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Old News - September 1999 Contents


Thursday - September 30, 1999 <12:00 AM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Lyrics Exclusive! <12:00 AM CST - schu>
Dan sent me the lyrics to three of the songs that will appear in GTA2.  Just a quick warning, some of these songs contain explicit lyrics, but what did you expect from GTA2 anyway?  The songs are titled, God Bless All The Universe, Real Love, and my favorite Taxi Drivers.  Small bits and pieces of these songs can be heard in the GTA2 audio preview MP3 that was released with the demo.  Speaking of GTA2 MP3's, you should grab the new MP3 that DMA posted on the 27th.  Thanks to Dan Houser for sending me the lyrics!  Perhaps this will inspire Klamy to do a GTA2 lyrics section to accompany his lyrics section from the original GTA.

Happy Birthday Tiffany! <12:00 AM CST - schu>
Today is Tiffany's 20th birthday!!!  So why don't you visit Tiffany's Unofficial GTA Shrine or even better, bust out that paint program and whip up a birthday card.  I'll just take a wild guess and say that she would probably appreciate any sort of birthday greetings, card or no card :).

Car Crushing Update <12:00 AM CST - schu>
I added one more entry to the car crushing table.  Nick Mariani informed me that he forgot to put the Big Bug on the list.  One more note on the list, I forgot to credit Alfadog
() as well, I went looking through my emails and found an extensive list from him that I didn't notice until just now.

Even More GTA2 Nuggets of Joy! <12:00 AM CST - schu>
Ok, so the headline is a little old, but with tips like these, who gives a sh*t :)

  • Little Don's GTA2 Tips
    Little Don has put all his tips including the full car compactor list into a handy text file for offline viewing.
  • GTA2 Made By Lefties?
    I hope noone thinks Alfadog is a leftist after this :):

    I just found out another thing in GTA2, it's the same in Tiberian Sun, and is quite weird.  Anyway, if you look at yourself while punching or holding a gun, you'll notice he does so with his left hand.  Maybe your just a criminal lefty.  Anywho, in Tiberian Sun all the units except for the Medic are left handed also, it's just a little thing I found and it's quite strange, maybe it's easier to draw men using their left arms.

  • LL-Hell's GTA2 Tip List
    LL-Hell (TDR2k) send in the following GTA2 demo tips:

    • Get the bus, then stop at bus stations, people will get on your bus, and even pay you to have the worst ride of their life
    • While you're being chased by 4 cops, you get 2 $$ per minute
    • Weird bug. Just press 'forward' key, and then F6 for pause. Release the forward key, and press F6 again. This works with all the movement keys, and the 'attack' key as well.
    • Get one of the gangs mad at you, and same for the cops. When the gangsters start shooting at u, sometimes the cops start shooting the gangsters and a gun fight breaks out. Usually the cops lose...
GTA2 Editing Update <12:00 AM CST - schu>
Nick was messing around in the E.GXT file and sent me an update on what he found, can you say GOD MODE?:

I was using the Ms-Dos Edit to get into the E.GXT (you can use NOTEPAD) but I saw something called MULTI-OPTIONS and following after that was COP:ON COPS:OFF does this mean you can have cops in multiplayer we'd all like to know and also for the people who have GTA:London go into the gtadata folder then Uk and there is a TXT file in there called ENGUK.TXT and there is the same thing Police activated/Deactivated and a REAL BIG WOW there is a message saying GOD MODE ACTIVATED so use either DOS EDIT or NOTEPAD to check the E.GXT thing (also tells the multiplayer game modes)

I just thought I'd add that it was mentioned in the GTA2 chat that you will be able to play multiplayer GTA with the cops on...

New GTA Sites <12:00 AM CST - schu>

GTA2 Burnout

Site Updates
<12:00 AM CST - schu>
I realize that its not the 30th just yet but I'm not sure if I'll have time to do an update tomorrow so this is my cop out way of covering the 30th not to mention it gives you a little advanced warning on Tiffany's birthday so you can make a card :).  A friend of mine picked up some free tickets to see the Chemical Brothers, the only catch is that I have to drive 2 hours to see em.  This will undoubtedly take up most of tomorrow night with the day being dominated by my college radio shift and a bs marketing meeting.  I will be back on Friday of course to post another update.


