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Old News - June 2001 Contents





Friday - June 29, 2001 <3:15 AM CST> <Top>

More GTA3 E3 Footage   <3:15 AM CST - schu>
GTA-3.com's never-ending search for more footage from E3 has turned up two more movies.  This time the E3 footage comes from The Official Netherlands Playstation Site.  Both of the movies are rather small, weighing in at 1.3 MB.  

The first movie (1.3 MB) shows off the dashboard cam in GTA3, that is until the car bounces off a police car, rolls over on it's roof and slides into an intersection.  As soon as the car rolls the camera pans out to third person to show the player exiting the car.  As you can see by the dash cam, there is no steering wheel and there are no gauges or readouts, just a dashboard.  When I asked Rockstar about this they seemed pretty set on a plain dash cam, I guess to avoid all the time it would take to model each type of dash layout and to keep your eyes on the action instead of on the dash.

The second movie (1.3 MB) is spent mostly on foot, that is until you round the corner and get into a badly damaged Hummer.  The Hummer's hood is off and steam is pouring out of the radiator.  The player then backs the Hummer up, and just as he should be plowing over a pedestrian, the movie ends.  Why can't anyone in these E3 movies seem to hit anyone, or anything for that matter?  Not much else to say really, but it is nice to see the attention to detail with the white reverse lights on the Hummer.

If you're on a dial-up connection and haven't been willing to download the larger GTA3 movies, these should at least give you a glimpse of GTA3 in motion without the long wait.  Check out sixth movie page for screen shots and download links.  Many thanks to GTA-3.com for hunting down this movie, be sure to visit their site and check out all their great GTA3 coverage.

Crazy Sh*t   <3:15 AM CST - schu>
Don't ask, just click!

Site Updates   <3:15 AM CST - schu>
One of these days I'm going to get around to redesigning GOURANGA!  Yes, it has been far too long, unfortunately I'm a bit short on time at the moment.  I have been toying with a few things off-line which is probably why I'm becoming an insomniac.  Hopefully, the next version of GOURANGA! should have the looks to match the content, and I'm hoping to automate this thing so updates won't take so much time.  With automation also comes the possibility that I may recruit news updaters in the future, but that's still on the drawing board.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc, please let me know.  So far the only thing that is for sure is the colors, I don't plan on abandoning the orange :) (in case you didn't know, the orange came from the original logo back in '97).


Thursday - June 28, 2001 <3:00 AM CST> <Top>

Site Updates   <3:00 AM CST - schu>
Not much going on really...  That pretty much sums it up...  The only thing worth mentioning is a new GTA3 preview over at Console Domain.  Nothing new in the preview, but it is a nice summation.  Thanks to Rev Ted for sending word on that one...


Tuesday - June 26, 2001 <3:00 AM CST> <Top>

Inside DMA Design   <3:00 AM CST - schu>
GTA-3.com recently posted nineteen pictures that were shot on location at DMA Design.  While you're viewing the pictures, be sure to pay close attention to all the GTA3 concept art all over the walls.  The shots give an interesting glimpse inside the GTA3 developer.  Check em all out at GTA-3.com.  By the way, GTA-3.com is in German, so just go their June 24th update and look for hier klicken to view the shots.

Alfadog Snaps   <3:00 AM CST - schu>
Alfadog couldn't take the pain anymore, so he decided to write in with his thoughts on the GTA3 cars:

"FFS could you please tell people to stop searching through their magazines for cars with a spoiler and 2 doors because IMO that beige looking supercar is based on NOTHING. Yeah believe it or not they have an imagination.

Although, I'm sure it's all good for getting people talking... I just can't help but laugh at some of the suggestions."

I believe FFS is "For Fu*ks Sake"...  In defense of Rev Ted and SpeeD DemoN, they were not trying to positively identify that car.  All the guesses are exactly that, guesses, none of them are for sure but with fu*k else to do, it's at least a diversion.  In the same vein I can see Alfa's point of view.  Alfa did write back a few hours later with some interesting things he saw on the wall at DMA Design:

Garbage Truck

Alfa was guessing the Roadster might be a MX5, MR2, Boxter, anyone else care to wager a guess?  Alfadog also mentioned that the APC looks a lot like the Pacifier from GTA2, it's definitely more an APC than a Tank.  Last, we have the Garbage Truck, but Tek actually found it awhile back in this shot.  Make sure you visit GTA-3.com and check out the original shot these clips came from.  Oh, and you can get more Alfadog at SVT5 - svt.niteshade.net.  Thanks to Alfa for his commentary.  By the way, if anyone has any problems with the car ids, please let me know if you have a better guess.


