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Grand Theft Auto Information Contents

What is GTA?
Weapons &
Power Ups

Maps & Cars
What is GTA? <Top>

Grand Theft Auto is a game developed by DMA Design and published by Take-Two in Europe and the UK and by ASC Games in North America.  Your goal through the game is to rise through the ranks of the criminal element which you attempt to achieve by stealing cars, running narcotics, performing hits, kidnapping, and other criminal acts.  The game is viewed from the top down with a camera that zooms in and out depending on the surroundings and the situation.  All of this action takes place in 3 huge cities (Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City).  Each city has its own personality and the authorities will react differently to your actions.  Each of the cities is quite large and to expedite your mission you can either use the public transportation available, or simply steal a car which is a lot quicker and a hell of a lot more fun.


Requirements <Top>
Minimum System Requirements:
  • 75 MHz Pentium or Equivelent
  • 16 Mb of RAM
  • 1MB VESA compatible SVGA graphics card
  • DOS 6.0 or Win9x
  • 80 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • Sound Card
  • Keyboard

Recommended System Requirements:

  • 166MHz Pentium or Equivilent
  • 16Mb of RAM
  • 2Mb VESA compatible SVGA graphics card
  • Win9x
  • 80 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • Soundblaster Compatible Sound Card
  • Keyboard

Optional Equipment:

  • Joystick or Gamepad
  • Modem (Hayes Compatible needed for the DOS version)
  • Local Area Network using the IPX Protocol
  • Serial Cable (null modem cable or adapter)
  • Video Card or 3D addon card using a 3Dfx based chipset


Features <Top>
  • Over 6000 miles of Roads, Freeways, Alleyways, and Dead Ends in 3 immense cities
  • 20 Different car types in each city - each modeled to reflect real handling and speed
  • Intelligently controlled Police, Fire, and Ambulance services
  • 1 - 4 player games over Network, Modem, and Serial link
  • Blood
  • Working Public Transport
  • Nice parks and other places to stop for a quick bite to eat
  • Police forces ranging in aggression from complacent to homicidal lunatics with guns
  • Hospitals, Banks, Strip Clubs, Military Bases, and Harbors
  • Over 60 minutes of  NEW music featuring from some of today's hottest new acts.  Featuring Techno, Dance, Funk, Hip-Hop, Industrial, Heavy Metal, and Country & Western
  • More Blood
  • Nastiness
  • Over 200 different missions featuring : Grand Theft Auto, Drug Smuggling, Kidnapping, Slaughter, Double Parking, Under-age smoking, Murder, Hijacking, and Setting fire to Hari Krishnas
  • More horrible, horrible weapons than you could shake the wet end of a severed arm at
  • Oh, yes and full 24-Bit color running in real-time
  • 3Dfx Compatibility
  • Blood, Blood, Sticky Clotted Blood, Runny Blood and Guts
  • Nuns with Guitars (Weather permitting)
Weapons & Power Ups <Top>
Machine Gun
Rocket Launcher (Not In Demo)
Flame Thrower

Power Ups

Get Out Of Jail Free Card -  After being caught by the police you retain all of your inventory and your multiplier is preserved (Otherwise your multiplier is cut in half and you lose all weapons)
Police Bribe - Stops the cops from chasing you
Armor - Protects you from gunfire (good for 3 hits)
Extra Life - Fairly self explanatory
Kill Frenzy - Gives you a weapon with unlimited ammo for a limited period of time
Car Speed Up - Take a wild guess
Multiplier Up - Raises your multiplier by one
Info Box - Not really a power up, but they are handy when your first start playing

Special Locations

  • Phones - Used to receive missions
  • Respray Shop - Respray shops look like a shed with the word AUTO painted on top in Liberty City and in San Andreas.  In Vice City they are typically well hidden in back alleyways and have a awnings with Al's Paint Shop on them.  Drive inside to have your car repainted to get the cops off of your tail.  There is a fee of course.
  • Bomb Shop - Driving inside a Bomb Shop equips your car with a bomb for $5000.  Hitting the fire key starts a 5 second countdown.  Bomb shops look different in each city.  In Liberty City they can be easily located by the yellow and black painting of a bomb with 2 guns just outside a garage door.  In San Andreas they are called Guns & Ammo Shops and are easily recognizable.  In Vice City they are usually well hidden in back alleyways but they all have an awning with Crazy Bob's House o' Guns painted on them. 
  • Docks - Docks are recognized the the yellow crane that transports stolen vehicles to a boat.  To activate the crane just drive under it and wait till it starts moving.  Then get out before it picks the car up.  Selling cars at the docks will earn you a little money.
  • Hospital - Starting point after death
  • Police Station - Starting point after arrest


City Maps & Vehicles <Top>



Dialog From GTA <Top>
  • Jesus!
  • Whoa Whoa
  • Whats The Idea?
  • Hey, Watch it Buddy!
  • Watch It!
  • Oi!
  • Hey!
  • Oh My God!
  • He's Got A Gun!
  • Gun!
Cop Dialog:   
  • Freeze!
  • Hold It!
  • Spread 'em Punk
  • D*ck Wad!
  • Screw You Asshole!
  • Jerk Off!
  • Asshole!
  • Hey Bite Me!
  • Hey Bite Me Twice!
  • Piece Of Sh*t!