences all the way (almost) round the city
  • and a few other minor adjustments 

Download the latest version at GTA2wipeout  see and/or tell me what ya think

Also a note on the URL of my site: Over the past few days I have had a huge amount of visitors, and a whole heap of mail, so I have decided to give my site some status. Sometime within the next few days it will be transferred to a www.com domain

It wont just be a new domain, the whole site will have changed, including some rather nice graphics... and compatibility for 800x600 resolution +Netscape

  • GTA Hawaii
    31 spots left on the GTA Hawaii mailing list, here is the latest on the project from Graham:

So far 19 people have answered to my reply for the e-mail list. Only 31 spots left! This is what GTA Hawaii is planning to include....

  • football stadium (with the 1999 pro bowl logo in the middle)
  • fire, police stations
  • hospitals.
  • 3 Islands
  • Working car ferry
  • Exploding volcanoes
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Cockroaches
  • Beaches
  • Hotels

Please submit some landmarks I may be missing that are in Hawaii to: gta_hawaii@hotmail.com  Thanks. Please do not forget to check out my web site for Gta Hawaii updates: members.icq.com/55359564

Community News <7:20 PM CST - schu>

  • Tiffany's Unofficial GTA Shrine
    New Mugs, New Cars, Etc.
    Joe Greene sent in Blade Runner & Thrill Kill mugshots, I've added cars to the Car Depot, and I've updated the GTA FAQ & Criminal Prison!
  • Hughesies Hut
    I am closing Hughesies Hut Down for a short time while the site is revamped and completely overhauled.  Once it is reopened, HH will be different than ever before:
    • Regular News Updates, most days of the week.
    • The Completion (Hopefully) of the Aquis Colony TC.
    • Regular Car Updates - Send any cars to: daniel.engstrom@telia.com and Da Cop will post them on HH, When his computer starts working - It seems everybody is having 'computer problems at the moments - mine has only just started working again : )

Once I have the revamp finished and the CGI news script working to my satisfaction, then HH will be reopened. It should be back up early in the new year, probably the first week of January. I welcome all members to the HH team.  If anybody wishes to join, please E-mail me:
News Updater - newsguyorgal@hughesieshut.freeserve.co.uk
Projects Manager - projectmanager@hughesieshut.freeserve.co.uk
Help Section Manager / General Advice Guy - helpsection@hughesieshut.freeserve.co.uk 
Just tell me a bit about yourself, age, and what previous experience ( If any, it's not compulsory) experience you have had, especially in the GTA scene.  
If you want to talk about it, please feel free to contact me on ICQ.  My number is: 
I won't accept requests from everybody to add me to there ICQ Lists - Please tell me why you want to contact me and if I feel it is justified, I will let you add me to your list and vice versa.

New GTA Sites
<7:20 PM CST - schu>

Site Updates
<7:20 PM CST - schu>
I'm pretty sure that I'll have enough time to update tomorrow, even though its Christmas Eve, however there won't be and updates on Saturday or Sunday as per usual.  My modem problems seem to have cleared up, but only because I now have it connected to a serial port.  Apparently it doesn't agree with USB under Win98 SE for some reason.  Grr... Damn You Bill Gates!


Wednesday - December 22, 1999 <6:30 PM CST> <Top>
SACI2? <6:30 PM CST - schu>
Valdez sent me this rather cryptic message on SACI2:


Well ... watch this space.


GTA2 Video On TMF <6:30 PM CST - schu>
TheTuckman was watching TMF (the Dutch version of MTV) and saw Da Hool's GTA2 video called "Wanker's On Duty".  The video has been available for download (29 MB) for a while at www.take2.de but I had no idea it would actually make an appearance on TV.  If I recall the video is a mix of cuts from the GTA2 film mixed with shots of GTA2 gameplay.

GTA Hawaii Mailing List <6:30 PM CST - schu>
Graham is planning on releasing GTA Hawaii to 50 select people before he releases it for download, read on to see how you can get on the list:

"I have come up with a great idea. I will have a e-mail list for GTA Hawaii. If you would like GTA Hawaii 1 week before the scheduled release date then send me your name and e-mail address. The e-mail will include a message from me (creator), Turbo King, and Mark Stanley and a copy of GTA Hawaii. I will only send these specialized e-mails to the first fifty people. First come first serve. I will have a count on my site. You will get a notification e-mail saying that your e-mail has been received and you are on the list. If you do not receive a notification e-mail within 3 days of sending it then I am either very busy or you were too late."

Assholes <6:30 PM CST - schu>
Nothing pisses me off more than someone who sends in a critical e-mail and then doesn't have the balls to send it using their real e-mail address or they have my address blocked.  Well, MADCAT---- prepare to get your reply from block_this@hotmail.com!

Today's GTA2 Nugget Of Joy <6:30 PM CST - schu>
Today's nugget comes from none other than ILLSPIRIT.  He finally got a computer that could run GTA2 and he sent in the following tip:

"First, I got that power manager and set it up for free shopping.  Later my friend went to the land mine shop and got 99 of them and proceeded to drive down a busy sidewalk laying them down as fast as possible.  When he drove back down the street, all the new peds that walked/generated onto the screen started blowing up, flying up in the air, and raining down in a nice row in the middle of the highway.  It works best if you set up the land mines on the northern sidewalk of a east-west divided road and if you do it when the army is on the scene, you'll get a big row of machine gun powerups. "


Tuesday - December 21, 1999 <10:00 PM CST> <Top>
Where's The Update? <10:00 PM CST - schu>
Good question...  I've moved back to my parents house for my three week holiday so I can work an internship in my home town during my three week holiday away from classes (some holiday).  After driving 125 miles and unpacking and setting up my computer in my parents basement I tried to connect to the Internet only to be greeted by an error.  Woohoo...  After screwing around with it for the rest of Monday I found out that if I reinstall my modem drivers after restarting my computer I can get it to work.  The only problem is that when I restart my computer again the modem stops working again.  But at least I have a workaround for now, its just not much fun reinstalling drivers all the damn time.  Personally I think its a Windows 98 SE USB problem because the modem is working fine, Win98 just can't talk to it.  Oh well, sorry for not updating on Monday but it was out of my hands, call it an "Act of Bill Gates".