Monday - June 25, 2001 <12:30 AM CST> <Top>

GTA3 Weapon Highlighter   <12:30 AM CST - schu>
Big Red over at Grandtheftauto3.net made a rather interesting discovery.  Weapons on the ground in GTA3 are highlighted with a green halo.  This makes it easier to find weapons that have been dropped.  The feature is most noticeable in this shot.  Check out Grandtheftauto3.net for Big Red's excellent write-up.

More on GTA3's Cars   <12:30 AM CST - schu>
Rev Ted sent in a quick write-up on the DeTomaso Mangusta, basically expanding on SpeeD DemoN's Vector comment.  "The shape is fairly similar to both. Certain aspects fit one and certain aspects fit the other, and certain things fit neither."  Here are a few shots that Rev Ted sent in to clarify this.  These aren't all Vector's, two are Diablo's:

Busted also sent in a few more shots...  These two, '92 Crown Vic & a '95 Taurus that he is comparing to the FBI Sedan.  Busted is still stuck on the whole gta3_artwork_05.jpg debate.  Busted still stands squarely in the Ford camp, with the 89' Crown Vic as his flagship.  Rev Ted is still standing in the Chevy camp with his '82 Caprice, and an '81 Impala which are basically the same car.  I think I'm still with Ted on this one, mainly because the mirrors on the render are definitely Chevy material.  You might have to open a new window, and then paste the individual links into a different browser to view some of these cars because of bandwidth protection in place at Geoshitties and NBCI.


Friday - June 22, 2001 <4:30 PM CST> <Top>

Escape Updated   <4:30 PM CST - schu>
Bash's GTA2 map, Escape, has been updated.  According to Bash, the map is almost complete and the next version will mainly add a few more missions.  Your primary goal in Escape is to track down and kill N'Sync, download it now (186k).

Crazy Sh*t   <4:30 PM CST - schu>
Here are two new products that may interest you.  Don't ask, just click here & here!


Thursday - June 21, 2001 <10:30 AM CST> <Top>

New GTA3 Articles   <10:30 AM CST - schu>
I have a few more GTA3 articles to report on today, one on-line preview and three new print articles.  The new on-line preview is at USA Today of all places.  Not much new, no new screens, although this bit was interesting:

"The story mode in Grand Theft Auto 3 will feature a crazy number of vehicles for you to hijack, ranging from boats to helicopters to airplanes."

I don't think we'll actually be able to jack helicopters in GTA3, so this is probably just a case of bad information or bad wording.  I have read other previews reporting the same information, so I won't rule it out entirely, but I wouldn't bet on it.  Now, on to the three print articles.   The articles appear in the June 2001 issues of GamePro, Gamer's Republic, and Tips & Tricks.  All of the articles are a page or less and none of them contain any new information, nor do they contain any new screens.  Sort of anticlimactic, wasn't it...

Reflection Mapping   <10:30 AM CST - schu>
While I was busy IDing cars, I noticed that DMA has added reflection mapping to the latest build of GTA3.  It looks sort of crude at the moment, but it's definitely there.  In fact, it might only be on the new taxi at this point.  Check the right front fender in this shot, and the rest of the car in this shot.  The other cars in the latest shots don't appear to have any reflections at all.

Happy Birthday Tek   <10:30 AM CST - schu>
I'd like to wish GTA Gaming Army's Teknics, a very Happy Birthday.

