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What is GTA2?
Screen Shots

What is GTA2? <Top>

GTA2 has been released world wide for PC, Playstation, Dreamcast, and Gameboy Color.  GTA2 was developed by DMA Design and is published Rockstar Games a division of Take-Two Interactive Software.

GTA2 is set in a massive city, under siege by seven rival gangs who each control different zones within the metropolis.  That's when your character, Claude Speed, is freed from prison and awakened from cryonic sleep with a bad case of amnesia.  Your mission is clear, do whatever it takes to become "King of the City" by any means necessary.  You can work with any one of the seven rival gangs or play all the gangs off of each other and clean up what's left.  Either way each gang's reaction to you will be based on your past dealings with them and your dealings with their enemies. Thanks to your Respect 'O' Meter you can easily tell what your standing is.  The seven gangs in GTA2 are:

  • Yakuza (Japanese Gang)
  • Scientists (Genetically Engineered Clones)
  • Looneys (Mental Patients)
  • Rednecks (Take a wild guess)
  • Zaibatzu (Underground Corporation)
  • Russian Mob (Russian Mafia)
  • Hare Krishnas (Religious Extremists)

The rival gangs drive cars that are marked with their symbol, so you can tell who's who.  The Zaibatsu's symbol for instance is a Z whereas the Looneys use a smiley face.

Your task will be complicated by the police who will hunt you down if you get too far out of line.  The AI has come a long way since the days of GTA and the law enforcement officials in GTA2 reflect this.  Should you prove too much the for the police you will then have to deal with SWAT teams, then the FBI move in, and if you are the ultimate bad ass you can look forward to a visit from the National Guard (Army).  Lucky for you the arsenal in GTA2 has expanded greatly with a total of 15 different weapons:

  • Hand Gun
  • Uzi
  • Silenced Uzi
  • Shotgun
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Grenade
  • Electro Gun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Flame Thrower
  • Water Cannon (On Fire Truck)
  • Oil Slick (Vehicle Upgrade)
  • Land mines (Vehicle Upgrade)
  • Vehicle Mounted Machine Guns (Vehicle Upgrade)
  • Car Bomb (Vehicle Upgrade)

Even with the extra weaponry the heat may prove too much and that's where chop shops come in.  Chop shops offer a variety of services like paint jobs to get the man off your ass.  But it doesn't stop there, if you have the cash you can out fit your car with machine guns, oil slicks, bombs, and land mines.

All of these improvements to the GTA formula are built on the new game engine.  GTA2 uses the tried and true top down perspective that should be familiar to all of the GTA fans out there, featuring sprite based cars and pedestrians on a 3D cityscape.  The top down perspective allows the player to simultaneously see in front and behind the car making the city that much easier to navigate during high speed car chases.  While the perspective remains the same, the graphics do not.  Graphic improvements should be obvious from the screenshots.  The GTA2 engine allows for very sharp, detailed graphics, complemented by real-time, vertex colored lighting effects that effect not only the cityscape, but everything in it as well.  Not only does everything look better in GTA2, it also blows up better, with an entire city level devoted to explosions with support for 12 to 24 different layers of graphic detail.

Last but definitely not least is the sound.  GTA2 uses the superb audio engine that was used in Wild Metal Country supporting many 3D audio cards.  GTA2's sound track was provided by a cooperative effort between Moving Shadow Records, Rockstar Games, and DMA Design.


Requirements <Top>
  •  Pentium 200 or above
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 65 MB of hard disk space
  • 4x CD ROM
  • Windows 95/98
  • DirectX 6.1
  • Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card (REQUIRED)
  • Sound Card (3D Sound Card Optional)
  • Multiplayer: LAN (IPX & TCP/IP) 4 players plus Internet (via DirectPlay)
  • Keyboard


Features <Top>
  • Original nonlinear game play - go where you want, when you want.
  • Improved AI
  • Intelligent gang system - play gangs off against each other in turf wars.
  • Brand new game engine
  • New graphics engine with support for vertex colored lighting
  • Up to 50 vehicle & 200 pedestrians on the screen simultaneously.
  • More than 30 different vehicles types, each with unique and dynamic handling.
  • Uses the excellent sound engine that was used in Wild Metal Country
  • All new original soundtrack including tracks from Moving Shadow Records, Flytronix and Taxi Driver.


Screen Shots <Top>

The following selection of screen shots were taken from different GTA2 previews, if two shots from different previews were the same I did not post them both (IE Videogames.Com has 14 shots in their preview, 13 are repeats, so only 1 shot is shown).  All shots are from the PC version unless otherwise noted:

G! Exclusive Shot (Thanks Dan!)

Adrenaline Vault:

Computer Games Online:

Evil Avatar's:

Gamespot UK: