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Old News - May 2003 Contents


Friday - May 30, 2003   <1:45 PM CST>


GTA On XBox?  & GTA: Next   <1:45 PM CST - schu>
The latest Take2 conference call seems to have left us with more questions than answers.  The call mentions "a significant Xbox [title]" to be released in Q1 2004 but no specifics were offered.  Another interesting bit of information gleaned from the call is that the GTA exclusive agreement between Sony and Rockstar has since been amended, opening the path for GTA to appear on other platforms.  The synopsis on Gamespot doesn't go into detail on the the new deal with Rockstar and Sony.  Last, but certainly not least, are a few details on the next GTA.  It will be released in the second half of 2004 and will be a PS2 exclusive.  So it looks like we have a lot of time on our hands while we wait for the next GTA.  Thanks to LBHacker3k for the link.

New VC PC Reviews   <1:45 PM CST - schu>

Thanks to Rev Ted, PointlesS, and sniKsnAK.

Vice City Stats   <1:45 PM CST - schu>
Ashy recently put his PHP creation online.  Basically it allows you to upload your stats.txt file which it parses and then displays your stats in a nice easy to read format.

Announcements   <1:45 PM CST - schu>

  • The MultiTheftAuto team has released version 0.3b of their mod.  You can download it and check out the details at www.multitheftauto.com.  Thanks to Rev Ted and Richard.
  • Vice City PC is currently #2 in the sales charts, while The Sims juggernaut went on to take #1.  Thanks to Rev Ted.
  • Rev Ted found a pretty cool article on VC PC animation over on 3DAvenue.com.
  • Hmm
  • S3KT0R sent in the latest report on PayBack which includes a new video.  Check it out here.


Thursday - May 22, 2003   <3:26 PM CST>


New VC PC Reviews   <3:26 PM CST - schu>

Thanks to Rev Ted and Sjors.

MultiTheftAuto   <3:26 PM CST - schu>
Rev Ted has been watching the multiplayer GTA3 scene lately and sent in his thoughts on Multi Theft Auto:

"MultiTheftAuto posted Tuesday that they hope to release v0.3b "in 7 days". This version is the one with the pedestrian code for players that shouldn't require the complicated process to play. It doesn't appear that they're actually as finished as they want to be, but realized that people are really anxious to try it out, so they're saving some features for 0.4. It's obvious from the new video they've posted of 0.3b in action (demonstrating different players walking around, shooting each other, and driving + crashing) that lag is still a significant issue...but hey - it's hacked-in MP for GTA3, so I'll take what I can get."

You can find out more about MTA at www.multitheftauto.com.

Announcements   <3:26 PM CST - schu>
Sjors seems to be having some decent luck with VC as well, his machine also runs VC more smoothly than GTA3, here is his email:

    "About VC's performance, I can now run VC in higher
    resolutions then I played GTA3 in, and it runs better,
    smoother! :) I have a P3 850mhz, geforce 2, 256mb ram, and I
    now play it in 1280x960 32bit perfectly."


Wednesday - May 21, 2003   <3:22 PM CST>


New VC PC Reviews   <3:22 PM CST - schu>

Thanks again to sniKsnAK and Reverend Ted.

Announcements   <3:22 PM CST - schu>

  • It looks like SimCity4 may be getting a touch of GTA in its next expansion, read this.
  • Kodo from GTAGaming sent me a complete and tested list of VC Cheats.  The page here at G! has been updated and hopefully corrected.  Kodo also has a nice selection of trainers posted.  Rev Ted and Geoff also helped a lot in clearing up which cheats where which.
  • I just noticed that IGN has released their VC guide, only to find that it's just the PS2 guide.  As far as I know they still haven't released their review.
  • Tomas sent word that Swedish channel 5 is going to start showing Miami Vice on Fridays at 21:00.  Here in the US you can see Miami Vice on TNN.
  • I got another reply on VC running more smoothly on machines that had troubles with GTA3 so I thought I'd it.  I guess the only problem is that it sounds just a bit far fetched :)

    "I only want to say that the game works smooth on a Pentium 2!! I have a 400 mhz PC with 192 MB RAM and a Radeon 7200, 64 MB RAM I play it on 1024 X 768, 16 bits. it works perfect GTA3 was sometimes shaky and had long loading times." -JoriZ

Doofey also mentioned that the guy (see Friday, May 16th) who said VC runs more smoothly than GTA3 has some decent system specs, better than mine and Doofey's anyway :) ...

Tuesday - May 20, 2003   <11:15 PM CST>


GTA Next - PS2 Debut or PS2 Exclusive?   <11:15 PM CST - schu>
There has been some confusion over whether the next GTA title will be a PS2 exclusive or whether it's just debuting on the PS2.  I'm not really sure at this point, IGN's article seemed to indicate that it would just debut on the PS2, while other sites seem to indicate that it will be an "exclusive debut".  How long it remains "exclusive" is anyone's guess, but I'll see what I can find out.