More GTA3 Car Debates   <10:30 AM CST - schu>

  • First up, the Checker Cab debate.  According to SpeeD DemoN, the GTA3 cab isn't '57 Buick Century.  After looking at a pic of the '57 Century I can see where T was going with it, however, it looks like the Checker Cab, is actually, get this, a Checker Cab :).  After looking at checkercabs.org longer than I care to mention, I'd guess that the GTA3 cab is a combination of a '56 / '57 Check Cab.  It has the headlights of a '56 and the grill of a '57.  Here is the front, side, and back of the GTA3 Checker Cab if anyone else cares to look into this.  It's still not a perfect match, but most of the cars in GTA3 are not going to match perfectly to their real world counterparts.
  • Next, the DeTomaso Mangusta, according to Speed Demon, "that DeTomaso Mangusta looks nothing like the car supposedly representing it in GTA3.  That car... looks familiar (kind of like a Vector - but still not similar enough) but it definitely isn't a 30-year old design, too rounded, and that rear spoiler gives it away."  Any ideas?
  • Both Busted & Crashton2000 are placing bets that the car in gta3_artwork_05.jpg is a Ford and not a Chevy, mainly because of the Ford like emblem in the middle of the grill, the curved bumper, and the "bonnet lines".  Busted's guess was on a mid-'80s Ford Crown Victoria.  Here's an '84 Crown Vic, but personally, I think yesterday's '82 Chevy Caprice picture looks closer than the Crown Vic, regardless of the emblem.
  • Busted is also questioning the year on the FBI sedan / Ford Taurus.  His main argument is that the head lights on the '89 Taurus are square, and not round.  He has settled on the '98 Taurus, because the latest 2000 & 2001 models aren't quite right.  Personally, I think the 2000 is closer, because the '98 has practically round headlights and the FBI Sedan has more of a tear drop shaped headlight.  Here are some pictures (GTA3 FBI Sedan, '89 Taurus, '98 Taurus, '00 Taurus, '01 Taurus)
  • Last one from Busted brings us back to the cab.  Busted's argument is that the Ford-like emblem on the front of the newer cab leads him to believe it's a Crown Vic or LTD from the mid-'80s.  Personally, I'm sticking with the Caprice.  Actually, I think it's a 1994 Caprice because the windows looked different in 1995.  Compare that to the GTA3 version, pay special attention to the rear-corner windows and tail lights.  Close enough?

That's it for today... I know a lot of the car guesses are way off in some cases, but if anything, it gets people to actually write and take a guess.  Thanks to everyone who sent in stuff on this, and please keep sending in your guesses.

Site Updates   <10:30 AM CST - schu>

  • Some of the links in yesterday's update on the GTA3 cars may seem broken or might link to some bullshit NBCI logo.  That's because they have a bandwidth protection scheme running that won't let outside sites link to pictures and files on their site.  You can bypass this by right clicking on the link, copying the link, and then pasting it into a new browser.
  • As I was looking around I came across this site.  Might be useful to GTA car makers looking for angles on different cars, although I'm not sure how many top views they provide, they do have an extensive list of vehicle pictures.


Tuesday - June 19, 2001 <11:30 PM CST> <Top>

The Controversy Begins   <11:30 PM CST - schu>
Apparently, not everyone agrees with T's last round of vehicle names.  Rev. Ted for instance has his own opinions while SpeeD DemoN thinks I should just drop the topic all together :) .  Along with Ted's changes, he also narrowed a few down, and he IDed a few more- for the full list, check the Features section of the GTA3 Info page:

  • First off, the Plymouth Cuda / '55 Chevy Impala.  Rev Ted claims that these two shots (gta3_gspot_32.jpg & gta3_gspot_30.jpg) are two views of the same car, a '75 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop.  Personally, I'd have to agree with him there.  Here is a real Plymouth Cuda, '69 Impala, and a real 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop.  Here is another if you still aren't sold.
  • Second, Ted thinks the '70 Impala in gta3_artwork_05.jpg is in fact, a an '81 or '82 Chevrolet Caprice or Impala.  For reference, here is a real '70 Impala, '82 Caprice, and an '81 Impala.
  • Next, on to the FBI Sedan.  According to Ted, "Mustangs quite simply do not come in sedan format.  If it's anything by Ford at all, it's an SVT Taurus.  Frankly, they're all generic vehicles and deliberately designed NOT to look like anything specific, like the car on the back of the old $10 bill."  Ted goes on to say that the FBI Sedan is probably an '89 Taurus SHO.
  • "The "Ford Transit Van" is spot on", as you can see by comparing the GTA3 version and the real thing.
  • Ted also sent some proof backing up T's original claim on the DeTomaso Mangusta.  Compare the GTA3 version to the real thing.
  • Next, Ted narrowed down the '80 / '97 Mustang to an '83 Mustang LX.  Once again, the GTA3 version and the real thing.
  • Ted also sent in a pretty good listing of ambulance shots, you can compare to the GTA3 ambulance.  He went on to say, "If you make minor adjustments to several of these, you get the GTA3 ambulance.  Those closest I can find are the '97 and '95 McCoy Miller Medic 158XLs.  I know they're both Fords, and I think they're based off an extended Econoline Van chassis.
  • As for the GTA3 bus, check this page for some comparisons.
  • The Police Helicopter is a Bell 212.  Here is another page where you can see all the NYC police vehicles, including the GTA3 Swat Van and police car.  This page has a few more shots, and the taxi's on the Taxi Unit page look a lot like the ones in GTA3.
  • Finally, the only shot we have of the GTA3 pickup truck.  Ted thinks it's a '97 Ford F-150.  Here is the GTA3 version and the real thing.


