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Old News - September 2000 Contents

Thursday - September 28, 2000 <2:00 PM CST> <Top>
Still Dead <2:00 PM CST - schu>
I hoped to have something lined up for today but it fell through, so now we are back to nothing again.  Enjoy!


Wednesday - September 27, 2000 <11:00 PM CST> <Top>
Dead Again <11:00 PM CST - schu>
Imagine if you will, a good update with lots of great news, because that's as close as you'll get to a good update today.  But since you are so bored you should go to Gamer's Army and check out the interview with Rockstar's Dan Houser, or get off your ass and do a prefab for GTA Hawaii.  Hopefully I'll have something for you tomorrow. I'd really like to reel in some more GTA3 information but that doesn't seem very likely, regardless I'll still keep trying to turn some new info up.


Tuesday - September 26, 2000 <9:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTA Hawaii Looking For Prefabs <9:30 PM CST - schu>
Dazfish sent word that GTA Hawaii is coming along well but they are still looking for more prefabs.  Here is the latest from Dazfish:

GTA Hawaii is coming on well now, we have lots of car makers, a sound maker and a textures maker, all we need now is more prefabs.

If you have Hawaii style prefabs please send them to gta_hawaii@xoommail.com.  Any prefabs used in the map will be rewarded by putting your name in the credits and possibly you will have URL and email links on the website. Please send your name, nickname, and usual email address with the prefab(s) and if applicable your URLand ICQnumber.

If you want to become a fully fledged team member talk to Graham gta_Hawaii@hotmail.com


Monday - September 25, 2000 <4:00 PM CST> <Top>
Gamer's Army Update Invasion! <4:00 PM CST - schu>
Teknics sent in a number of updates from over at Gamer's Army.  So, after reading this you should head on over at 3dap.com/gta or www.niteshade.net for all the latest:
    1. Gamers Army has been redesigned and is now on a completely different server. We have moved onto GameSpy Network at http://3dap.com/gta however for those of you not keen on remembering new address you can still get to the site via http://www.niteshade.net :). The redesign also includes a brand new hosting package seen below.
    2. Known around the scene mainly for our hosting we've taken the chance to open up even better hosting. We now have 2 wonderful plans for hosting:

      a) 20Mb, 3 POP3's, Unlimited Aliases and Auto-Responders, Unlimited
      bandwidth (together in  august GA and hosted sites ate up 20Gb of bandwidth, GA alone took 11Gb) and the top technical assistance around. See something you'd like added to the server ask and we'll try and accommodate it! CGI Fully Supported as well as Python and PHP. ASP users should use planB

      b) Unlimited Web Space, 4POP3's, Unlimited Aliases and Auto-Responders, Unlimited Bandwidth, 2-3 FTP Accounts, Full ASP support, sites needing CGI are recommended to use plan A.
    3. This week we even have a great interview with the man himself Dan Houser of Rockstar Games. In which he details his favorite GTA game, his thought of GTA2 vs GTA1, and he even mentions a very special month all GTAers should look forward too.
    4. 4) On the never ending list of great new things at Gamers Army. We've now added our own Message Board named Indecent Exposure. Currently in full ASP we will soon be switching to PHP or SQL or perhaps even CGI as ASP is quite slow when it comes to loading. The board is located here: http://3dap.com/gta/forums

Site Updates <4:00 PM CST - schu>
More phone troubles here, I've been without phone service for the entire weekend so I had them come out today and check everything out.  So far they "think" they found and fixed the problem, but we are talking about Ameritech here so I'm not expecting much.  Anyway, hopefully this will cure my connection troubles.


Thursday - September 21, 2000 <11:30 PM CST> <Top>
Still Nothing <11:30 PM CST - schu>
Woo.... Another exciting day here at GOURANGA!...


Wednesday - September 20, 2000 <11:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTA Back In The Top 5 <11:30 PM CST - schu>
After all this time GTA still seems to be holding its own the sales charts.  In the September 16th UK ChartTrak listing, GTA was number 3 in the Top 5 PC Budget listing.  You can check out the full chart listing on CGO.

James Wants Your Help <11:30 PM CST - schu>
James wrote me asking me to post a request for help.  He has a "huge" GTA2 map but he is having some trouble with the script editor.  If you think you can help James out by giving him more information on script writing and making missions, please contact him at jmclauren@earthlink.net.

Tuesday - September 19, 2000 <11:50 PM CST> <Top>
Nothing Today... <11:50 PM CST - schu>
Not much going on today, however I'm checking into some things for tomorrow's update.


Monday - September 18, 2000 <9:00 PM CST> <Top>
GTAPL Releases MADIDI Demo <9:00 PM CST - schu>
Artur Lion has released his GTA map/TC demo entitled MADIDI.  Here is the official announcement from Artur.  For more information and news on MADIDI, get over to GTA PL @ http://gta.help.pl:

"Hi! How do you like DEMO version of my first ever TC (Total conversion)? This map will be FIRST EVER POLISH GTA MAP !!!! MADIDI is National Park in Bolivia whose description can be found in March's issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine ...

But in DEMO version you can only:

  • play in 3 minutes
  • drive only 1 route around Mojos
  • see a half of cars, which will be in full version
  • drive only in city, drive to jungle out Mojos is IMPOSSIBLE and PROHIBITED

But in FULL VERSION OF MADIDI you can also:

  • see new intro
  • see new cut-scenes
  • hear polish and English sounds in cut-scenes and in game (the voice of Lop from KOMPUTERY.HELP.PL)
  • complete description of the map in HTML
  • many new cars and cool things
  • and many, many other things

GTAPL - THE BIGGEST POLISH GTA SITE ; Artur Lion [lion@bydgoszcz.com].