Wednesday - September 29, 1999 <7:00 PM CST> <Top>
Take 2 + DMA = GTA3D <7:00 PM CST - schu>
LiTtLeThUg sent in the press release and actually heard an unconfirmed rumor about this whole thing a full month ago.  He tried to find out more at the GTA2 chat but the developers did not respond.
 I also spotted this update on numerous gaming sites.

There have been rumors swirling about that Take2 had plans to acquire DMA Design and its finally happened.  This is very interesting news in and of itself but most of the articles also make mention of future DMA projects called "GTA3D and The Grand Theft Auto Online Crime World."  I'm not sure what it is just yet but I'll do my best to find out ASAP.  The following is an amalgamation of press releases different sites have been posting:

DMA Design plans to develop Grand Theft Auto 3D and Grand Theft Auto Online Crime World after being acquired by Take-Two.

In a move aimed at strengthening its growing internal development organization, Take 2 Interactive announced today that it had acquired DMA Design from Infogrames Entertainment, S.A., for $11 million in cash. According to company officials, Take 2 will also assume certain bank indebtedness, although there was no mention of the actual extent of the liabilities. Furthermore, Take 2 will pay no royalties on Grand Theft Auto products from this date forward. 

DMA Design, a ten-year-old game production studio based in Dundee and Edinburgh, Scotland, is the creator and developer of Take-Two's best-selling Grand Theft Auto series. The company expects Grand Theft Auto products to account for more than $50 million in net sales for its fiscal year ending Oct. 31, 1999. Prior to the creation of Grand Theft Auto, DMA was best known for the creation of the Lemmings series for Sony Computer Entertainment's Psygnosis subsidiary.  The company plans to utilize the DMA Design team as a high-end source of creatively diverse product for Sony's upcoming PlayStaton 2 platform as well as the PC and the Internet. DMA will continue to develop Grand Theft Auto titles for publication through the company's Rockstar Games division, including GTA3D and The Grand Theft Auto Online Crime World.

As a result of the transaction, Take-Two will publish all Grand Theft Auto products, including the highly anticipated GTA2 (the sequel to Grand Theft Auto, which will ship before the company's fiscal year ending Oct. 31), royalty free on a go forward basis. As a result, the company expects the acquisition to be accretive in both fiscal years 1999 and 2000.

Sam Houser, president of Take-Two subsidiary Rockstar said, "We are thrilled that DMA is officially part of the Take-Two and Rockstar Games family. In particular, the ability to align Rockstar with a development house, such as DMA Design, that is clearly approaching the video game development in a new and exciting manner, makes this a perfect match."

If you want proof, just check out DMA's Site or the following sites:

And as you can see the domain name GTA3D.com has already been registered by Take2.


Tuesday - September 28, 1999 <10:30 PM CST> <Top>
Car Crushing Made Simple <10:30 PM CST - schu>
I got lots of mail on the car crushing lists, so rather than post the same message a bunch of times Ill just post the full list.  Thanks to Little Don, Nick Mariani, Xenic, LL-HeLL, Annihil8or, Alfadog and James 'Popcorn' Duffy for their contributions to this list.  The actual list is from Nick since his was formatted so nicely, but most everyone sent in identical information.

Car Name Reward
COP CAR (Cop Bribe)
Z-TYPE (30 Silenced Uzis) (This car is black and has a Z on top)
B-TYPE (Invincibilty 30 sec)
SHARK (15 Molotov Cocktales)
MINX (ElectroFingers 30 sec)
BUG (30 Uzi's)
SCHMIDT (Full Health)
U-JERK TRUCK (30 Uzi's)
MINRA (15 Rocket Launchers) (This is the blue car with the Y on top)
TAXI (Double Damage 30 sec)
ROMERO (Body Armor)
DEMENTIA (Invisibility 30 sec) (This Green car has the smilely face on top)
WELLARD (Respect)
ANISTON BD4 (Get Outta Jail Free Card)
BEAMER (60 Flame-throwers)
BIG BUG (30 Uzi's)

Just a few explanations to clear things up a bit.

  • ElectroFingers according to LL-HeLL and Little Don will electrocute anyone who comes near you.
  • The crane will not accept the bigger vehicles like the Fire Truck, Van, G4 Bank Van, Bus, Ambulance, etc.
  • James 'Popcorn' Duffy had an interesting addition about uncrushable vehicles that I'll just quote rather than rewrite:
  • "Bear in mind this *may* be a devious plot to stop us demo-players getting our hands on a horrifically interesting weapon before the final game."

That brings up an interesting point that this list may change for the final version.  If I had to guess Id say that perhaps some of the Uzis will be replaced with a better reward, but I suppose we will have to wait and see to find out for sure.

  • Nick Mariani mentioned that there are car compactors in three parts of the city, but the easiest one to find it in the top right hand corner of the city.

Thanks to everyone for sending in all the great tips and their car crushing lists.

Announcements <10:30 PM CST - schu>

  • Davehart, web master of GTA2 HQ, is the now a columnist for GTA2 at Barry's World.  Davehart actually already has a few GTA2 updates on his column, take a look.
  • Olle has updated GTA Traffic Jam with cars, a new GTA2 section, and much much more.
  • GTA Fire Burners is back online at.  You can find London 2001 and more at www.gtafireburner.com
  • Valdemar has updated his car site, GTAWorld.  He is still looking for cars so if you have something you'd like to donate, just email it to him.

Project News <10:30 PM CST - schu>

  • More On GTA Wave 3.0
    Adrian wrote back with some more details on GTA Wave 3.0's release:

    GTA Wave 3.0 is pretty close to completion, but won't be released until after GTA2 comes out so as to be sure that it works with the full version. The new GTA2 sound file format gives GTA Wave greater control over the sounds, such as pitch modulation range and loop start position.

  • The GTA2 Information Center
    Scran created a small program (95k) in VB 5 that has all the information on GTA2.  Here are some pieces of Scran's message:

    Its really stupid but I was bored and I felt like making it so I didn't have to go online to find info on gangs and requirements and what's in the game or screen shots. So I made the "GTA2 Information Center".  Just a note, it really really has no designing technique, but I can make some cool programming interfaces, GUI (Graphical User Interface) but this one just blows. See for yourself, but if you really wanna diss my prog, email me at scraniel@ij.net and all the info about the prog is inside the prog itself.

    The file may require a certain DLL in the windows/system directory.  If you get an error you can pick up the correct DLL here.

  • GTA - Back To The Future
    Craig is working on a Back to the Future mod for GTA, check it out:

    I just thought I would inform the site that I am currently working on a Grand Theft Auto 'Back to the Future' addon that consists of new weapons, graphics, road textures, levels and missions. It is divided into three time zones; Hill Valley 1955, Hill Valley 1985 and Hill Valley 2015. This will enable me, with the help of some people, to create cars of the past, sort-of-present and concept cars of the future. There will be a Delorian secret on each level (1955 Delorian is Delorian in part 1, 1985 in part 2 with Mr. Fusion and 2015 with hover conversion). With a bit of luck, somebody will help Gallus (Gallus144@hotmail.com) hack a pallette for a Delorean which he has made which will enable sparking effects when the special key is pressed (like the films).

Community News <10:30 PM CST - schu>

  • Tiffany's Unofficial Grand Theft Auto Shrine
    This week & last week, I added cars to the Car Depot, The Junction 25 map editor was sent in by Greg Cahir and added to the Files page, and I updated my Links and GTA FAQ! Oh... and check out my 3 GTA2 Teasers! They require Macromedia Shockwave 7, and will only be on my site until GTA2 is released!
  • Section 487: Elvis Has Left The Building
    Ok heres the deal.  Nobody ask for the timer crack now.  If there is one I'm sure you'll find out anyway.  It's pissing me off, everyone's asking me for one but to put it simply, a/ I cant do it without the decompiler b/ Even if I could I wouldn't release it due to something DMA have said. c/  I get 30 mails a day about it so I'm very pissed off with the subject.



Monday - September 27, 1999 <10:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTA Wave 3.0 <10:30 PM CST - schu>
Adrian Grucza, of GTA Wave fame, made a quick mention in his last message that he is working on GTA Wave 3.0 which will include GTA2 support.  No release date has been mentioned but I'd imagine that the GTA Wave site will go public with the details some time soon.

Q&A Chat Log Correction <10:30 PM CST - schu>
DMA's Brain Baird was kind enough to clear up the guest list for the chat.  I wasn't quite sure of Gary's title and it turns out that Brian is actually still with DMA and did not transfer to RockStar and Gary Penn is Creative Director.  I've made the appropriate changes to the chat log.  Thanks Brian!

Tosh Ponders The Wonders of GTA2 <10:30 PM CST - schu>
Check out Nice One for Tosh's thoughts on the GTA2 demo.  He covers a great deal and its well worth a read.  While you're at Nice One make sure you take a look at the 10 exclusive GTA2 screen shots that Mugwum snagged recently.  He posted five earlier this weekend and just posted five more yesterday.

More GTA2 Nuggets of Joy! <10:30 PM CST - schu>
Just a few more GTA2 demo tips, hints, and moments sent in by fans.  If you have a good one send it in and I'll post it:

  • Kill Frenzies & Specials & Trucks Oh My
    Little Don has been hard at work and found five of the seven Kill Frenzies and six GTA2 specials.  Here is Little Don's message:


    • when you die, you get placed in AVALON, walk up to find a flame-thrower kill frenzy
    • at the same place as above, but then walk down, across the street, and up the building by the stairs, on the roof you can find an MOLOTOV COCKTAIL Frenzy
    • at the back of the Z! HQ, in an alleyway behind it, there is an rocket launcher hidden, you'll have to walk to the other side of the buildings to find it
    • In the Yakuza area, on the east side of the town, near the river, there is an silenced S-UZI Frenzy
    • also, there is an S-UZI near the Loony HQ, to the far right of it.

      Bonuses & Specials

    • "medical emergency" by destroying lots of Ambulances and med staff.
    • "cop killa" by destroying lots of cop cars and cops to get this thingy.
    • "Cop puncher" by getting a lot of cops after you,then punching em all over.
    • "Accuracy Bonus" the easiest way is getting 1 or more swat teams after ya,then shooting at em in a straight line,without missing,and the bonus is yours.
    • "Elvis has left the building" run over the entire jogging group.  It's gouranga, but with an different name.
    • and of course the service center thingys, getting an rigged car, getting rigged guns, getting oil dropping cars, and a Articulated truck in a carpark (got this tip from Ryan Mcgrath)

Thanks to Little Don for all the details.  I just wanted to make one addition to the truck tip.  If you look just West of the Loony compound you'll see something parked near one of the buildings (sW mentioned that it was in Sunnyside to be exact).  I wasn't quite sure what to make of it because you couldn't get get inside of it like a car but it blew up when I shot at it enough :).  At the chat one of the developers (either Jeff or Brian I think) explained that it is the trailer for the truck.  Sure enough if you back a truck cab up to it, it will latch on.  You can then release the trailer whenever you want by using the left alt key.

  • Car Crushing Tips
    sW reports about making cash from trash:

    In Zarelli, there is a car crusher.  It is to the right of the place where you got to plant explosives in a Loony mission.  You go into the gates and pull up to it.  A crane will swing over and a magnet will pick up your car and drop it in a crusher.  Then another crane brings the crushed car to a conveyor belt 
    and gives you money.

    Nick Mariani brings home the goods with some kick ass tips on which cars to crush:

    Try this trick, get the car that has the Z on top (Z-TYPE) and take it to the compactor in the top right hand corner of the screen and you'll get 3 Silenced Uzi's, crushing a police car will get you a COP BRIBE, and I can't remember what car it is that gives you a 30 second invincibility just try it with different cars and see what happens.