Monday - June 18, 2001 <11:00 PM CST> <Top>

More GTA3 Car IDs   <11:00 PM CST - schu>
T sent in another round of names, identifying a few more of the cars in GTA3.  Here are the cars he recently identified with his comments included below each vehicle:

  • DeTomaso Mangusta (1971)
    "The black/yellow sports car in "gta3_gspot_11.jpg" is Very (the capital V is
    to stress the similarity) similar to that of a 1971 DeTomaso Mangusta. The
    picture I had of the Mangusta was from the back unfortunately, but I saw part of the front (as the picture was angled) and it looked almost identical to the car featured in the mentioned picture."
  • FBI Sedan (1998 Ford SVT Cobra Mustang)
    "The FBI Sedan in is a 1998 Ford SVT Cobra Mustang, without a doubt. The front, and general body shape, look identical, save the fact that the bumper is a different colour, otherwise the head and signal lights match perfectly."
  • Fire Engine (1992 E-One Cyclone TC or a 1993 E-One Hush)
    "The fire truck in is a modified version of either a 1992 E-One Cyclone TC or a 1993 E-One Hush. The body shapes of these two trucks are identical to that of which is shown on the picture, however the modifications done to the truck in GTA3 are:
  • 1) The top window on the cab has been removed,
    2) One window on the side has been removed
    3) The hose has been installed on top rather than being a conventional hose that is connected to the truck.

Other than that I'd say that it's pretty safe saying it's one of them, or a combination of both (as there isn't too much difference between the two trucks)."

  • Plymouth Cuda (1969)
    "The "1955 Chevrolet Impala" is in fact a 1969 Plymouth Cuda. Sorry for the mistake. I don't know what hell came over me to say it was an Impala, it doesn't look anything LIKE one! (D'oh!)"
  • Semi Truck (1999 Kenworth W900B)

Once again, thanks to T for all the help.  If anyone else out there wants to help ID the GTA3 cars from the screenshots and movies, please let me know.  Check out the Features section of the GTA3 Info page if you want to view the list of cars IDed so far.

Jaguar XK8 @ GTA Sentinel   <11:00 PM CST - schu>
GTA Sentinel recently released their Jaguar XK8
, read on the for the announcement:

"GTA Sentinel has a new car, the Jaguar XK8 Convertible. You can download the sty or bitmap and palette here.   In the sty it replaces the A-Type so the XK has good maneuverability and speed. Have fun."

Site Updates
  <11:00 PM CST - schu>
Thanks for all the feedback on Friday's "Crazy Sh*t" update.  If you haven't already, go check out the latest in vehicle antitheft devices :).


Friday - June 15, 2001 <11:30 PM CST> <Top>

Escape   <11:30 PM CST - schu>
Slash wrote in with more on his GTA2 Map, Escape.  The current version of Escape is available in the GTA2/Downloads/Maps section.  Here is the latest from Slash:

"Just to update u on my GTA2 map, Escape. I've doubled the map's size now, but I'm having problems with one of my missions (if you've checked out the message boards lately you probably know this).  I'll probably just have to ditch that mission and finish some things with the map, then I'll release another version.  It might go under a name change too, something along the lines of Kill N'Sync."