If you have and questions please write to me. Please direct all comments to the POLISH GTA SITES FORUM in topic "GTAPL map 1: MADIDI" <- in English of course, it's a multilingual topic about my map...

All information about this map can be found in the README.HTM file after downloading and installing with the SETUP2000 program.  Next you must install map to GTA with description in readme.htm in ZIP."

<Click Above To Download - 2.97MB>


Saturday - September 16, 2000 <11:30 PM CST> <Top>
Free Email @ GTA+ <11:30 PM CST - schu>
Benjamin sent word that GTA Plus is offering a free email service.  With the free service you get 6MB of free space and an email address in the username@gtaplus.com format.  You can find out more about this at www.gtaplus.com.

Miracle Maker Site Redesign <11:30 PM CST - schu>
<miracle maker> has redesigned the Miracle Maker 2 site.  The site now uses Flash and features news and information on all of <miracle maker>'s utils.  To celebrate he has released v1.24 of MM2, check it out at www.miraclemaker.tsx.org.  While you're there, be sure and check out the update on 3/9 about GTA:Pulp Fiction.

GTA2: Seek & Destroy Under Redevelopment <11:30 PM CST - schu>
HinGTA sent in the latest announcement from GTA2: Seek & Destroy, including some great news on a new series of sites at www.gta-series.com:

GTA2: Seek & Destroy (gta2sad.gtaxtreme.net) is currently undergoing a major redevelopment which will change the look of the whole site. It will be redesigned with a user friendly design ditching the old frames look.  GTA2: Seek & Destroy is the GTA2 sector of a new GTA Series network (www.gta-series.com) which will have individual websites covering all officially released GTA games and add-on packs. The network should be ready for launch before the end of the year.

Site Updates
<11:30 PM CST - schu>
Sorry for missing the Friday update but I really couldn't do too much about it.  I'm currently looking into getting a cable modem but until then I have to deal with this half ass ISP who provides connections that couldn't compete with a cup and a string.  Its not the speed, its the fact that half the time I can't even get most web pages to load up and it takes me forever to get a connection that will actually let me connect to my mail server.  Hopefully it will hold up until I get something better.


Thursday - September 14, 2000 <12:00 AM CST> <Top>
Rockstar Sighting in Entertainment Weekly <12:00 AM CST - schu>
While I was on the UWM campus I picked up a copy of The Onion where I found an Entertainment Weekly - On Campus insert.  Basically its just a chopped down version of the Entertainment Weekly magazine with more college oriented stuff.  In the Fall 2000 / Issue #13 there is an article about Rockstar Games with stuff on GTA, Midnight Club, and Smuggler's Run.  The article is mostly about Rockstar Games and has pictures of Sam Houser and Terry Donovan.  If you happen to be on or near a campus you might want to see if its available.  I don't think you can really buy EW On Campus anywhere, but you can probably find it on most campuses as an insert in the school paper.  I'll reprint the article here if I can get permission.

Midnight Club Official Site <12:00 AM CST - schu>
Rockstar Games has launched the official site for Midnight Club: Street Racing.  You can check it out at www.rockstargames.com/midnightclub.  While your over that way you might want to take a look at the official Smuggler's Run site at www.rockstargames.com/smugglersrun.

Chat and Hosting @ GTA Plus <12:00 AM CST - schu>
GTA Plus recently added a new chat room section to their site.  You can access the new section directly by going to chat.gtaplus.com.  In other GTA Plus news, Benjamin informed me that GTA Plus will no longer be hosting because of the new restrictions that Stomped put in place.  Namely, the Stomped banners and buttons.

Site Updates <12:00 AM CST - schu>
I just saw a preview for a new GTAesque game called The Getaway.  You can check it out over at Daily Radar.


Wednesday - September 13, 2000 <1:00 AM CST> <Top>
GTA2 On Gameboy? <1:00 AM CST - schu>
Blake was poking around on the Electronics Boutique site and ran into this interesting bit of news.  Apparently EB is offering a pre-order for a Gameboy version of GTA2.  As you know GTA is currently available for Gameboy but no other GTA titles have been officially announced for it so far.  No information on GTA2 Gameboy was available on EB's site, just a nondescript page for the pre-order showing an October 30th ship date.  They don't even have any box art for it yet.  I also tried searching a few other online retailers for GTA2 Gameboy and the only other place I was able to find anything was at Buy.com.  Buy.com is showing a November 1st release date and also doesn't show any additional information.  In the mean time I'll see what else I can dig up on this.  Thanks to Blake for sending this in.

The World of GTA2 Reopens <1:00 AM CST - schu>
Arnout has relaunched his site, The World of GTA2, at gta2.surecity.com.  Give it a click and see how you like the changes.

GTA: Epi Center Redesigned <1:00 AM CST - schu>
TheShit has redesigned GTA: Epi Center.  You can check out the new design at epicenter.niteshade.net.

Site Updates <1:00 AM CST - schu>
Ok, this is what I have so far.  I would post more tonight but my connection seems to be fu*king up at the moment making it rather difficult to check any of these sites out.


Tuesday - September 12, 2000 <7:30 PM CST> <Top>
Back Yet Again <7:30 PM CST - schu>
I'm back, finally.  Sorry its taken so long but this move was a bigger pain in the ass than I had anticipated.  Regardless I've got my phone line and Internet connection all set up so I'm pretty much ready to continue with the updates.  Now I just have to check into DSL or cable service because 56k will drive me insane if I have to deal with it for more than a few weeks.  I just downloaded all the mail so I'll go through that tonight and most likely post a real update either late tonight or tomorrow.