    Note: In the last tip, I think its the Loony car with the smiley face on top that gives you the 30 second invincibility.

GTA2 Editing <10:30 PM CST - schu>

  • Nick's GTA2 NYC.GCI Tips
    Nick Mariani sent the following update on his car editing quest:
    "I've found a way to edit the cars stats in GTA 2.  Before you begin YOU MUST BACKUP THE FILE NYC.GCI.  Then right click on the NYC.GCI file and select "open with", then select NOTEPAD to open this file.  Now every car in the GTA2 DEMO & FULL are now editable, also when you save it will be converted to NYC.TXT rename the file format part to .GCI to make the cars workable, here is an example:

    {Cop Car} [Car Name]
    12 {model} [Car Model no.]
    1 {turbo} [if car has turbo power 1:enable 0:disable]
    60 {value} [carjack, destroy, compact value]
    0 {pad} [Unknown]
    f14.500 {mass} [Car Weight]
    f1.000 {front drive bias} [how the car turn by the front wheels]
    f0.500 {front mass bias} [weight in the front of the car]
    f2.000 {brake friction} [how good the brakes are]
    f0.433 {turn in} [Unknown]
    f0.400 {turn ratio} [how well the car can turn]
    f1.250 {rear end stability} [how stable the back end of the car is]
    f0.400 {handbrake slide value} [how much you will slide when braking]
    f0.150 {thrust} [the amount of acceleration speed boost]
    f0.415 {max_speed} [the max speed the car can reach]
    f1.000 {anti strength} [the cars strength - set to f0.000 for car invincibility]
    f0.115 {skid threshhold} [Unknown]
    f0.550 {gear1 multiplier} [the gear's speed boost]
    f0.680 {gear2 multiplier} [the gear's speed boost]
    f1.000 {gear3 multiplier} [the gear's speed boost]
    f0.180 {gear2 speed} [how much extra speed is given in this gear]
    f0.290 {gear3 speed} [how much extra speed is given in this gear]

New GTA Sites <10:30 PM CST - schu>

The GTA Directory

Site Updates <10:30 PM CST - schu>
Sorry about the late update, I got stuck in a group meeting for my Marketing class.


Sunday - September 26, 1999 <2:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Developer Chat Round Up <2:30 PM CST - schu>
First I'd like to thank the GTA2 chat guests and PlayNOW! for making this thing possible.  Malby @ PlayNOW! especially did a great job of getting the chat up and running, thanks to him for a job well done.  Attendance was very good even after we found out that the timezone thing was screwed up and it didn't start for another hour, but it was nice catching up with everyone from the scene.  If you missed the chat you will first wanna check out the questions and answers, I put em on a nifty page for easy reading.  That chat was composed of two sections, the actual chat and then the after chat.  In the after chat we were allowed into the room where the developers were so we could talk to them face to face without a moderator.  Lots of thanks go out to the developers who stuck around hours after the chat ended.  I've only posted the questions and answers from the actual chat session because its now 2pm and I still haven't slept yet :), a little later I'll sift through the after chat thing and see what I can turn up.  If you just can't wait until then you can take a look at the logs for yourself.  They have not been edited and are a very rough read, but they should be pretty interesting, especially with highlights like when C1 screws with some guy looking for a GTA2 crack.  This happened well after the developers had left and we were all just hanging out, ok maybe its not completely enthralling but if you hadn't slept in the last 24 hours you might think differently :)

Spray Shop GTA Returns!!! <2:30 PM CST - schu>
If you have been over to www.klamy.co.uk you might have noticed that Klamy's sites are all gone, including Spray Shop/GTA, one of the most original GTA sites that ever existed.  Well after I noticed that Spray Shop was down so I offered Klamy some space here on gouranga.com to bring it back online and as you can see he said YES!  You can find SS/GTA at www.gouranga.com/sprayshop and I'll see what I can do about a redirect sometime soon making it easier to find at sprayshop.gouranga.com.  I'd write more but I'm about to fall asleep, suffice to say SS/GTA has kicked ass, kicks ass, and will kick ass for some time to come, especially with highlights like Ram Raiding, the Benzoate Remix, the full listing of lyrics from GTA, the transcription of the GTA/DMA articles from EDGE Magazine, etc, etc, etc.   Check it out now!!!