  <11:30 PM CST - schu>
Johan has returned to the GTA scene to work on his all-in-one utility, MISPak.  Here is a quick feature list:

  • Windows and DOS version
  • Support for GTA, GTAUK, GTA2 and GTA3
  • Launch your favorite map editor / style editor from the program
  • Edit the GTA / GTAUK Mission.ini file
  • Edit the GTA2 Test1.seq file
  • Launch the mission that your currently editing

Crazy Sh*t   <11:30 PM CST - schu>
Don't ask, just click!  Make sure you watch the movies of this thing in action.


Thursday - June 14, 2001 <3:30 AM CST> <Top>

Brand New GTA3 Shots   <3:30 AM CST - schu>
The Rockstar webmaster sent out 15, brand new, GTA3 screenshots to all the GTA3 webmasters today. I've posted them all on the eleventh screenshot page for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Wednesday - June 13, 2001 <8:30 PM CST> <Top>

Two New Russian GTA2 Maps   <8:30 AM CST - schu>
Luis AKA Sauron, sent in two new GTA2 maps from Russia.  Both of the maps are rather small and highlight a particular scene or chase in a movie.  The first is a mini-map based on the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, and the second (Agency Chase) is based on the Trinity chase scene in the Matrix.  Both maps are now available in the GTA2 Maps section or you can get them right here:

Agency Chase - (Author: PillBox)

Gone In 60 Seconds - (Author: Luis AKA Sauron)

New GTA2 Multiplayer Map   <8:30 AM CST - schu>
FName sent in his new multiplayer map for GTA2.  I've added it to the GTA2 Maps section or you can download it below:

Got Guns? - (Author: FName)

GTA Tile Packs   <8:30 AM CST - schu>
Cam has re-released his GTA tile packs over at 360° software.  Currently you can only download tile packs for the three GTA maps.  Cam may also release some GTA2 tile packs in the future.  If you'd like to help him out with ideas for GTA2 tiles and backgrounds, you can reach him at 360° Software.

New GTA Sites   <8:30 AM CST - schu>

  • Scratch Motors
    BUSTeD's new site, featuring his cars.  He also has plans to release tutorials, previews, and more.



Tuesday - June 12, 2001 <1:00 PM CST> <Top>

Even More GTA3 E3 Footage   <1:00 PM CST - schu>
I turned up yet another GTA3 E3 movie...  GameReactor.net has posted a 15MB zipped MPEG that is one minute, forty seconds in length.  The movie quality is rather poor and there isn't any sound, HOWEVER, the person who was playing actually had a brain, unlike some of the previous movies.  They still don't run down any peds...  Why does everyone stay on the street when there are so many targets up on the sidewalk?  The movie begins with the player jacking a semi but he gets more than he bargained for.  The driver pulls out a bat and proceeds to defend himself, then he sees your shotgun and decides to run for it.  The rest of the movie is spent in the semi.  During the course of the movie the player plows over traffic signals and fire hydrants, the movie also shows off a few different camera angles (side views and front view).  Other than that you can see the shotgun icon in the upper right with the ammo count.  Check out the fifth movie page for the 15 screens I snapped from the movie.

Site Updates   <1:00 PM CST - schu>
I have a few more updates to do today...  I'll probably get around to them later tonight sometime..


Monday - June 11, 2001 <9:00 PM CST> <Top>

New GTA3 E3 Footage   <9:00 PM CST - schu>
Take2's Italian site (Cidverte) has posted some new GTA3 footage.  Strangely enough, it's not from Take2, it's actually from a movie that coremagazine.com shot at E3.  The movie is 46 seconds long and is around 10 megs in size.  You can download it directly from Core Magazine (10MB) or from Cidverte (10MB).  GTA-3.com also has this exact same movie so if you are looking for more information or an alternate download site, get over to gta-3.com.

The entire movie is spent driving around in a police car.  The only memorable moment I can recall is when they drive over a fire hydrant and water starts gushing out of the hole in the pavement.  I snapped six shots from the video, you can view those on the fourth movie page in the GTA3 Info section.  Here is the shot of the hydrant flying off the ground.