Spray Shop/GTA Is TWO <10:00 PM CST - schu>
Yes, Klamy's 100% original GTA site, Spray Shop/GTA is over two years old now and to commemorate this special occasion Klamy did something special, read on:

Spray Shop/Grand Theft Auto

..is two years old!
To mark this milestone, and the happy accident that made it be 747 files that make up Spray Shop - there is a new featurette online at:

Editing In Style <10:00 PM CST - schu>
Wait, maybe that should have been editing the style files.  Either way its one of the great projects going on over at Gain Software.  Respray was kind enough to remind me about the Gavin Rudd's STYed project currently in production.  Check out the STUFF section on Gain Software's site for all the details on STYed and all the other GTA and GTA2 utils currently in production.

GTA2 Screensaver  <10:00 PM CST - schu>
Matt has updated the GTA2 screensaver (832k) once again.  This update adds a new install package and it fixes the corrupt message problem.  Matt also mentioned that this should be the last update to the screen saver, maybe :).

GTA2 DirectX Voodoo <10:00 PM CST - schu>
Rhys mentioned that a friend of his was having trouble running GTA2 with his Voodoo2 card ever since he installed DirectX 7.  He was able to fix the problem by installing the new beta DirectX 7 drivers from 3dfx's site.  On a side note, I noticed that DirectX 7.0a is now out, check out the DX site for more details.

Announcements <10:00 PM CST - schu>

  • ERiX is back with EGP4.  The fourth incarnation of his popular GTA site with new expanded coverage of GTA2.  Take a look at EGP4 at come.to/egp4.
  • GTA is in full effect in Poland.  I can't read Polish but the first Polish GTA site looks pretty damn good regardless of any language barrier, check it out at gta2.strefa.com.
  • Looking for GTA IAT?  Well you are in luck, sW has obtained a slightly easier to remember URL.  Just type swsgtatips.tripod.com.

Project Updates <10:00 PM CST - schu>

  • chengdu Update & Website
    pid sent in a few updates on his recently released GTA map, chengdu and his new GTA web site:

    I have had a few complaints that you run too fast and get killed by cars. I have set the speed way down, but you still run a bit faster than normal :O) anyway thanks for playing - keep a lookout for updates here, and at my site GTA2Wipeout

    Today I'm getting on to adding fences all round the edges and fixing errors, and getting the cannal system working (including boats driving up and down it) Got any suggestions? mail me

    Download this .ini update (13k) if, you want to run slower.

    A new site for GTA2!

    At the moment there isn't really too much to see (apart from the cool javascripts e.t.c) but please do come and visit! I need input from you! Send in your news, files - anything related to GTA2! please! I want to make a great new place for GTA2 fans, so do your best to help this site make it! I really do need your help!

    The site is called GTA2Wipeout. It uses frames and various script languages. You need to use a screen resolution of 1024x768 and preferably IE (maximized) or it will look strange.

    So don't be shy, come along and have a peep, tell me what you think, or don't think, just have fun! That's what its all about, right? (killing cops and causing totally destruction)

  • Matrix GTA2?
    This sounds like a really cool idea but I'm just wondering how possible it really is, but perhaps I'm not seeing the big picture, anyway, read on:

"I got an idea for a TC for GTA2, Matrix GTA2. I am in the thinking stage and until some really good editors come out I will stay in that stage. It will involve something like a respect-o-meter but will be a power meter which u use to do big jumps, slow down other characters and bullets (while leaving yours at normal speed to create the illusion of speed) and the ability to kill people with just your fists. cant do all this by myself so if u post this tell them to email me at chefboyod@beer.com "

  • GTA Hawaii (Help Wanted)
    Graham sent in the latest on GTA Hawaii including a request for help and some confusion on what exactly GTA Hawaii is:

"Attention Everyone!
I desperately need a map maker and textures maker for gta Hawaii. I have everything else except for those two! Please e-mail me if you are interested in making textures or maps! You will only have to make a map that replaces vice city. It will include two chapters that work.

I have been receiving a few e-mails about GTA Hawaii, People seem to think this add-on is for GTA2. Well guess what, it is for GTA1. Sorry for any inconvenience."

Community News <10:00 PM CST - schu>

  • The Attack Shack
    New at the GTA 2 Attack Shack is 

    Voice Chat:
    You can chat using your mic, you can also use text if you don't have a mic. Stop on by the chat page for details.  

    A car made for GTA 2:
    It is now possible to edit cars for GTA 2, I've made one however you can not edit the deltas. Those are the effects, lights, door etc. Stop by and see it. Even try it out.

    There is now a section with a list of cars and rewards you get from the cranes, so far only for the first level, that's the demo level.

    Stop by the Attack Shack for more details

  • Grand Tuckman Association
    Merry Christmas everyone! I've updated my site with a new wave file as background (other piece of KoRn's Jingle Balls, a GTA2 review and a little surprise for GTA1...go have a look at members.xoom.com/TheTuckman!

New GTA Sites <10:00 PM CST - schu>


The First Polish GTA Site

GTA Police Precinct


Friday - December 17, 1999 <8:00 PM CST> <Top>
chengdu For GTA <7:30 PM CST - schu>
pid has had this map (161k) floating around on his hard drive for awhile now and decided to send it in.  Here is the message pid sent in with the map:

Wohowo another map for GTA?  Can it be?  Yes!  This map has been drifting around my HD's for some time now.  But, I have decided to share it with you people at last.