New VC PC Patch   <11:15 PM CST - schu>
Take2 has released a patch for Vice City for any users encountering graphical corruption.  If you do not have any graphical corruption then you should NOT apply this patch.  To download the patch simply select Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from the list on this page.  You can also find general support and troubleshooting for VC PC on the Take2 Support Page.  Thanks to Rev Ted for the email on this.

VC PC Cheats   <11:15 PM CST - schu>
nt3gar sent me an entire list of VC PC cheats but I'm not certain where they originally came from.  None of the cheats have been tested so any feedback would be appreciated. Check the VC Cheats page for the full listing.

New VC PC Reviews   <11:15 PM CST - schu>

Thanks to sniKsnAK for the links.


Friday - May 16, 2003   <4:50 PM CST>


GTA2 Re-Release   <4:50 PM CST - schu>
illspirit spotted new copies of GTA2 sitting on the shelf of Best Buy, sitting right next VC PC.  It looks like Rockstar may have re-released it in new packaging.

GTA RP   <4:50 PM CST - schu>
Blitzkreig sent in the following update about a GTA role-playing message board, here is the update he sent in:

"My friends started a GTA forum where people can create a character and role play to do missions, earning money to buy guns, hideouts, businesses, drugs, cars, and tons of other things.. There's awesome character interaction.. Mob Bosses to do jobs for, create your own gang with other members. and yes. even the fuzz.  The RP is pretty professional, here's the link."


Announcements   <4:50 PM CST - schu>

  • If you had trouble playing GTA3 on your PC you might want to give VC a shot. Mark sent in the following about VC running more smoothly than GTA3 on his machine:

    "Man VC is awesome, I didn't think it'd run on my system, but it runs smooth, no frame rate drop. GTA3 runs like shit on my system, I guess the engine tweaks helped! I run a AMD Thunderbird 1.4ghz, 512mb pc2100 DDR ram and a GF4 Ti 4200 card 64mb DDR ram. Man VC is great, if they top this... I'll be amazed."

Wednesday - May 14, 2003   <3:45 PM CST>


VC PC In Stores   <3:45 PM CST - schu>
Vice City PC has been released in North America and is in stores NOW.  To mark the occasion Rockstar has released a new skin, a brand new PC trailer, and some new screenshots.  Check out the downloads section of the official PC VC site for details.

Rev Ted is reporting that you might be able to pick up VC PC for $39.99.  Actually how it works is that you get a $10 gift card when you purchase VC for $49.99 at any Best Buy store.  You may have to check your local ad on their site, but the Chicago ad shows the offer.

The rest of the world should see VC PC arriving on store shelves by this Friday if it isn't out already.  Parwez Ali also noted that Play.com shows that VC PC is in stock and now shipping in the UK. Thanks to Portman, Nick, and Forelli_Boy.

VC PC Reviewed   <3:45 PM CST - schu>
Gamespy is the first out of the gate with an exclusive review, granting VC PC a 93 out of 100.  Check out the full review @ Gamespy.

Take2 News   <3:45 PM CST - schu>
Take2 released some new, interesting press releases.  I put a few notes below each release:

  • Take2's E3 Lineup
    Two things I spotted here.  Mainly they aren't officially showing any new GTA games, so I guess we'll have to hope they release some new information.  It doesn't look like we'll be getting a glimpse of the next GTA game for awhile yet.  Next up I noticed that they are showing Mafia for the PS2, so if you don't have a computer that can run the PC version, but you do have a PS2, you might still be in luck.  Last but not least we have Max Payne 2...
  • Rockstar Announces ManHunt For the PS2
    Not much on this, just a nice quote:  "Manhunt will continue in the tradition of world-class gameplay, incredible production values, and sardonic sense of humor that has become synonymous with Rockstar North. Details surrounding the game remain shrouded in secrecy. To date, Rockstar has only admitted this: Manhunt explores the depths of human depravity in a vicious, sadistic tale of urban horror."
  • Midnight Club 2 Coming To PC & XBox
    "Midnight Club II for the Xbox will be in stores on June 4th in North America and June 6th in Europe. The PC version of Midnight Club II will be available on June 25th in North America and June 27th in Europe."

    "Midnight Club II provides both online and LAN support for the PC and Xbox Live. Up to 8 players at a time can now compete for international street credibility in five thrilling multiplayer game modes ranging from Career and Circuit Races, arcade style Battle Modes and an advanced Race Editor. Midnight Club II also now features an online ranking system for the Xbox so players can see how well they stack up against the best street racers on the planet."
  • Take2 Announces Starsky & Hutch For PS2, PC & XBox

GTA Next On PS2   <1:18 PM CST - schu>
IGN is reporting that the next GTA title will be debuting on the PS2 (big surprise there).  The article does not mention if it will be a PS2 exclusive, just that it will be appearing on the PS2 first.  Thanks to Insane2757 and Kumail.

Announcements   <1:18 PM CST - schu>

  • For the next week and a half I'll be working a temp job in Chicago.  Actually that's where I am right now.  I'm mainly covering for the primary IT guy here, so hopefully I'll be able to spend any downtime working on G!.  My email is a bit out sync since I don't have any of the email I downloaded earlier on this machine, so sorry if I missed any names in today's credits.
  • Chris pointed out an interesting E3 update about Sony releasing a new handheld gaming system.  Hopefully this one will work out better than the PocketStation.  If it's as good as it sounds perhaps we'll see a decent handheld GTA game before I dye of old age.


