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GTA3 PC Skins Contents

GTA3 PC Skins
Installation Instructions

These instructions may vary depending on where you installed GTA3 PC. Normally you would copy the skin (.BMP) file to the GTAIII\skins directory/folder.

To use the new skin, start the game, choose Options, and then choose Player Setup. If you put it in the correct location you should be able to select and use the new skin.


Submitting Skins

If you have a skin you'd like to submit, simply email it to schu@gouranga.com.  Please make sure the skin is in BMP format and be sure to edit this readme file in notepad and include it with your skin, preferably zipped together (you can also include your own readme file if you'd like).  You can RIGHT CLICK on the readme file link above and choose Save Target As to avoid it popping up in your browser.


Utilities <Top>

Nothing here right now...  I'll post GTA3 skin utils, tutorials, and links to useful graphics apps in the future.  If you happen to have any suggestions or submissions for this section, please let me know.


GTA3 PC Skins <Top>

Author Download Preview
Afterlife* Ass Eater Preview
Asshole Preview
Yellow Haired Bastard Preview
Altrezia Rude Boy Niggah Preview 1 / 2
Angantyr Devil Man Preview 1 / 2
AnOrExIc BrAiN Maurice "Mom" Boucher
Beige Urban Thug Preview 1 / 2
bezerk* bezerker Preview
Big Bad Wolf Barry Burton Preview
Real Zombie Preview
Blue FoX* Bill Preview 1 / 2
Bloody Harry Preview 1 / 2
E Preview 1 / 2
Brian Denim Preview
Kenned Preview
Brougham Full Throttle's BEN Preview
Cabola France Preview
France2 Preview
Ill Preview
Max Preview
Pale Preview
car1o Red Eyes Preview
Charlie Adidas Preview
Black Op: Mafia Preview
Mafia Preview
Vampire Mafia Preview
Cory* Hitman Preview
CUCKOOL4ND 808 State Preview
Brit Preview
Britx Preview
Dave Fishel Snake (The Simpsons) Preview
DJTHEMADSCIENTIS* Terminator 2 (liquid metal) Preview
Dracco Street Knowledge Series 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
EngineNo9 FuManchu
FuManchu (dark glasses) Preview
Greaser Preview
FeoNix CanadianPride Preview
FoX Spidey Preview
Wayne Static Preview
Frankie Finito Frankie Finito Preview
-GRiM- Punk Preview
Genocide* The Color Man Preview

70's Movie (black & white)

CamoMan Preview
CamoMan (short sleeve) Preview
Jitter Preview
MIB Preview
MIB (with goatee) Preview
Rocketman Preview
Rocketman (short sleeve) Preview
Scott Preview
Greg Lane Army Preview
Funky Man Preview
Greg Pack 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8
I'm Blue Preview
KT Preview
Mark Preview
MIB Preview
Playa1 Preview
Playa2 Preview
Playa3 Preview
Snow-Man Preview
Terrorist Preview
Track Suit Preview
Wacky Preview
Henri Bartol Hip HB Skin Preview
Holy Harold George Bush Preview
James Moorehead Grunge Preview
Jason Dark Flames Preview
Flames Preview
Masked Spikey Preview
Punk Preview
Slipknot Preivew
Smiley Preview
Terrorist Preview
Joe8629 Killer Preview
Undead Preview
Joe Mama Cyclops Preview
Vampire Preview
JS Audy Billious B Preview
Junkyard Dog Anarchist Preview
Kalakov Goatbeard Preview
Lysergio Greenback Preview
Undead Preview
M355Y Satan Preview
M_abs Psyko Preview
mant3z m3_mant3z Preview
m3_lucas_vb Preview
Matclc No Beard Preview
MeteorStorm Geek Preview
Michael S. Darth Maul Preview
Goth Child Preview
JAIL BREAK!!! Preview
Max Payne Preview
Michael's Bloodstain Makeup Preview
Police Preview
Predator Camo Preview
Punisher Civilian Preview
Mike The Incredible Hulk Preview
Mike M Gangsta Nigga Preview
MoD dod Preview 1 / 2
ICP Preview
Outlaw Preview
Stolen Cop Jacket Preview 1 / 2 / 3
MoJoJoJo G Preview 1 / 2
Neuromancer NoobSaibot Preview
NukeJuggalo Preview
StaticJuggalo Preview
Nick Lancaster C'fer Cat Preview
Plaid Preview
Olivier Niknolt Preview
Osiris Alonzo Harris (Training Day)
Jake Hoyt (Training Day) Preview
OurimNix Looney Preview 1 / 2
Mothman Preview 1 / 2
Paul GTA Gange Preview
Looney Toon Preview
Peril Radioactive Man Preview
The Snowman Preview
phucker Counter Strike Terrorist Preview
Primox Bugster Preview 1 / 2
Dark Greeny Preview 1 / 2
Motorola Mafia Preview 1 / 2
Soccer Player Preview 1 / 2
Raziel Kjuiss Preview
Rhauri & Pat Casual Bloke Preview 1 / 2
Richard No Pants Preview
Robert Bad Ass Preview 1 / 2
Vamp Preivew 1 / 2
Sami A.* Forest Camo Preview
Peace Man Preview
Pyjama Preview
Urban Tiger Preview
silent j. Burn Preview
Gabba Preview
Speno Spidey Preview
Prostitute Preview
pr Preview
Stew Coolboy Preview
Badboy Preview
Tarmac Nordic Dude Preview
TeamParadox The Crow Preview
the p0pe Death Squadron Preview
Norway Preview
USSR Preview
thec Agent Preview
Satanist Preview
The Terminator Han Solo Preview
Spike Preview
Skullvamp Preview
Terminator Preview
TracerTong* Thug with Scarf Preview
turkei Kiss Preview
Sex Pistols Preview
Magnum9MM Ultimate Gangster Preview
Vark Spidey Preview
Vash Beavis Preview
Carl Preview
Earl Preview
Hornet Preview
Mario Preview
Prodigy Preview
Richochet Preview
The King Preview
xxMSAxx The Crow Preview
Zeeont PsychoClown Preview
Red Bull Preview 1 / 2
The King Preview 1 / 2
* = Indicates that the author is new or has submitted new skins since the last update.

To extract the zip files found here, you may need an archive program such as Winzip or Pkzip.