The map is full-size (called chengdu) and uses Vice City textures. There is a years work in it too. On the release of GTA2 I sort of gave up, thinking there was no point anymore - but, after many hours of GTA2, I remembered the old times, cars that have handling resembling chunks of lard on an ice rink, the belching and farting, and of course, the little yellow dude. I just had go let go dig up this map.

Have a look at the screen shot, and download the map, along with an amusing mission.ini file -50 guys chasing you with machine guns etc., several kill frenzies, you can run faster than all the cars?  Oh, and your guy aint yellow.

Its up to you, mail me and tell me what you think of this map, is it worth completing?  Or should I just bury it back where it came from?  If you like it, I'll finish it, and make a whole load is missions etc.


Thursday - December 16, 1999 <8:00 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Screensaver Update <8:00 PM CST - schu>
Matt has made some slight changes to his screensaver and he has zipped it up for easier download.  The screensaver is now just a  230k download.  

GTA Coordinates <8:00 PM CST - schu>
Tom sent me this file (5k) that contains a listing of the powerup coordinates that he has tracked down thus far.  In order to see the coordinates you have to enter the porkcharsui cheat and hit C.

Project News <8:00 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA Hawaii
    Graham sent in the latest on GTA Hawaii:

    "My gta Hawaii project is up and running! Turbo king will be doin 5-7 missions for the city. 5 (at least) for each chapter. The map will replace vice city (because of the beaches and stuff. Please send me suggestions for missions. Then I will pass them on to turbo king. People that send me the missions will be given credit for the idea. Mark Stanley is working on cars. If you want you could also send me some ideas for cars you would like to see on the road. Please e-mail all suggestions to gta_hawaii@hotmail.com"

  • Custom Mission Center/Loader/Workshop
    Johan is looking for some help from the mission.ini gurus out there:

    Custom Mission Center
    I've been stuck with the Custom Mission Center for a while and I've done some progress. However, there's some things that I need to know about the mission.ini, and this is how a basic mission is built up from scratch. I've downloaded Junction25 and got a basic mission.ini which showed me some easy structures.  Now I know that there's a few real genius out there providing outstanding missions for GTA.  What I need is just a simple mission for Liberty City/Gangsta bang:

    • Standard GTA start with briefing
    • Answer THIS phone at LOCATION
    • Redirect player via arrow to THIS car
    • Take THIS car to LOCATION2

    This would make it much easier for me to get a grip on the mission.ini. I cannot reward ya, but I'll put the authors name in the about box.

    Custom Mission Loader
    Yep, a mission loader is on the way that will support missions not only from GTA but also from GTA London and GTA 2.

    Custom Workshop
    On the way creating a launch program for my tools.

    Language problems
    I've been working upon the FXT files, so far I've worked out the ENGLISH.FXT file and the ENGUK.FXT file for GTA London.  I need help with the translation from English to German, Italian, and French.  What I need to translate is Mission 1.a.  This is mission 1 a. The mission is created using Custom Map Center by Johan Brodd. Put your briefing here...  Anyone sprechen francais oder italiano ???!!!??? Just kidding ... Email in Swedish...  If you live in Sweden you can send me emails in Swedish. If you live in the other Nordic countries, send me email in your language and I'll try to crack the language code...


Community News <8:00 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA2 More Extreme
    Hello people, yes its been a while since I asked the nice schu to post something for me, so here goes :)  To celebrate the upcoming holiday (Christmas for the zombie's who didn't knew it until now) I have done a massive re-spray on the site design... its all decorated in the Christmas mood, and it really looks sweet and its definitely a look worth, I think :) For those who have never heard of GTA2 More Extreme, its a good GTA2 news site with daily news updates (although there's hardly any GTA2 news these days) and everything is going pretty good. I've also added a special Music option on the site, where you can listen to the GTA2 Looney Radio station called SPAZ Radio, so take a look at that too because I'm sure you'll like it :) That's about it, thanks to all you visitors and to those for the great comments I'm getting about the site, thank you people!
  • Tiffany's Unofficial GTA Shrine
    There's a new mug shot artist for my GTA1 shrine: Joe Greene. Besides his recent mug shots, I've added a bunch of new cars to the Car Depot and I've updated the Links!
    GTA IAT has added a cheat section and will add a downloads section in the future.  My poll results for the question "How would you rate GTA Game Boy?" are as follows::

    EXCELLENT! - 52%
    Average - 12%
    Bellow Average - 8%
    HATED IT! - 28%


Wednesday - December 15, 1999 <9:00 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Screensaver <9:00 PM CST - schu>
Matt Dolan has created a GTA2 screensaver, you can download it here (555k - You may have to right click on the link and select Save Target As or Save Link As).  The screensaver basically features GTA2 cars and peds moving across your screen.  To install the screensaver you can either copy it to your WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory or you can just right click on the file and choose INSTALL.

Mc'Gee Coming Back? <9:00 PM CST - schu>
An inside source :) sent me an email that said Mc'Gee is working on a new GTA2 project with someone else. I cannot confirm this rumor so I wouldn't get too excited just yet. Mc'Gee is the author of the popular GTA map, Extreme Driving, just in case you didn't know.

