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The GTA Map Vault Contents

The Vault
To extract the zip files found here, you will need an archive program such as Winzip or Pkzip.

Some of the links below do not link directly to the utility or map mentioned, but rather to the site they can be found at.  I've done this because in most cases it ensures that you are getting the latest version.  All links that point to files will have a file size listed in parentheses, like this

yomap.zip (98K)

If you have a map or utility that you'd like me to add to The GTA Map Vault, please contact me.


Utilities & Help <Top>

Junction25 - (Authors: Rich Field, Jim Purbrick, and Matt Law)
If you want to make new maps, you're gonna need Junction25.  Its as simple as that.

  • Full Install (1.45MB) (all the required files with an installer)
  • Executable Only (112k) (just the executable - requires that you have MFC42.DLL, and MSVCRT.DLL on your computer, or an earlier version of J25)
  • Documentation (76k) (included with the full install)
  • Mission.ini (2k) (included with the full install)

Junction25 2 [BETA] - (Authors: Rich Field, Jim Purbrick, and Matt Law)
The sequel to J25 which will remain forever in beta form.  Junction25 2 includes support for more advanced features such as 3D map viewing.

Gman - (Author: Michael Mendelsohn)
A 32-bit Windows application that can display both FXT and CMP files. It loads, edits, and saves FXT files in both FXT and TXT formats, superseding FXT2TXT.  It will also display and save 256x256 pictures of CMP maps as GIF or BMP.  Check the GTA Ideas Pages for details.

GTA LX - (Authors: Anthony Langford / Matt Williams)
GTA LX stands for GTA Loader eXtreme and as the Squidgy Software webpage says, "It's more than just a Front-End."  GTA LX's feature list is much to long to list here, but I can confidently say that you need this util if you want to easily use new GTA maps and addons.  Not only does it allow you easily add and remove any of the new maps, but it also allows you to view many of the files.

GTA Tile Packs - (Author: Cam)
Cam released three tile packs, one for each of the cities in GTA.  You can download them from 360° Software.


The Vault <Top>

Blackhole City - (Author: Erwin)

Bobcity - (Author: ERiX)

Burger City - (Author: The Autobahn Crew)

Car Crime County - (Author: Gareth Williams)

Chicago - (Author: Titan0905)

Dcity - (Author: Andreas Kühn)

Deathmatch Map v1.3 beta rev 1.5 - (Author: Richard Orelup)

Extreme Driving - (Author: Mc'Gee)

Extreme Driving 2 - (Authors: Mc'Gee, Jordan, PBoy and GTA Jedi)

GTA18 - (Author: Neil)

GTA Iraq - (Author: Adam Jordan)

  • Screenshot of GTA Iraq
  • Under Construction - Visit the GTA Iraq site for the latest details.

GTA-Rally - (Author: Jozz)

Hong Kong - (Author: Russ D)

New Trevburg v1.2 - (Author: Nick Allan)

Rumble in the Bronx - (Author: Chris Doney)

Scumbag City v1.1 - (Author: Pennywise)

Snowball City - (Author: ILLSPIRIT)


Spam City - (Author: SonuvBob)

Sun Francisco 2

TCIB City v4 - (Author: Neil)

TLVS - (Author: Neil)

TownFive - (Author: GTA Jedi)