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Old News - January 2004 Contents


Thursday - January 15, 2004   <10:30 PM CST>


New Server Update   <10:30 PM CST - schu>
Well, we still aren't on the new server and it's after the 13th, so hopefully G! will remain online until the new server is ready.  Right now I'm having the contracts checked out to make sure all the legal details are in order, so after that's done we should be set.  Everything is backed up, and Azz and I are 99% sure we backed up the forum correctly (we hope) but with Icey MIA it's difficult to be 100% sure.  I will perform a second backup of the forums just before the transfer, assuming we're still online, which should help prevent the loss of any posts.

GTA5, GTA6 & GTA San Andreas™   <10:30 PM CST - schu>
Well, it looks like we are back where we started.  I started out thinking the next GTA game would be based in San Andreas and then after the last update I was thinking Sin City, and now I'm back to San Andreas.  Computer & Video Games is reporting that Take2 registered a number of new copyrights recently, and San Andreas was featured prominently among them.  Check out the full update on C&VG and on GameSpot..  Thanks to Chad, Chris, Chris Robbins, RevTed, Rob, and LBHacker3k.

Richard also mentioned that this entire Sin City epidemic was spawned off of a single April Fool's day prank that was originally posted on ShackNews.


Tuesday - January 6, 2004   <11:30 PM CST>


GTA IV: Sin City - Disproved  <11:30 PM CST - schu>
The big news this week is that Internet retailer Amazon.co.uk let the cat out of the bag by taking pre-orders for GTA IV: Sin City, with a European release date of November 4th.  After all this hit the news, Amazon removed the page and replaced with a pre-order for Grand Theft Auto: Next Episode, with a release date of December 31st.  Now, this means either one of two things...  It either means their original information was incorrect so they posted a correction or the information was dead on and Take2 yelled at them until they changed it.  Rockstar isn't saying anything so we probably won't know until something more official is announced. This news story was reported on various sites, including, IGN, C&VG, BluesNews, and GameSpot.  Thanks to Reverend Ted, Paul, JCronic, Richard, Jasonlives, Lee, Chris, and Jonathan.

More Bullsh*t   <11:30 PM CST - schu>
I'm tired of the whole Haitian vs Rockstar/GTA thing, but if you still want to read more on the subject check out one of the following links that were sent in:

Unfortunately what sounds like the best article appeared on the NY Times site but it moved to their pay section.  Its only real redeeming quality was in its comedic value.  The most entertaining articles are always written by the people who never even bother to play the game before reporting on it.  Thanks to Chris, Insane2757, JCronic, Andrew, and Xenic.

Announcements   <11:30 PM CST - schu>

  • I spoke with a Rockstar insider and got the general impression that Rockstar's PR for the next GTA will probably follow the same schedule all the previous GTAs followed.  This is in no way official, but if history repeats itself, Rockstar will have print previews that hit newsstands just prior to E3 followed by an E3 barrage and then a series of online previews just after E3.  So, my general prediction is that we'll start seeing full previews in April or early May.  I could be completely wrong, but that was the impression that I got...
  • Not sure if anyone is interested, but the server move is in progress and should be finished by January 13th at the latest.  Right now we are just backing up and preparing for the move.  There will probably be some downtime just after the move as the DNS propagates. Hopefully no more than 24 hours.