Ishani MIA (repost) <9:00 PM CST - schu>
Looks like Ishani.com is offline once again and currently shows a "Future Home of the ishani.com Web Site" temporary page.  Until its back up you pick up Ishani's utils from the following links:

Site Updates <9:00 PM CST - schu>
Another rather slow day today, but since I slept through most of it I guess I cant complain too much.  I did some all night cramming for my exam last night getting a full two minutes of sleep (you would think by now I would have learned to read the damn book ahead of time).  Anyway, the test seemed to go pretty well, it was an essay test which works to my advantage since bullshit is my forte'.  Anyway, in GTA related stuff I'm still going around checking various gaming news sites for GTA stuff and I'm turning up a lot of nothing.  I'll send out some emails and see what I can turn up on the Rockstar and DMA front... If you're bored you should check out the BEST GTA tip ever (posted today) over at my other site, GOURANGA!...


Tuesday - December 14, 1999 <7:45 PM CST> <Top>
Today's GTA2 Nugget of Joy <7:45 PM CST - schu>
  • Kill Frenzy
    Smithy sent this in on a rather interesting Kill Frenzy in GTA2:

    "Er you may of had this before I don't know, but anyway if you drive a truck + trailer with a car on it underneath the crane in "The Village" (Second Map) by the ramp for the Insane Stunt Bonus it will take the car off and if you enter it it is a kill Frenzy."

Announcements <7:45 PM CST - schu>
Blood has cars, tips, screen shots, news and is regularly updated.  Coming soon to Blood is a new help section.

Project News <7:45 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA Hawaii
    Graham sent in the following update on his recently announced project, GTA Hawaii
  • "Hi, Right now I have Mark Stanley (creator of GTA-Canada) doing cars and Turbo King is possibly doing maps (not for sure). I still need people to do the textures and missions. If I get no one to volunteer by the end of January then the project will be put on hold."

  • GTA Aus
    Yep GTA Aus is still out there and is still being worked on.  Currently Byron is occupied with his X-Com site while Zero continues work on the GTA Aus missions.

Community News <7:45 PM CST - schu>

  • The Playstation GTA Page
    "I have the first section of my guide for GTA 2 done. This covers all the missions & secrets for the Downtown Sector."
  • The Attack Shack
    "The GTA 2 Attack Shack is open. For the benefit of those of you who don't know the Attack Shack was around when GTA first came out. It's now back with a lot more stuff and I'm sure it's going to keep on getting bigger.  There are some downloads and a poll up asking which version of GTA you like best, voting ends next week so go and vote."
  • The GTA Place
    "The GTA place has just been updated again. The new section added this week is a GTA2 section which contains some of the Games from the GTA2 newsletters. The GTA Place poll has just been changed I would like to thank anyone who voted last week! the results are stated bellow :

    What Do You Think Of GTA Gameboy?
    Its Great!  -  48 %
    Hmm!      -  26 %
    Its Crap    -  26 %

    Apart from that I have also added new maps to the site which has helped fill the section but I am still in need of some more maps and am desperate for some people to write tutorials for me! is you can help please e-mail me!"

New GTA Sites <7:45 PM CST - schu>


Monday - December 13, 1999 <8:30 PM CST> <Top>
Q&A With Colin <8:30 PM CST - schu>
K@in sent a list of questions to Colin Macdonald over at DMA Design and got a reply.  There are six questions total on everything from editors to Colin's favorite gang.  You can find the original email over at GTA-2.de.  The site is in German but the email is in English, just click the "Original Mail" link.

Ishani MIA <8:30 PM CST - schu>
Looks like Ishani.com is offline once again and currently shows a "Future Home of the ishani.com Web Site" temporary page.  Until its back up you pick up Ishani's utils from the following links:

Site Updates <8:30 PM CST - schu>
WOOOOOO, how's that for a HUGE update, I could barely get through it all in one sitting :).  Its strange that out of 70 emails there was hardly any news.  Oh well, it is finals week so I guess I should be grateful.  Anyway, check back tomorrow for Community News, Project News, and whatever else floats in.


Friday - December 10, 1999 <8:00 PM CST> <Top>
New GTA2 Playstation Review <8:00 PM CST - schu>
Gamecenter has posted their review of the Playstation version of GTA2.

Custom Mission Center Update <8:00 PM CST - schu>
Johan sent in the following update on his upcoming util:

"Ok, so far so good ...

Now it's time for me to give yall a short briefing over Custom Mission Center:

  • Insert CAR / PARKED by type
  • Angles, easy to set the direction of the object
  • Reference to other lines depending upon item requested
    (i.e. Changing the car attribute for the PLAYER brings up a list with all available cars in the mission.ini)
  • Live update on the current edited line.
  • Support for Powerups, Frenzies, Bombshops, Respray and much much more

Questions, send 'em to me!

Don't forget to read through the news for further information about my products"

New GTA Sites <8:00 PM CST - schu>

Hare Krishna House / MatchboxGTA Project

Site Updates
<8:00 PM CST - schu>

  • I must admit that I was pretty skeptical about All Advantage, but after getting a $25 check for running a banner bar as I surf around the web, it seems to be legit.  Now for the plug... If you decide to sign up for All Advantage, please use me as a referral, just click the "sign up" link.
  • I made a mistake yesterday on the "GTA Hawaii" update.  The email address was incorrect, its actually graham_woloski@hotmail.com.  If you sent any email to the other address, please resend it to the correct address.


Thursday - December 9, 1999 <8:30 PM CST> <Top>
Teknics Next Big Thing <8:30 PM CST - schu>
You may recall Teknics aka PBoy used to run the GTA site Headline Heaven.  Well he has moved on to a new site, Gamers Army that specializes in GTA, GTA2, and Quake3.  You can find Gamers Army at www.niteshade.net.  Here are the details he sent in:

Gamers Army is a GTA, GTA2, and Q3Arena (quake3arena for the feeble minded) file warehouse and news site. With a staff of 6 news writers and an easy to update CGI based website we will easily maintain the updates daily. We currently have a wide range of files for GTA, GTA2, and Q3A. These files total up to 96 files (which equal 88.012Mb). Not only will you find the best files for GTA, along with all the maps but you will also find a long list of the newest GTA2 editors along with some personal favorites everyone here has. Every file imaginable is available at our site and also hosted directly on our servers (noted for quite fast speeds) You will also find In-Depth strategies for all 3 games. Everything one the site will keep on expanding and we'd like it if people sent in their own tricks or knowledge and we'd gladly post it up (after checking that it works of course). The site also has a message board and IRC Chat Room both of which are still under some minor construction (they all work we just are designing them a bit more). Also awards will be given out for Mod of the week (custom levels or maps) and also for File of the week (anything to do with the 3 games). If you need a host we can and already do have a reputation for doing that and doing that good. So run on over and enjoy it.

Today's GTA Gameboy Nugget of Joy <8:30 PM CST - schu>

  • The Next Level
    Maori sent in this followup to a tip sW mentioned not so long ago:

    "sW's tip of only needing 13,000 points to finish a GTA gameboy level was a little wrong. In fact you only need 1 point (at least!) and then if you lose every life you have access to the next level. Playing each level and gaining points on it will add it into the cartridge memory"

Project News <8:30 PM CST - schu>

  • Custom Mission Center
    Johan sent in a shot of the Custom Mission Center interface, take a look.
  • GTA Hawaii
    "It's me again. I am new to the GTA scene and would like to start off by sayin that I am gonna start a project. Anyone that is interested in helping me please e-mail me. My address gta_hawaii@hotmail.com. Only e-mail me if you are interested in making cars, the mission pack or the map. I have no idea how to do this stuff. The projects name is GTA Hawaii.  If when you click on the site name (Grahams GTA Site) and it takes you to my communications page just look to the left of the page and click on my home page. Then it will take you further down the page then click on the URL of the site and it will take you to the site! Thanks!"


Wednesday - December 8, 1999 <6:00 PM CST> <Top>
Ancient Technology <6:00 PM CST - schu>
In the past I've had people send in the system specs on the slow ass computers they got GTA2 to run on.  Sven's is quite possibly the slowest computer running GTA2 to date:

"I thought you might be interested in this since people have been sending in their computer specs and what they run GTA2 on.

I think this one has got to be the record. Hehe, I got the demo to run on this:

Pentium 60 - that's SIXTY - SIX ZERO
16 Mb RAM - yes, SIXTEEN
about 100Mb HD space left (after GTA2 install)

Probably the only reason I got it to run at all was because I have an ATI 8Mb All-in-Wonder Pro - and it's got a 3d card/accelerator built in - and it's DirectX compatible.

It runs pretty sluggishly - like 2-5fps - but I'm just amazed it runs at all.  Sound is perfect in stereo as well, and it's certainly playable."

GTA News <6:00 PM CST - schu>
The GTA News newsletter is facing a minor setback due to some problems with Sven's hard drive.  It seems that his hard drive is basically screwed and took all of his emails and GTA information with it.  Nonetheless, Sven will be emailing out the latest issue this weekend.  If you'd like to subscribe to GTA News just send an email to subtogn@svenlat.screaming.net with your email address in the body of the email.

GTA2 Movie (Help Wanted) <6:00 PM CST - schu>
Nik is making a movie for GTA2 using the replay editor, but he needs your help.  If you can make replays or if you can help with the plot then please send Nik an email at nik.johns@virgin.net.

New GTA Sites <6:00 PM CST - schu>

Grahams GTA Site
"Hi. I have created a GTA and GTA2 site. I will update it every day. It will include cars, cheats, maps, character mug shots, and editors for both GTA and GTA2."

Site Updates <6:00 PM CST - schu>
Still not much in the way of news but I can't say that I mind too much since I have finals next week and that should pretty muck make my life hell until next Sunday.


Tuesday - December 7, 1999 <9:50 PM CST> <Top>
Announcements <9:50 PM CST - schu>

Project News
<9:50 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA2000
    Exc0r5 is starting a new project called GTA2000, here are the details he sent in:

    "GTA2000 (final name undecided) will be a total conversion for GTA2, featuring replacements for all three maps and the bonus maps (with new tile graphics for all of them), all new vehicles, new gangs with around seven missions each, new radio stations to listen to, new front-end (menu) graphics, and probably some more I can't think of right now. More information can be found at the GTA2EC site I've told you about. Anybody who wants to help can - email me (exc0r5@zaynar.demon.co.uk) and tell me what you want to do, then go and do it and send it to me. Simple! :-) Now, I just wish DMA would hurry up and release the editors..."

  • Custom Mission Center
    Johan sent in the latest on his utils and site:

Custom Mission Center
I'm on a new mission, to create a easy to use mission editor. It is meant to replace the average editor like Notepad, and even a quite good editor.  
Nothing available right now about the program, but it'll support most of the items you can insert inside the mission.ini.

Custom Map Center
A beta release of version 1.5 is available here (1.9 MB).  
Temporary unlocked, but don't know for how long... Better hurry grab it before it's to late!

A new site
As you discovered I've been signed on for a w3.to name, and a new account at www.Crosswinds.com . You can get the latest information at w3.to/gtacmc or at www.crosswinds.net/~gtacmc

Site is under construction and there will be nothing except the demo there until December 15.

I've emailed DMA with a request to implement sounds in my mission center, no answer so far, the demo contains sounds however. Styles ... asked them if I can implement the style files in my release, slightly modified... 

