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Note <Top>
To extract the zip files found here, you will need an archive program such as Winzip or Pkzip.

Currently I have no plans to maintain a cars section.  I tried it early on and I found that there were other people doing it much better than I could, not to mention the time commitment.  This may change in the future, but for now I'm not going to bother with it.  Personally I'd rather just stick to news and other files.  Since you came here looking for cars, I won't disappoint you.  Below are links to some of the best car sites out there. If you have a utility that belongs here or a site that specializes in new cars for GTA, please contact me.


Utilities & Help <Top>

Want to create or import a car into GTA?  The following links and files will get you started.  Please keep in mind that to actually create a new car you will need a graphics editor of some kind, like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

GTA Cars - (Author: Jeff Mathews)
Ever since Jeff Mathews created GTA Cars it has remained one of the best, if not THE BEST, GTA utility in existence. Rockstar even mentioned Jeff in the credits for GTA: London.  GTA Cars can be used to import and export tiles and cars into and out of GTA and GTA: London.  Not only that, but you can use it to alter the physics of the cars in the game.  In my opinion, it is an essential utility for any GTA fan.

Ok, so now you have GTA Cars and you're stumped on the next step. Rather than rehash something that's already been done, I'm going to supply you with a few links that should clear up any confusion.  The first two sites have full blown help sections while others have useful tutorials.

  • GTA: Get That Azzhole
    GTAzz features some of the best cars along with a kick ass help section that should suit all your needs.
  • The San Andreas Car Impound
    Currently closed, but it still features a very useful help section. Just click on Help Section and all your questions should be answered.


The Garage <Top>

The following sites range from personal car sites, to full blown vehicle repositories with reviews and comments.

Best of the Best
Crazy Canadian's now closed site, but you can still access the cars he collected.

Grand Theft Autobahn
Another site that isn't updated anymore, but it still has cars and maps available

gta: epicenter
Epicenter now features a great cars section, among other things.

GTA Gaming Army
Check out the Car Vault at GTA Gaming Army .

GTA: Get That Azzhole
The cars here will make your jaw drop on a regular basis.

GTA Sentinal
GTA Sentinel features a small collection of GTA and GTA2 cars by Oz

The Special Vehicle Team returns - SVT5 features vehicle reviews and postings from Alfadog and Patrick Russell

Harlem Vehicle Headquarters
Harlem HQ is home to VStar's autos and other creations

illconceived - GTA Conversions by illspirit
illspirit's new home on the web, featuring some of the best mods ever created

illspirit's Old GTA Page
illspirit's old home on the web

JL Vehicles
JL's array of vehicles

Krome Auto
GTAKreyz web site featuring all his cars.

Quantum Motors
"A New Age In Driving".

Scratch Motors
BUSTeD's new site, featuring all of his cars.  He also has plans to release tutorials, previews, and more.

ElBazo's site, featuring his cars and much more

Slider Motors
As you may have suspected, this is the home of Slider's cars

Sudra Garage
Jakub Sudra's collection of cars

The RiM
A website dedicated to the Rim series of cars

The San Andreas Car Impound
Closed by not forgotten, and you can still browse Valdez's large collection of vehicles

Veloce Vehicles
"Walking the fine line between comfort and speed"