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Saturday - February 24, 2001 <8:45 AM CST> <Top>

GTA3 In Full Motion <8:45 AM CST - schu>
Sick of starting at GTA3 screen shots? Want to see it in full motion? Ask and PS2.IGN.com will provide. They have posted the first ever movie of GTA3 gameplay footage. Granted I had the first ever GTA3 production movie but this leaves my wire frames in the dust. Its a 3.33 MB download and its in Quicktime format. You can download it directly from IGN by clicking here (3.33MB). The movie is pretty short but it does have sound effects and music. Below I've posted some screen shots I took from the movie. The quality isn't all that great because copying out of Quicktime sucks for some reason, anyway you'll get the general idea. I did come up with one question while I was snapping the shots. In the third image it looks like there is a light covering of snow on the ground, but in IGN's Living City preview specifically said, "the game is filled with weather patterns, including pretty much everything but snow."  I suppose it could just be rain or something, but with the tread marks it looks more like snow.  Any ideas?

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Present Day Liberty City
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Some Nice Lens Flare
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Ready With The AK
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Muzzle Flash
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Carjacking In Progress
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Notice The Headlights
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Another Muzzle Flash
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Fire & Rain

GTA2 For Free!
<8:45 AM CST - schu>
FreeLoader.com has just released GTA2 and its absolutely free, hence the Free in Freeloader  In case you weren't already aware of this, you can get GTA and GTA London from Freeloader as well.  Its not a warez version and its perfectly legal.

New GTA3 Article <8:45 AM CST - schu>
The Adrenaline Vault posted a brief GTA3 article today. Most of the information is a rehash of what we've heard before, however one quote did catch my attention.

"Imagine the heedless action as well as the subtle strategies of the first two titles dropped within a detailed 3D metropolis that features weather effects, water-based missions, night changing into morning and enough vehicular and pedestrian traffic that the energetic Driver will be a cruise through a ghost town in comparison."

More specifically, "water-based missions", indicating that its very likely that we will be able to use boats in GTA3. One other point they brought up was that a multi-player mode is still hanging in the balance, I.E. Rockstar has not officially commented on the multiplayer capability of GTA3. So far it sounds as if GTA3 will kick ass whether it has a multiplayer mode or not, so until I hear anything I think I'm going to assume its single player only, just to avoid being disappointed in the end. My only guess is that they may be planning to have GTA3 specialize in single player gameplay with the GTA Online Crime World carrying the multiplayer banner, but that's just speculation on my part (especially since the Online Crime World is still pretty much just a rumor at this point).

Site Updates <8:45 AM CST - schu>

  • Sorry this update was so late in coming but it took me awhile to mess with the movie shots. No matter what I did they just didn't look as good as the actual frame in the movie.  Yet another reason for you to spend some quality time downloading it :) .  I tried using a variety of formats when I took the shots but there was very little difference in quality.
  • I updated the GTA3 Info section yet again with the new movie information and one other piece of GTA3 artwork that was on IGN.  I still have to add the new information from the GTA3 interview on Thursday, but I'll probably get to that sometime this weekend.


Thursday - February 22, 2001 <11:55 PM CST> <Top>
The IGN Onslaught Continues <11:55 PM CST - schu>
Today PS2.IGN.com released yet another installment of their GTA3 coverage.  This time around they have released an interview they did with Leslie Benzies (lead producer at DMA).

GTA3 Wallpaper @ GTA Zone <11:55 PM CST - schu>
Gleb informed me that GTA Zone has posted three different types of GTA3 wallpaper.  The wallpaper was posted on February 14th and on February 6th.

AK47S in GTA3 <11:55 PM CST - schu>
Rich T sent in this bit of information about the assault rifle in the GTA3 screen shots:

"Just in case you wanted to be more specific, the assault rifle being carried in this image is in fact a Kalashnikov more commonly known as an AK-47S (not just and AK-47) as it has a folding stock to the weapon to allow it to be used in confined spaces."

Thanks to Rich T for this bit of info.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Don't ask, just click.  Want more?

Site Updates <11:55 PM CST - schu>

  • I finished up with the new nav bar and I've uploaded it.  A lot of the sections are Under Construction, but at least I've got the framework all ready.  If you run into any problems with it, please let me know.
  • The GTA3 Info section has been updated with all the new IGN information except for the stuff in today's interview.  I'll work on adding that new information shortly.
  • The GTA3 Reviews section has been updated with links to all the IGN previews.


Wednesday - February 21, 2001 <11:45 PM CST> <Top>

A Sh*t Load of GTA3 Shots <11:45 PM CST - schu>
If you read what I posted before, scratch that.  I did download every shot that IGN posted, but I didn't take the first preview into account, until now that is.  Speaking of IGN previews, another one appeared today with details on the AI in GTA3, so be sure to check Preview 1 - GTA3 Overview , Preview 2 - Living City, Preview 3 - AI.  I went over the GTA3 Info Section and I removed all the scanned doubles of the shots that appear in the IGN previews because the IGN shots are clearer.  I've also updated the vehicle list and I removed the Short School Bus (turned out to be the front of a yellow van), and I added the Hummer and the boat (mentioned in the IGN previews).  If anyone would like to send in some guesses on the makes and models of the cars that appear in the shots I'd be happy to add them to the list.

GTA3 On XBox <11:45 PM CST - schu>
Most of you know about this already, but if not, Rockstar Games has officially confirmed GTA3 on XBox.  No mention has been made when the XBox version will be released in relation to the PC and PS2 versions.  If you want to read more about this, check out the updates on FGN and EuroGamer.

Site Updates <11:45 PM CST - schu>
Well I got back around 10pm and just finished up adding the new GTA3 shots.  I'm also in the process of disseminating all the information in the IGN previews.  After I go through them a few more times I'll update the GTA3 Info section again to take the new information into account.


Tuesday - February 20, 2001 <11:41 PM CST> <Top>

IGN's New GTA3 Preview <11:41 PM CST - schu>
PS2.IGN.com has just posted a GTA3 preview loaded with a ton of new screen shots.  Click here and enjoy.

Site Updates <11:41 PM CST - schu>
Ok, its Tuesday and I'm driving home tomorrow so I'll be back at my apartment on Wednesday evening.  After I return I'll be back to regular updates.


Thursday - February 15, 2001 <7:30 PM CST> <Top>

Take2.de's New GTA3 Section <7:30 PM CST - schu>
GTA3D.de is reporting that Take 2 Deutschland has launched a GTA3 section featuring three screenshots, one of which is new. The other two shots were featured on GTA Zone and GTA3d.de previously. To view the new shot you can either go to GTA3D.de or go to take2games.de and click on GAMES, then click on the PS1/PS2 gamepad at the bottom of the screen, then click on the PS2 gamepad, and finally click on GTA3. What I don't understand is why Take2Games.de always seems to be ahead of the game. Take2Games.com always takes forever to make anything happen. Regardless I'll be posting the new shots in the GTA3 section some time next week.

Also at GTA3D.de is a new GTA3 WinAMP skin featured in their February 9th update.

New GTA Sites <7:30 PM CST - schu>

Site Updates <7:30 PM CST - schu>

  • I'll be leaving town yet again, but I should be back in time to update on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I will still have access to my site and email should I need to do an emergency update or something so please feel free to keep sending in news...
  • S3KTOR informed me that the GTA2 Game Finder links have changed, so I've gone ahead and just linked to the directory where you can get it. If you had trouble downloading earlier you might want to give it another shot.  Keep in mind that when they changed the links it also broke the links at Download.com.
  • I made a few random site updates and I've done some more stuff off-line to prepare for the nav bar change.  Hopefully I'll have everything ready by next week to change out the bar and open some new sections.  I also added a few more GTA3 shots to the GTA3 section.


Tuesday - February 13, 2001 <11:50 PM CST> <Top>

Liberty Tree Issue #2 Soon <11:50 PM CST - schu>
The latest newsletter from Rockstar Games reports that Liberty Tree #2 should be appearing soon. Azz also posted a while back that the Liberty Tree would be updated on a monthly basis, so I assume "soon" means in about two weeks.

GTA2 MODkit Released <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Devil has released his GTA2 MOD management program. The program is available from GTA Gaming Army's File Vault.

GTA2 Multiplayer Game Finder <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Well it turns out that Teknics reported on this GTA2 util a few months back on GTA Gaming Army. I hope I didn't come off as sounding like I was solely responsible for finding it, I just hope we can build enough support for it to keep it going. It sounds like the most convenient way to set up a game and it would be a shame to see it disappear.

Surgeon General's Report on Youth Violence <11:50 PM CST - schu>
After the Columbine incident Clinton ordered the US Surgeon General to compile the Report on Youth Violence. This report was released just recently and found very little evidence to suggest that games are directly responsible for violent behavior.  If you'd like to read more, check out the articles at IGN and Gamespot.  This couldn't come at a better time considering all the legislation that is currently pending on this issue.


Friday - February 9, 2001 <6:00 AM CST> <Top>

New GTA3 Shot @ GTA3D.de <6:00 AM CST - schu>
GTA3D.de has posted a new GTA3 shot scanned from the pages of PlayZone, a German gaming mag.  Check the February 7th update at GTA3D.de for the new shot.

GTA2 Multiplayer Game Finder <6:00 AM CST - schu>
While I was updating my GTA demo links I came across this new GTA2 util.  I was on Download.com when I saw an entry for the GTA2 Multiplayer Game Finder.  The game finder is currently in beta testing.  You can download beta version 1.4 right here (292k) or go check out the download page at Download.com .  It was created Austin Griffith, one of the guys at hugeanalwarts.com.  I cannot vouch for how well it works or what sort of security risks it might pose to your computer, but I can tell you that there have been around 1200 downloads from download.com and the user ratings are up around 80%.  Granted the user ratings are only from four user reviews, but three out of four reviews isn't bad.  I would really like to hear from anyone who uses it, mainly to get feedback on how well it works and if you'd recommend it to other GTA fans.  I'd also encourage you to add your rating on the Download.com page.  I've sent an email to Austin to see about the possibility of creating a similar util for GTA and GTA: London.  If it works, something like this would definitely make finding a game a lot less painful.