Community News
<9:50 PM CST - schu>

  • Tiffany's Unofficial GTA Shrine
    Pleez don't update your bookmarks to http://tiff.penguinpowered.com! I know I've said to, not just yet, because I have reason to believe my URL will remain the old FortuneCity one! Pleez don't hate me 4 changing all the time, but I only have to change since my site is getting so big! Besides, the
    FortuneCity URL will always be there...
  • The GTA Place
    The GTA Place is looking for experienced map and mission builders to right a beginners tutorial for the new site. If you are interested in adding your contribution to the site in return you will receive massive credit for it! and maybe some other bonus items. If you are interested then please e-mail me webmaster@theGTAplace.co.uk. Look out soon for the tutorials page coming soon! hopefully at www.theGTAplace.co.uk.


Monday - December 6, 1999 <8:50 PM CST> <Top>
GOURANGA! Birthday Cards <8:50 PM CST - schu>
HinGTA (GTA2: Seek And Destroy) sent in a birthday card over the weekend for GOURANGA!'s 2nd birthday, check it out.  Also thanks to Gleb over at GTA Zone for the birthday greetings :).

GTA Zone's Trainer <8:50 PM CST - schu>
GTA Zone has released the English version of their GTA2 trainer.  You may recall from a previous update that it features 26 different functions some of which cannot be activated by cheats.  One example chriZ mentioned was that "you can start with your own 4 man gang at start or turn the busses or trains off."  You can download the trainer (34k) directly from GTA Zone or you can pick it up in the GTA2 Tips & Cheats section here at G!.  Thanks to chriZ and GTA Zone for this update.

GTA2 Editing <8:50 PM CST - schu>
Tristan sent in another update on his excursions into the style files.  Currently he is trying to put together a map of bonus level E, but he could use a little help:

"I would like to notify all you GTa2 fans out there, I am the newest member of the only GTa2 Mission Guide, being made alongside of Nathan West.  Visit tbgta2info.8m.com/mssguide.htm for details.  But I have more news : I have recently embarked on making a map of Bonus Level E using only the templates of the GTa2 style files.  In this Bonus Level, you have to race three laps of a race circuit before the time runs out, running over Elvis Impersonators for bonus points.  The race course is designed like the Scientists base from the Residential Sector, and uses the ste.sty file.  I plan on replicating to whole map, exactly, using only MS Paint and the .sty templates.  It isn't necessary, but I wouldn't mind if someone else could help me out, putting the map together.  Just email me at danozz@hotmail.com if you can help.  I included a 33 kb preview of what it will look like, but keep in mind that it is only the top left hand corner, and I have only done about 15 percent of the map in around 4 hours.  Ciao."

Site Updates <8:50 PM CST - schu>
Pretty light on the news today, especially for a Monday...

Friday - December 3, 1999 <7:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Animated GIFs <7:30 PM CST - schu>
Tristan sent a file along with his last update but it didn't quite make it though for some reason, anyway he resent it.  He has been copying templates from the other .STY files and made animated GIFs of some of the various GTA2 animations.  Download em in this handy zip (72k)

Birthday Cards <7:30 PM CST - schu>
No Fear from over at GTA2 More Extreme sent in a birthday card for GOURANGA!'s second year online, take a look.  Thanks to No Fear for the card!

Even More on Gameboy Cheats <7:30 PM CST - schu>
Still no word on how to get the Gameboy GTA cheats working but in the mean time S3KTOR sent in some of the information he gleaned from the ROM.  You might also want to check out the latest news on sW's site where he has posted a trick that will let you finish a level with only 13,000 points instead of the required 100,000.  If you have any information using codes with the Gameboy version please let me know.  Here is the info S3KTOR sent in:

Here's the names in GTA:


Just under them in the rom file:


They sure look like codes to me but I don't know how to use them.

The Future of Plus2 <7:30 PM CST - schu>
I got an email from Jordan saying that he has left his site GTA Plus2 temporarily.  Here is a bit out of the email

BTW, I've quit GTA Plus to move on. I'm just wondering around the GTA scene  now just watching site's news. If anybody would like to update it, just mail me or better yet, icq me at 33914979 and we can talk to see if you got what  it takes :). 

(BTW, It will most likely be a temporary drop out)


Thursday - December 2, 1999 <9:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTA3D, GTA4, GTAYourMom, etc. <9:30 PM CST - schu>
As you may or may not know by now, GTA3D has been a registered domain for awhile now and GTA4 was recently registered.  There isn't an actual web site at these locations yet but Take2 has registered them in advance.  So far I haven't heard anything about GTA3D, GTA4, or GTAYourMom :)...  If anything is in development you can bet that DMA, Rockstar, and Take2 will keep quiet about it until they have something solid to show.  I'll see if I can find anything out, but chances are we wont get any solid information about future GTA's until they are well into their development cycle.  Personally I think Take2 is just covering their ass for the future, after all its probably cheaper to register the URL now rather than have to buy it from someone else later on.

GTA2 Editing <9:30 PM CST - schu>
Tristan strikes again...  Here is his latest GTA2 editing update:

"I decided to test out the different palettes I got from over at the GTa2 Editing Compendium, and I came up with a few different numbers.  Palettes 44, 80, 106, 123 and 125 all are good for looking at the cop heads, the big, bold yellow writing and the guns.  But palette 106 and 125 work the best.  I couldn't figure out which palette works for the BINK and MILES logos though.  I also figured out that the dimensions to open it as a .raw file works best at 256 x 3000, with an 87 or 88 byte header.  A gray line goes down the left hand side with an 87 byte header, but an 88 byte header puts a line down the right hand side.  The fact that there is no cars ,pedestrians or building and road templates in this .sty file leads me to think any GTa2 bonus levels would be a take off of GTA, but only using its writing, guns and cop heads."

<9:30 PM CST - schu>
Grand Tuckman Association has gone red & green for the holiday season, check out the new look at members.xoom.com/TheTuckman/.