 Click To View


Friday - June 8, 2001 <6:30 PM CST> <Top>

Crazy Sh*t   <6:30 PM CST - schu>
Don't ask, just click!  Some of my favorites are - Mr. T Activity Book 1 - Mr. T Activity Book 2 - and Gundam Wing Explained.

Site Updates   <6:30 PM CST - schu>
There really isn't much going on lately, however, with the help of T, a few more of GTA3's vehicles have been identified.  T has actually gone so far as to take guesses at the actual year some of the vehicles were made.  Here are a few examples:

Thanks to T for his help.  If you can identify a vehicle in a screen shot or in one of the movies, or if you think you have a better guess, please let me know.  Check out the Features section of the GTA3 Info page for more on the vehicles of Grand Theft Auto 3.


Thursday - June 7, 2001 <11:35 PM CST> <Top>

GTA Palm @ 2001 PC Expo   <11:35 PM CST - schu>
According FGN, the Palm OS version of GTA will be shown at the 2001 PC Expo.  Take-Two's subsidiary, Global Star Software, will be porting GTA, Serious Sam, Action Bass, Austin Powers Pinball, and Jetfighter to the Palm.  I should actually rephrase the first sentence, the article doesn't actually say if any of the titles will be shown, but Global Star will be present and hopefully release more details on the port.

Eurogamer's Rockstar Previews   <11:35 PM CST - schu>
Tek (GTA: Gaming Army) informed me that Mugwum did GTA3 preview over at Eurogamer.  Mugwum joined the GTA scene early on and released many great GTA sites along the way, so his insights are definitely a welcome addition.  Eurogamer also did a preview on Smuggler's Run 2 recently (also by Mugwum).

Site Updates   <11:35 PM CST - schu>

  • I changed yesterday's link to Mafia Epicenter because the one I provided wasn't working.  If you couldn't get there yesterday, please try again - www.sky-scraper.net/mafia.
  • I finally got around to adding Gamespot's E3 movie shots to the collection of screen shots here at G!.  The shots take up three pages, starting at page eight.  I wasn't going to add them originally, but then I figured, what the hell.  This brings the total number of GTA3 shots here at G!, to just around a shit load, maybe a little less than an actual shit load, but it's pretty damn close.


Wednesday - June 6, 2001 <9:00 PM CST> <Top>

The Competition   <9:00 PM CST - schu>
While I was searching for news I came up with some more stuff on GTA3's competition.  I gathered most of this during E3.  Personally, I think Mafia and Loose Cannon look like the closest matches, but The Getaway, Stuntman, and others bear a striking resemblance.  IGN is screwing up right now so some or all of the links to pages on their site will probably give you a 404, give em a try later tonight or tomorrow.

(Be sure to check out the newly redesigned Mafia Epicenter)


Tuesday - June 5, 2001 <12:15 PM CST> <Top>

GTA3 Movie/Interface Overview   <12:15 PM CST - schu>

GTA3 Interface <click for a larger version>:

Click To View

  1. Logo - The GTA3 logo should only appear in the E3 version, it's mainly there so people know what they are looking at.  It probably won't be in the final version.
  2. Health - Pretty hard to see in this shot, but it's a heart shaped icon next to a three digit readout, probably 000 - 100, possibly higher with powerups
  3. Cash / Points - Once again, hard to see in this shot, but it's a dollar sign next to a nine digit readout ($000,000,000 - $999,999,999).  You get cash by completing missions but it remains to be seen if you will get cash through sheer destruction.  In the build I played, a pile of glowing money appeared whenever you killed anyone, but that doesn't seem to be in any of the latest builds.
  4. Time - The real-time clock currently displays a 24 hour time format.  They might switch it over to AM/PM style for some regions.
  5. Weapon - The entire movie just shows the fist icon for a weapon, so I'm not sure where it will indicate how much ammo you have left, or if it will show your current weapon inventory on-screen.  The icon has a transparent background to make it less intrusive.
  6. Radar - The latest revision of the radar shows your current location and street layout.  Originally they didn't want to show street layout because they didn't want people driving their car just by looking at the radar.  This version of the radar looks a lot cleaner and a lot easier to interpret than the version I saw.  North is indicated by a red circle with a white N, shown at the bottom of the radar circle in this shot.  The street layout is transparent so you can almost see right through the entire radar.  One final note on the radar is that it zooms in and out depending on your speed, just like the view in the original GTA [thanks Rev. Ted].
  7. Location - The current location name will appear for about thirty seconds every time you enter a new area.
  8. Wanted Level - Six badges are positioned under the weapon and health icons.  The badges turn gold as your wanted level rises.

Movie Observations:

  • A lot of the sounds you hear during the movie are not from GTA3, some of them are from another game, off screen.  It's hard to determine exactly which sounds are actually in the game and which ones are coming from other games (some may be coming from State of Emergency).  Regardless, I don't think the sound effects are final since Dan canceled the chat in order to attend a recording session (well after E3).  If you listen carefully you can discern some of the music as it changes from vehicle to vehicle.
  • The overall vehicle handling looks rather loose at the moment.  It was pretty much the same when I played it, although they appear to have made some changes to the E3 build.  Regardless, it doesn't look like the pavement is wet, yet the cars seems to fly all over the place whenever they are hit.  I'd imagine the physics will be tweaked for the final release, but it has been mentioned in the past that they are going for a fun over realism approach.
  • Not much to say about the first movie, it's mostly just spent driving a yellow van, with a brief switch to a red two-door.  After you jack the red two-door a cop tries to grab on to you car and is thrown to the ground.
  • The second movie is spent entirely in the red two-door.  While you are watching, be sure to check out the train up on the elevated rails.
  • The beginning of the third movie is spent on foot, running from a cop.  You'll notice two trains over head, the second one goes by while you are under the elevated rail, you can hear it overhead.  The third movie also shows how paper and debris float around after a car drives by [Rev. Ted commented that the debris still needs a little work, you can see that the paper doesn't lay flat on the road if it's lying on a slope - christ Ted, you nitpick even more than I do].   At the end of the third movie you jack a yellow Hummer equipped with an alarm that goes off as you drive away with it.  One last note on car jacking.  One key/button will jack a car, however it appears that a car door won't close all the way if you begin to drive away before the process is complete.  I thought initially that only damaged vehicles' doors would swing open as you drove off, however the yellow Hummer doesn't appear to be damaged at all, yet the door flies open as you drive off with it [I could be wrong on this, if you watch this stuff enough you're bound to see anything].
  • The fourth movie is spent entirely in the yellow Hummer. At one point you run down a ped, but it's difficult to see what happens after you hit him.
  • I've posted some screen shots of the movie on the third movie page, in the GTA3 Info section.  The screens really don't do the movie justice, I highly recommend downloading it.  If you are on a decent connection, you should also check out the Smuggler's Run 2 and State of Emergency movies, they are also pretty damn cool.  You can get them all from PSX Nation.  Tek also has them mirrored over at GTA Gaming Army.


Monday - June 4, 2001 <11:50 PM CST> <Top>

New GTA3 Movies   <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Paladin found an awesome set of brand new GTA3 movies over at PSX Nation.  The new movies show actual gameplay from the latest build of GTA3, including the full interface.  If you've been wondering what it's like to play GTA3, get over to gta.niteshade.net and download these movies.  After I run through them a few more times I'll post some observations on how they differ from the last build of GTA3.  One of the most notable changes is in the radar.  The original radar was supposed to only display dots with no street layout, however they seem to have ditched that idea in favor of showing the full street layout in the radar.

New GTA Sites   <11:50 PM CST - schu>


Friday - June 1, 2001 <11:50 PM CST> <Top>

Liberty Tree #5 - Now Available   <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Rockstar Games has released the fifth issue of the Liberty Tree newspaper.  The latest release has three new screen shots, mainly showing off the Molotov Cocktail.  One other thing I noticed is that one of the ads in this month's liberty tree is on the side of a truck in the GTA3 E3 movie (examples below).

Click To View Click To View Click To View
Click To View Click To View Click To View

Houser Chat Canceled   <11:50 PM CST - schu>
The chat with Rockstar's Dan Houser has been canceled. Unfortunately Dan is rather busy at the moment and won't be able to attend.  Check Sky-Scraper for further details.

Crazy Sh*t   <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Don't ask, just click!  This site is where the "How To Dance" thing came from.