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Official Sites <Top>

Rockstar North

GTA Developer - Newly updated and full of great stuff

FreeLoader.com is a service where you can download GTA, GTA London, and GTA2 for free.

The official GTA3 web site, with other GTA3 sub-sites below.

The official GTA: Vice City web site, with other GTA VC sub-sites and phone numbers below.

  • KentPaul
  • Darrenwebb
  • Degenatron
  • ViceCity Radio
  • 1-866-9-SAVE-ME (Pastor Richards)
  • 1-866-9-BURY-ME (Farewell Ranch)
  • 1-866-PILLAGE (Thor's Premium Pillage Line)
  • 1-866-434-SELF ('Think your way to success')
  • 1-866-9-SHADEE (VC Law Firm)

The official GTA: San Andreas web site, with other GTA SA sub-sites below.

The official GTA2 web site.

The official GTA London web site

Interfield Design
Interfield did 10 shockwave teasers for GTA2, you can check them out by clicking on the link above.

Rockstar's Vice City mockup site, keep an eye out for hidden Vice City details.

Liberty Tree
The official newspaper of Liberty City, featuring GTA3 information.

Rockstar Games - Rockstar Warehouse
Rockstar will be publishing all future incarnations of GTA.  Rockstar developer sub-sites are linked below.

Take2 US  - Take2 Germany - Take2 UK - Take2 Itialia
Publisher of GTA in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere

Take2 UK's GTA3 / Vice City Mobile Phone Page (UK Only)
Take2 UK has an excellent selection of free Nokia ringtones and logos for GTA3 and VC

ViceCity Radio
The official home of the ViceCity soundtrack with ordering information and radio samples

Zoo Corporation
Publisher of GTA, GTA London, GTA2, and GTA3 in Asia

Zingy - Home of the GTA3 Ringtone (US)
Zingy is a free service that will allow you to install the GTA3 ringtone on Nokia phones.


Hosted Sites <Top>

GOURANGA.com Forums
The G! forums!

GTA: Get That Azzhole
Kick ass...  What else can I say?

GTA Tanks
Index of tanks, maps, cheats and more for the GTA series

GTA Mission.ini Guides
Tutorials for editing the GTA1 mission.ini file.

ICEY's MultiEdit Site
Home of ICEY's GTA3 MultiEdit utility.

PreFab Depository
Prefabricated buildings, tiles and more for GTA & GTA2 map makers

Spray Shop/GTA
THE most original GTA site with a lot of GTA art and all the lyrics.


Fan Sites <Top>

The official home of the GTA newsgroup

A-Technologie´s GTA3 Site
A-Technologie´s GTA3 Site

Death By Theft
GTA, GTA2, GTA3 & GTAVC info all in one location

Home of Nathan West's excellent GTA2 FAQ

Grand Theft Auto Brasil
News and more on the GTA series in Portuguese

Grand Theft Auto Ideas Pages
Want to edit your own missions? Code a mission editor? Use the Unofficial GTA Reference Handbook!

GTA Arena
The Star Wars GTA - Episode I site

GTA Cars
Home of GTA Cars -  The GTA vehicle editor

GTA center
A great place for GTA news and more, featuring daily updates

GTA Gaming Army
GTA, GTA2 + much more

Home of the notorious Homo Triumliterarum

GTA3 Skins, maps, editors, screenshots, footage, tips&tricks, cheats, trainer, and more

GTA Sajten
A Swedish GTA site

GTA Scraper
ElBazo's great site featuring GTA news and much more.

Simple Design - Infinite Content

GTA: Uruguay
The first Spanish GTA Site

GTA Zone
An awesome German GTA site

GTA2 Domain
"Home of Gta2 - Your 100% unofficial guide to GTA2!"

GTA2 Editing Compendium
I think the name pretty much speaks for itself :)

GTA2: Seek and Destroy
HinGTA's latest creation, definitely worth a look

GTA3.com / GTA3Files.com / GTA3Forums.com / GTA3Mods.com
One of the biggest and best set of GTA3 sites out there.

GTA3 City
A French GTA3 site

GTA3 Russia
A Russian GTA3 site

GTA3 Link
GTA3 news, skins, tools, and more for all the modders out there.

A French GTA3 site

GTA3 MOD Stack
"For all your GTA3 modding needs. Cars, playerskins, handling files, help section and one hell of a modeling Crew"

A German site featuring the latest stuff on GTA3

GTA3 Max
Here to provide you with the latest downloads for GTA3:PC!

GTA3 Warehouse
"What do you want to steal today?"

"With a new design and name, we are preparing for the new VC game – on PC! Enjoy your stay!"

illspirit's Old GTA Page
illspirit's old home on the web

Home of  the first Windows based GTA map editor

The AGGTA SETI @ Home Team
Run SETI @ Home and join the GTA SETI teams.

TB GTA2 Info
Lots of GTA2 editing tips and such

The GTA2 Page
BigWiver's excellent page of GTA2 goodness features an awesome array of GTA2 cars.

The PSX GTA Page
Features some awesome GTA and GTA2 guides

Tony Sutton's Home Page
Features great GTA, GTA2, and GTA3 sections

Tiffany's Unofficial Grand Theft Auto Shrine
The original place to find character mugshots! Oh, a few cars too.

Vice City Resource
"You're resource for GTA:VC Info."

Zaibatsu: Polskie Centrum Graczy
A Polish GTA site covering GTA2 & GTA3

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