Community News <9:30 PM CST - schu>

  • Tony Sutton's Homepage
    With the recent discovery of gta3d.com and gta4.com, I decided to set up a message board just for it. So, if you have heard of any rumors, any
    information or anything that is related to www.gta3d.com and also www.gta4.com, this is where you should go and read & post! Visit www.hypertony.co.uk/gta2 and click on the link to the Message Board.


Wednesday - December 1, 1999 <8:15 PM CST> <Top>
Happy Birthday Mugwum! <8:15 PM CST - schu>
Today is Mugwum's birthday...  Why not send him a card and then check out Nice-One.

More on Gameboy Cheats
<8:15 PM CST - schu>
There is some confusion on using Gameboy cheats, in particular S3KT0R wrote in and mentioned that you cannot just use the rename technique.  S3KT0R also did some poking around the actual Gameboy ROM file and sent in the following:

If those codes are real then simply renaming your character to them is not enough to activate them.  I was looking in the gameboy ROM file and I found the following pager messages of interest:


I also found what look like codes next to all the names of the characters but renaming doesn't activate them so I won't post them until someone figures out how to use them.

So if anyone has any clue on how to use Gameboy GTA cheats, please let me know.  While I'm on the subject of Gameboy I thought I might also mention that Driver is currently being ported for gameboy.  IGN posted some screen shots of it and it bears a striking resemblance to GTA.

GBH Lives On <8:15 PM CST - schu>
A while back GTA2 was going to be named GBH but later the GBH name was scrapped because it was deemed to be too be UK centric and they didn't think us Americans would get it, and they were probably right.  GBH stands for Grievous Bodily Harm but since the term isn't really used in the US most people haven't run into it, I'll admit I hadn't heard of it until I got into GTA.  Anyway, because of the GTA name recognition GTA2 ended up being the name of the sequel, but Valdez found traces of the past in the EXE file, here is the message he sent:

"YES!  It's fucking true - GTA 2 is actually called GBH!  I can't believe that no one spotted this before me.  I was hacking about my exe files today when I found this at the very end of the GTA 2 demo EXE file (You can verify this yourself by opening the GTA2DE~1.EXE file as a binary in MS-Edit.) In case you can't read the picture - the very last bit of text reads:


So DMA obviously had the demo in a file called GBH - so they do listen to us after all - shame they dropped the name in the final release eh?"

GTA2 FAQ Updated
<8:15 PM CST - schu>
Nathan has updated his popular GTA2 FAQ on his site, FAQWorld.  He sent in the following update:

"I have updated the HTML version of the GTA2 FAQ, which I am now proud to say is gigantic. I haven't added much on the subject of editing, but once the proper tools come out, the FAQ should be bulging at the seams.

Plus I am also thinking of creating a mission guide.  I am looking for people to help create a mission guide for those who are having trouble."

If you think you can help Nathan out with his mission guide you can contact him via email @ west_nathan@hotmail.com.

GTAesqe Games <8:15 PM CST - schu>
R@§¢äL found a web site for a French developer working on a rather primitive version of GTA called Palerme Atak.  From what I can tell the guy is a one man team who makes freeware games.  Besides Palerme Atak there are two other games listed on his site that seem to have been inspired by GTA, you can find out more on the developer's site.

GTA2 Soundtrack <8:15 PM CST - schu>
Madman (www.moss.iwarp.com) took some time to write up an analysis of the GTA2 soundtrack:

After having waited painstakingly for about two weeks after the game was released, one of my friends finally went down to Toronto (Canada, of course) and bought me the game because I live in the middle of nowhere and it doesn't come to stores like Radio Shack in Huntsville, Ontario...
Anyway, I converted the WAV files found the D:\GTAudio folder into MP3, which took an amazing amount of CPU power and software to do, and put them on my Diamond RIO to analyze. In case you didn't know, the WAV files is the equivalent of the music on the CD in GTA1. After getting over the initial shock of when I put the CD into my CD player and the number 1 popped up, I searched the CD, and found the music. For anyone else who can't figure out how to convert these to MP3, these files ARE compressed MP3 files, just renamed to WAV. You can listen to them if you have the Windows Media Player Codecs installed. ANYWAY, here's what I found:

  • 1.wav - I found there was way too much DJ talk in this one. They'd talk right over the music and destroy it, making it quite unrealistic in the sense of a radio station. The name of this radio is "HEAD Radio", which you'll be familiar with if you downloaded the GTa2 sample. The songs are quite good, but you can't hear half of them over the DJ. Another amazing disappointment was that there was a repeat from the original GTA CD. Some of the background music was repeated from GTA1. DJs are Phanny (Fanny?) Joe Styles and Johnny Riccaro.
  • 2.wav - I thought that the music in this one was really well done, partially because there was almost no DJ interrupting it. The station's name is "Rockstar Radio", and there are some places where the DJ talks over, but nothing really that would annoy you or interrupt the song. Sammy Starrock as your host. He's pretty cool, plays nice music.
  • 3.wav - Cool DJ who seems to have this knack for stating the obvious. The main focus of this station seems to be rap, although there's a selection of other snippets of songs, too. The DJ, Richie T, is the host of the  station, "KREZ" (pronounced KAY-ARE-EEE-ZEE). I think that the songs are good, and this was one of the better done radio stations. The DJ and his helpers make the voices between songs interesting and involving. There's one part in there that I might classify as my favorite. There's rappers talking, and they're asking each other if they have a song that goes like an example that they do with their mouths. Quite good, then the song that follows is not only long, but well done, too.
  • 4.wav - I found a cool British DJ, that seems to have troubles with his life an can't understand why his neck was broken and he'll live. Weird? I'll say so. Anyway, there's a selection of two or three new songs that are good, and the DJ is also good. I can't tell if he's either British or German. It seems he's a mix of both. Or maybe Irish? Who knows? The stations is called "DJ Dye" (Die?). Some pretty cool ads, too, made by Zaibatsu. Lots of music, I think the most realistic Radio Station on the CD.
  • 5.wav - "Futuro FM," the host station of Zaibatsu, hosted by Dean France. Lots of jazz stuff that we saw in the Zaibatsu sample put out by DMA a while back. The DJ is cool, and tells of his frustrations with the cops and joy-riders who steal his car for the "fifth time this month." The music is well done and I like all of it. There is one, however, the sounds suspiciously similar to a song from the GTA1 CD. I get the feeling there's something to connect them, I just can't seem to find it... :) Anyway, the DJ tells about his life stories and there's some cool ads, too.
  • 5a.wav - The BASS Version of 5.wav. OK, here's my problem. Why didn't DMA/Take2 take out these versions of the songs, which go on all the way up to 11.wav, then they would have been able the fit the wav files uncompressed on the CD to be able to make it playable in your CD player? This seems to be a 66kbps version of the regular WAV files, which are coded at 177 kbps. You can notice any of these bass versions come into affect in the game when you drive away from the station that's transmitting it. For example, if you're listening to a Zaibatsu radio station and you're in a gang zone that's away from the Zaibatsu one,the car radio switches from 5.wav to 5a.wav (or whatever station you're listening to), which is lower quality and therefore less clear. Anyway, that's my thoughts on the "a" versions of the songs.
  • 6.wav - This one is quite cool, because it's a Japanese station half-English half-Japanese that speeds up the voice every once and a while making it intelligible. It's a female DJ who never states her name, on the station  "Funami," although in the song it sounds like they're saying "Tsunami.' There's more cool ads that wake you up :) It's a cool start of the song, with the DJ talking, then a good song. Actually, the whole station is done quite well. It's a station you'll find in the Yakuza territory. There is a number of things wrong with this station, though. There's a repeat of the DJ from an ad on another station, making it unoriginal, and repeat lyrics in a song.
  • 6a.wav - Bass Version
  • 7.wav - Absolutely my favorite station on the CD. Because I'm rather insane myself <g>, this station is quite cool. The DJ is cool, insane, and inline. The station, "Lithium," is run by the Loony gang, and is awesome. The songs, DJ, and everything else about it is just the best. Although there are some repeats from the GTA1 CD, and there's a repeat of the Diner song. It's got the "Jesus my Savior" song, which is one of my favorite songs. The DJ still cuts off in the middle of the song, though, which really annoys me. He makes up for it with the ridiculously funny things that he does, and they're ads. The songs are also really good throughout the whole 12 minutes. It's the best, and if you only listen to one station, it should be this one! Oh, also, there's another ad for the awesome product, the "Suzi."
  • 7a.wav - Bass Version
  • 8.wav - There's two names that I found for this one. The official one, "Rebel Radio," and another one sometimes used, "KING," (pronounced KAY-EYE-EN-GEE). It's got what I think is the best song, "Taxi Drivers Must Die," on it, uninterrupted. If you want to listen to it, use this one over the song later on. It seems to be the equivalent of the Oldie Channel that everyone just has to have in their selection of stations. The host is Marshal Nash, with an Yankee accent, who gets to announce some cool ads. There's some GTA1 repeat music in this one, too, which I still find annoying. I think this is the equivalent of Track 8 on the GTA1 CD. The station of the Rednecks, in case you hadn't figured that out already.
  • 8a.wav - Bass Version
  • 9.wav - "Osmosis" radio, with host Mamma Dock, is like a dance station.  It's kinda good, although there's four songs that are repeated from other stations, and two ads repeated. That's just cheap if you ask me. There's also two parts of songs repeated from the GTA1 CD. There are NO NEW SONGS/ADS in the whole thing, just a DJ. Not a very good station.
  • 9a.wav - Bass Version
  • 10.wav - A cool station, "Heavenly Radio," is hosted by the Krishna's Venus Ordilia (that's probably spelt wrong). It's got a repeat of the "Jesus" song, and repeats an ad from another station. The DJ is good, although QUITE insane. She's overwhelmed with the fact that everyone should convert to God lovers. There's some cool songs in it, too.
  • 101a.wav - This is a weird one. It's got 7.5 minutes of police talk, but it's just a repeat of about 30 second over and over.  And after you listen to it in any emergency vehicle, you can't get that damn "Number 30 Broad Street" out of your mind, it's repeated at least 30 times in one minute!
  • 10a.wav - Bass Version of 10.wav
  • 11.wav - My second  favorite station, about 1 notch behind song 7, the DJ is so messed up and unorganized that it's ridiculously humorous! He makes cool jokes and has trouble with his assistant and his machinery, making it very funny to listen to. Obviously a Russian accent on the guy, and from the Russian Mafia. The station is "KGBH." Get it? KGB? Ha ha h-- wait, not funny...  Anyway, just the way the DJ acts as an amateur. His name is Bumbatumba, or something to that effect, I think..? It repeats the song "Dazed and Confused," which I don't think matters because it's good anyway, and another song is repeated. But it's still the second best station on the CD. LOTS OF SWEARING. Careful :)
  • 11a.wav - Bass Version
  • 12.wav - Background stuff like car noises, wind, and trash like that and the last track on the GTA1 CD.
  • A.wav - Cool music which is good 'cause there's no DJ, with a funny background. This is played at the credits screen.
  • D.wav - Cool ear candy type music. Used as the menu's background when in GTa2. I think it's a good song.
  • M.wav - A repeat of D.wav, but with the first part of the background taken out. Don't know where it is used.