Tiffany Updates the Shrine <6:00 AM CST - schu>
Tiffany has updated her Unofficial GTA Shrine after a long break.  Here is what she had to say:

"Just thought I'd drop you a line as my site's been fairly inactive as not many things are being sent my way for GTA1 any more. =-)

Rusty has sent in some more mugshots, a few cars have been added to my Shrine, and the counter's hit 125,000+ since I last checked in with G! Not bad for a GTA1 only site, eh? =-) "

Miracle Maker Updated
<6:00 AM CST - schu>

<miracle maker> has updated his GTA2 mission script editor yet again.  This time he has released v1.25b which according to his site decreases the load time of MIS files tremendously.  By the sound of it its a pretty big decrease in load time, as <miracle maker> says, the files load "stupidly quick".  You can get this update at www.miraclemaker.tsx.org.

Site Updates <6:00 AM CST - schu>
Sorry for the lack up updates this week but there really hasn't been anything to report on until now.  I haven't been sitting on my ass all this week, I've been doing a lot of work off-line for a menu bar change I'll be implementing soon and I've been working on updating some of the areas of G! that have been neglected for awhile now.  Hopefully when its all over I'll actually be up to date on some of this stuff.


Tuesday - February 6, 2001 <11:00 PM CST> <Top>

GTA Should Have Been A Film <11:00 PM CST - schu>
In a recent feature on GameLoft UK, GTA made the list of games they thought would make great films. Click here to read the article.

New GTA Sites <11:00 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA Nation (this is a new GTA Nation, not the old GTA Nation)


Monday - February 5, 2001 <11:50 PM CST> <Top>

Site Updates <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Well, there isn't much going on right now, I suppose we'll just sit tight until Rockstar releases some more information.


Saturday - February 3, 2001 <10:40 PM CST> <Top>

New GTA3 Shots @ GTAZone <10:40 PM CST - schu>
GTAZone.de posted two new GTA3 shots that were scanned from that latest issue of the German gaming mag, GameStar.  Check the February 3rd update at GTAZone for the new shots.


Friday - February 2, 2001 <11:50 PM CST> <Top>
GTA3 On XBox? <11:50 PM CST - schu>
DailyRadar UK just got around to posting the new GTA3 shots from Liberty Tree, but unlike most of the sites that posted the the shots, they actually got Take2 to comment:

"We tried bugging Take 2 for further details, but all they could confirm is that GTA3 will be out on PS2, PC and probably Xbox"

After the recent restructuring over at Sega, I doubt GTA3 will ever make it to Dreamcast so that leaves Gamecube and Mac being the only question marks for the time being. Assuming XBox isn't a complete failure, it seems rather likely we will see GTA3 appearing on it as well.

Miracle Maker 2 v1.25 <11:50 PM CST - schu>
<miracle maker> has released version 1.25 of his GTA2 mission script editor. To download MM2 or for more details, get on over to www.miraclemaker.tsx.org. There is a special note on the downloads page that GTA web sites should take note of, I.E. Don't post any of <miracle maker>'s software without his prior consent.

Rockstar's GTA3 URLs <11:50 PM CST - schu>
HinGTA (GTA2: S&D) mentioned on the GTA newsgroup that rockstargames.com/libertytree isn't the only way to get to Rockstar's new GTA3 site.  You can also get there via the grandtheftauto3.com URL or the www.rockstargames.com/grandtheftauto3.  I guess the question remains, is this the official GTA3 site or will Rockstar release a new GTA3 site closer to launch?

Site Updates <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Speaking of the GTA newsgroup.  I haven't been able to post there for awhile now because my news service hasn't been allowing me to post to any groups, at least I can still read though.


Thursday - February 1, 2001 <11:50 PM CST> <Top>
Liberty Tree News <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Nothing much, just a few GTA3 headlines at Gamespot and IGN that basically tell us what we already knew, Liberty Tree is online and the first issue has been sent to fans on the mailing list.

Rockstar Contests <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Rockstar is currently running two different contests neither of which are related to GTA3, but they are Rockstar contests nonetheless. The first is the Rockstar Games Online Media Awards. Basically it is a competition dealing in three categories, short subject film, short story, and dj mix. Each category offers a cash prize for the winner in each category. You can find out more at www.rockstargamesupload.com. The second contest surrounds Rockstar's Oni launch on PS2. In the second contest you can win a trip to the Comiket Anime Festival in Japan just for answering a few questions. You can find out more about it at contests.ign.com/contests/542.html.