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The GTA2 Map Vault Contents

Single Player

To extract the zip files found here, you will need an archive program such as Winzip or Pkzip.

Some of the maps below have readme files that are in German.  I've noted "In German" where this applies.  If you wish to translate them, try Babelfish.  Maps that are in both the single player and multiplayer sections support both types of play.

If you have a map or utility that you'd like me to add to The GTA2 Map Vault, please contact me.

Here are some general installation instructions for any GTA2 map.  Use these only if the map you download doesn't come with instructions.  The key message is to back up your original files BEFORE overwriting them:

  1. Backup any files that the new map will overwrite.  These files can usually be found in the GTA2\DATA directory.
  2. Copy the new files to the GTA2\DATA directory.
  3. Play the game and choose the appropriate level for the new map. If you haven't unlocked all the levels, then you will need to use an all levels cheat to select the 2nd, 3rd or any of the bonus maps.  You can find all of the GTA2 cheats in the Tips & Cheats section for GTA2.
  4. To change it all back to normal, simply copy the original files that you backed up in step 1 to the GTA2\DATA directory, overwriting the modified version.

If you need any help editing GTA2 maps, I highly recommend Azz'z GTA2 help section at azz.gouranga.com.


Utilities <Top>

GTA2 Map Editor - (Author: DMA Design)
The one and only GTA2 map editor, created by DMA Design.

GTA2 Script Editor - (Author: DMA Design)
What's a map without a mission?  This handy editor contains a how-to document along with the editor itself.

GTA2 Formats File - (Author: DMA Design)
A handy little document that gives you the rundown on how all the GTA2 files work.

GTA2 Sequence Editor - (Author: Aqutiv)

Miracle Maker 2 - (Author: <miraclemaker>)
Miracle Maker 2 is a Freeware editor which allows you to edit the
mission script files for the game, coded from scratch in 100% pure
java, by <miraclemaker>.

STYed - (Author: Gain Software)
STYed allows you to import and export graphics (including cars) to and from GTA2.  "STYed is the second GTA2 utility from Gain Software.  With STYed you can view all the graphics used in GTA2. This includes the textures (tiles) used for the road, buildings etc... and all the cars in the game.  Before editing any .sty files though, it is advised you make a backup of the file your changing, in case anything bad happens (You have been warned!)."

GXTed v1.2 - (Author: Ringo - Gain Software)
GXTed is used to edit the .GXT files containing all of the messages in GTA2.


The Vault - Single Player Maps <Top>


Agency Chase - (Author: PillBox)

Aqutiv's Mission Pack - (Author: Aqutiv)

ArmyFunMap - (Author: NoName)

Centuri 7 - (Author: James Mclauren)

China Town Beta - (Author: Luxe)

Crime Does Pay - (Author: Cinciglione)

Die Hard Vol.1 - (Author: chriZ)

Escape - (Author: Bash)

Gangsta City v3.1 - (Author: GTA2 Forever)

Gone In 60 Seconds - (Author: Luis AKA Sauron)

GTA2 Mission Pack - (Authors: Aqutiv and Exc0r5)

GTA2: Tokyo - (Author: Treb)

GTA2: Xtreme Force - Public Beta 1.0 - (Author: HinGTA)

Hometown v2.3 - (Author: Orca)

Insane Frag Course - (Author: kap)

Insane Stunt Course - (Author: MoonMonkeys.de)

Killer Course - (Author: Joker)

Kill Frenzy - (Authors: Blitz & Flesh)

Kill Town - (Author: Killerluke)

Marc's Map - (Author: Marc)

My Big Map - (Author: Rogier Verbeek)

Nest - (Author: Ice)

New Town - (Author: Sebastian Jennessen)

Niko's Map - (Author: NikoP)

PacMan - (Author: Cinciglione)

Prager Strasse Dresden v1 - (Author: GMD)

Sebie - (Author: Sebie)

Snowball City 2 - (Author: ILLSPIRIT)

Tank Fun Map - (Author: Bushfire)

Teen14's Residential District Mission Pack - (Author: Teen14)

The 101 Dementias - (Author: Gunman)

The Voice Map - (Author: The Voice)

Tiny Town - (Author: pid)

TorTown - (Author: Ice)

Watery Isle - (Author: Aqutiv)


The Vault - Multiplayer Maps <Top>

Bernaar©'s Holy Project - (Author: Bernaar©)

Bernaar©'s Map - (Author: Bernaar©)

Bernaar©'s Race - (Author: Bernaar©)

DM-Andinator - (Author: The Andinator)

Face Off 2 Power - (Author: Unknown)

Got Guns? - (Author: FName)

GTA2 Arena - (Author: Holy_Jack and OXMOX)

GTA2: Xtreme Force - Public Beta 1.0 - (Author: HinGTA)

Super2 - (Author: Unknown)