Thursday - May 8, 2003   <4:30 PM CST>


Rockstar Launches Manhunt Site   <4:30 PM CST - schu>
Rockstar has launched a Manhunt teaser site.  There isn't too much there right now, in fact if you have a popup blocker running you'll only see the intro because while you're watching that another window pops under the original.

VC PC Gold   <4:30 PM CST - schu>
ToTheGame is reporting that Vice City PC has gone gold.  Considering the release date is just around the corner it seems pretty likely that it will be entering production soon if it isn't already.  Thanks to sniKsnAK for the link.

New GTA Sites   <4:30 PM CST - schu>


Monday - May 5, 2003   <1:30 PM CST>


Help Wanted   <1:30 PM CST - schu>
Azz is putting together a new centralized location for GTA files here on gouranga.com and he is looking for someone to run the whole thing:

Want to be involved with one of the biggest GTA domains on the net? Well there's a coincidence, because we have another position open.

We are launching a new site dedicated to providing the GTA series community with all the vital resources they need. From GTA1 mods to GTA2 utilities to Vice City editors (eventually. we hope). And so we're looking for a volunteer to administer this site for us. The role would basically involve uploading and maintenance of the file database, along with anything else they feel inclined to suggest.

Due to the nature of this position I'm afraid we have to request the person have broadband internet access; upload rates of 4k/sec just won't cut it. Not if we want the site running this year.

If you're interested in lending a hand, getting something shiny for your CV/resume and generally want to be affiliated with lots of nice people (namely schu and myself amongst many others) then drop me an email at the address below and we'll go from there.

At the moment we only need one person, but dependant on the popularity of the site and workload this may change in the future.

Hope to hear from you soon,

New GTA Sites   <1:30 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA4ever.TK (New URL - Formerly Known As "Welcome To Vice City"

Announcements   <1:30 PM CST - schu>

  • IGN's speculation run rampant has produced a listing of the Top XBox2 Games.  Topping the list is, of course, a GTA game :) .  Please be aware that the article is a complete work of fiction..
  • GameSpy posted their latest VC PC preview.  This installment covers the Animation of Vice City.  Thanks to sniKsnAK.
  • Techupas La Verga spotted a preview for a GTA type game featuring the Simpsons, if you can believe that...
  • Happy Birthday To ME (well actually it was yesterday).


Thursday - May 1, 2003   <3:00 PM CST>


GTA On XBox and GameCube?   <3:00 PM CST - schu>
IGN is reporting that the GTA series may be coming to the GameCube and XBox platforms when Rockstar's exclusive agreement with Sony lapses in 2004.  IGN pulled the news out of a recent article on Yahoo, but the article they cite does not definitely confirm that GTA will be released on either platform.  It basically says the exclusive agreement ends around the same time the next GTA is due out, and the guy they have commenting on a possible XBox/Cube release is an analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities and is not an employee of Take2.  IGN's own article says that Rockstar would not comment on the Yahoo news story so I'd file this away in the rumor pile until Rockstar releases something official on it.  Regardless, the Yahoo article is definitely worth a read and Take2's Chief Executive, Jeffrey Lapin does have some interesting comments on GTA and Rockstar's upcoming releases.  Thanks to Insane2757, ReverendTed, IdeoPraxist, Nick, JCronic, Ron, and Richard.

New VC PC Movies   <3:00 PM CST - schu>
Rockstar has released seven movies from the PC version of Vice City.  For some reason they still aren't on the official VC PC site, but for now you can find them at InsideGamer.nl or you can get all the movies in one zip file from GamersHell.  Thanks to Rev Ted and Squido.

New VC PC Previews   <3:00 PM CST - schu>
GameSpy continues its VC preview onslaught with a new preview on Pedestrian Interaction.  Other than the screenshots there's really not much new there.  Check the VC Reviews section for links to all the GameSpy VC PC previews.

VC Brings Home A BAFTA   <3:00 PM CST - schu>
ITV1's ‘Game Stars’ recently held their first awards show.  Vice City brought home two awards for Best Action Game and the BAFTA Game of Games award.  Check out the Game Stars page for a full list of winners and details on the awards show.  Thanks to Chris.

New GTA Sites   <3:00 PM CST - schu>

  <3:00 PM CST - schu>

  • Khen is working on a game video using Vice City footage.  The project is currently 25% complete.  For more updates check Khen's site at www.mindwarp.be/ProjectVice.htm.
  • DracoBlue sent in a link to yet another GTA3 multiplayer mod, GTA3 Tournament.  More on this mod can be found at www.dracoblue.de/gta3T.
  • IGN is counting down their listing of the Top100 games, releasing 10 games each day over a 10 day period.  No sign of GTA yet....  Thanks to Insane2757 for the link.
  • I have a new batch of VC screenshots that I'm going to try to get posted before I leave for work.