GTA2 Chat Time Change
<6:00 AM CST - schu>
The GTA2 chat will actually be taking place 1 hour after it was originally suppose to start, for most people that is anyway.  It is at 9pm, AEST but in the UK that is 12pm, NOT 11am which means all the US times are screwed up too.

Anyway here is when I think the chat will start:

  • Time:
    AUSTRALIA - NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania  9.00pm
    AUSTRALIA - Northern Territory, South Australia  8.30pm
    AUSTRALIA - Western Australia  7.00pm

EUROPE - Western  1:00pm
EUROPE - Central  2.00pm
EUROPE - Eastern  3.00pm

New Zealand  11.00pm

United Kingdom  12.00pm

USA - Eastern  7.00am
USA - Central  6.00am
USA - Mountain 5:00am
USA - Pacific  4.00am

I'm in there now but it wont start for another hour...  Oh well, who needs sleep anyway :)

By the way... If you want to join the chat using mIRC or another IRC chat client you can join that way as well, here are the details:

port: 6667

You have to join both channels for it to work, obviously one is for questions, the other for answers :)


Saturday - September 25, 1999 <12:00 AM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Developer Chat Details! <12:00 AM CST - schu>
I noticed over at Nice One that they have expanded the guest list for the GTA2 developer chat session this weekend, and they have posted a full time zone listing.  Here are the updated details from PlayNOW!:
  • Guests:
    Dan Houser, Rockstar Minister of Information - UK
    Sam Houser, President of Rockstar Games (the man, the legend!) - US
    Jeff Castaneda, Rockstar Public Relations Manager - US
    James Ellingford, Managing Director and Marketing Mgr of Directsoft - AU
    Colin Macdonald, Producer of DMA Design - UK
  • Date:
    Sunday, September 26th 1999
  • Time:
    AUSTRALIA - NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania  9.00pm
    AUSTRALIA - Northern Territory, South Australia  8.30pm
    AUSTRALIA - Western Australia  7.00pm

EUROPE - Western  12:00pm
EUROPE - Central  1.00pm
EUROPE - Eastern  2.00pm

New Zealand  11.00pm

United Kingdom  11.00am

USA - Eastern  6.00am
USA - Central  5.00am
USA - Mountain 4:00am
USA - Pacific  3.00am

  • Prizes:
    Before you get too excited about prizes, I just read at PlayNOW! that the prizes are only open to residents of Australia.  If you live in Australia then its no big deal, but if you don't then I wouldnt plan on getting yourself fitted for that GTA2 t-shirt just yet.

    The prizes include:

    • 1 Autographed copy of GTA2
    • 20 GTA2 Prize Packs including a GTA2 t-shirt, GTA2 bumper sticker, GTA2 tattoo and a GTA2 poster.  The winners will be announced at the end of the chat session so you'll have to stay for the full hour if you want to win.

GTA2 Editing <12:00 AM CST - schu>

  • Sam Houser On GTA2 Editing
    David 'The GTA Jedi' Whitney got an email from Sam Houser on supporting the GTA community's editing scene.  Check it out at Section 487: Elvis Has Left The Building.  While your there check out the Hacking/Editing section for the latest advances in GTA2 hacking information.
  • NYC.GCI Interpretations
    Nick Mariani was poking around the NYC.GCI file in the demo's DATA folder and sent me some of his interpretations of some of the settings.  You can open the file with notepad and as always, make sure you backup the file before editing it:

    {Cop Car} [Car Name]
    12 {model} [Model no.]
    1 {turbo} [if car has turbo power 1:enable 0:disable]
    60 {value} [Destroy Value]
    0 {pad} [Unknown]
    f14.500 {mass} [Weight of car]
    f1.000 {front drive bias} [Unknown]
    f0.500 {front mass bias} [weight in the front part of the car]
    f2.000 {brake friction} [how good the brake is]
    f0.433 {turn in} [Unknown]
    f0.400 {turn ratio} [how good the car can turn]
    f1.250 {rear end stability} [how stable the back of the car is]
    f0.400 {handbrake slide value} [how much you will slide]
    f0.150 {thrust} [how much thrust goes into acceleration]
    f0.415 {max_speed} [the max speed the car can reach]
    f1.000 {anti strength} [the cars strength, set to f0.000 for car invincibility]
    f0.115 {skid threshhold} [how much the car skids]
    f0.550 {gear1 multiplier} [Unknown]
    f0.680 {gear2 multiplier} [Unknown]
    f1.000 {gear3 multiplier} [Unknown]
    f0.180 {gear2 speed} [how much speed extra is given in this gear]
    f0.290 {gear3 speed} [how much speed extra is given in this gear]

More Nuggets of GTA2 Joy <12:00 AM CST - schu>

  • Fire Truck Fun:
    Shyam & Dennis mentioned that you can fire the water cannon on the Fire Truck just like you could fire the tank in GTA... Hold down the TAB key and hit the arrows to rotate the turret and then hit fire to shoot water at any unlucky bastard who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Taxi Cab Fares:
    Jordan & Shyam wrote in about earning fares with taxi cabs.  You just steal a taxi and pick up passengers that yell out "TAXI!".  You will then get $1 per second  as long as they stay in the cab.  For some reason they will leave the cab if you hit anyone or anything, I cant imagine why :).
  • New Controls:
    Jordan noticed that you can use the directional arrows on the number pad to move the screen around while driving in the car.  Ive also noticed you can use the Left ALT key along with the arrows to move the screen around while you are out of the car on foot.

Demo Links <12:00 AM CST - schu>
Jeh informed me that Xtreme Getaway has posted the full GTA2 demo so I've added the Xtreme Getaway link to the list of demo links I posted yesterday.

GTA2 Tech Support <12:00 AM CST - schu>
Yow... Lots of email on this one :)  Im trying to keep up with it all and Ive been reading every message that comes in.  I am then taking the information and combining them into separate problem descriptions that I send to Rockstar.  I can't guarantee a fix but it will at least make them aware of the problem.  The more information you send in on the problem and on your system configuration the better.  The most popular problem so far is keyboard incomptibility issue.  I've gotten numerous emails on this and most, but not all, of the emails are from Nordic countries.  I will also gladly accept emails from anyone who had a problem and solved it, that way I can repost possible solutions in the news so other people can try em.

Possible Demo Workarounds <12:00 AM CST - schu>
These are two possible workarounds you might want to try if you are having troubles with the GTA2 demo.  If you have a workaround the demo please send it in.

  • Demo Won't Run:
    First, if you cant get GTA2 to run by using the GTA2 Demo icon on your start menu, try running it directly from the demo directory.  Run the GTA2.exe file rather than the GTA Manager and see if it works.  The downside to this approach is that you cant adjust anything in the game.  When you run GTA2 from the start menu it actually runs the GTA2 manager first so you can set up the options
  • Keyboard Problems:
    This won't work for everyone but its worth a shot.  If you are getting some sort of keyboard related error you might wanna try changing your keyboard settings to English.  You should be able to do this from the Keyboard menu in the Control Panels.

New GTA Sites <12:00 AM CST - schu>

Tony's GTA Page

Site Update <12:00 AM CST - schu>
Goku!!!  Why Aren't You Here???  Sorry, I just watched DBZ and I just couldn't resist.


Friday - September 24, 1999 <2:00 AM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Demo Review @ Nice One <2:00 AM CST - schu>
Mugwum has completed his GTA2 demo review, here is the announcement:

Nice One, 3dActionPlanet's premiere Grand Theft Auto hosted site, has posted a huge GTA2 Demo Review, along with 34 screen shots taken from the demo and a shed-load of information on what's included and what fun there is to be had!


Demo Review
Screen shots

GTA2 Demo Tech Support <2:00 AM CST - schu>
If you are having trouble with the GTA2 demo, feel free to send in a description of your problem.  I don't think I can solve all the problems, or even most of the problems, but if I get a lot of mail that indicates a similar trend I'll send it on to RockStar and see if I can get some recommendations.  The more information on your system and the problem the better.

GTA2 Demo Feedback <2:00 AM CST - schu>

  • GTA2 Demo Hacking
    GTA Jedi has analyzed some of the GTA2 files and has posted his findings on his new GTA2 site, Section 487: Elvis Has Left The Building.  Check it out...

    C1 also wrote in with some hacking information, here is the message he sent in:

    I have found that you can easily edit the FXT Or GXT " Thanks GTA Jedi " With a simple hex editor. Unlike the old FXT Files which were encrypted, you can plainly see the text in the game through a hex editor.  I have found that e.gxt has the mission text, phone messages, etc. and Bob_e.gxt has all the text for options like the controls and the modem speeds etc.  So far I have not tested an edited GXT file I made because I don't have a good enough computer to even play the game :(.  But tt should work fine, if anyone can try this and see if it works it would be cool.

  • GTA2 On A P120?
    Madman wrote in to urge GTA fans with slower computers not to give up on the GTA2 demo.  Apparently he is running it on his P120 with 32MB of RAM and he says that, "GTA2 runs like a charm."  I would imagine that results will vary depending what video card you have but its definitely worth a shot.
  • Ice Cream Anyone?
    Alfadog () wrote in and mentioned that if you get the ice cream truck you should try holding down the TAB key.  Instead of a horn it plays an ice cream truck tune.  Although I've found that not many people buy ice cream if you are running them down with the truck...  I wonder why?

Got a nugget of GTA2 joy you want to share with the group?  Send it on in and I'll post it in the news.

GTA2 Developer Chat This Weekend <2:00 AM CST - schu>
Just a reminder that the GTA2 developer chat @ PlayNOW! is this weekend.  PlayNOW! has also expanded the prize list for the chat, but they don't mention if you have to be a resident of Australia in order to win.  You may recall that they are already giving away a signed copy of GTA2 to one lucky fan and now they have expanded the prize list to include 20 GTA2 prize packs.  The prize packs include a t-shirt, poster, tattoo, and bumper stickers.  Check out the last update for date and time details.

New GTA2 Preview @ GamesDomain <2:00 AM CST - schu>
GamesDomain has posted their GTA2 ECTS preview.  Its pretty much the same rehashed details with five screenshots, but I figured it was worth a mention.

GTA2 Demo Links <2:00 AM CST - schu>
The following is a repost that has been updated with new download sites:

Having trouble downloading the demo? I've collected a few of the demo download locations that I've spotted around and posted the links below. If you know of any other GTA2 demo file mirrors, please send me the URL and I'll add them to the list.  The Gigex download is a self contained download manager that will download the demo for you, its only 87.7k, or if you want, you can download the full demo at 12.3MB.  If you don't wanna use Gigex and need a download manager, you might wanna check out GetRight or NetVampire.

Demo Requirements:

  • Pentium P200 or above
  • DirectX 6.1
  • Any Direct3D compatible video card (at least 4MB) (support Voodoo cards aswell)
  • Any DirectSound compatible sound card
  • 40Mb free drive space

Download Sites:









>Xtreme Getaway:

<2:00 AM CST - schu>

Jman's GTA Page is looking for cars.  Check out his site for contribution details.

Community News <2:00 AM CST - schu>

  • GTA2 More Extreme
    Hi everyone, if you've never heard of the GTA2 site called GTA2 More Extreme you really missed a lot of things.  This site is pretty new, its been open for about 4 weeks now and its got so many things to offer about GTA2, you wouldn't even want another GTA2 site that's why I've made a little list of what GTA2 More Extreme offers these days:


    • All the latest GTA2 news with DAILY updates and lots of exclusive news not found on other GTA2 sites.
    • GTA2 Greeting cards, send a nice digital GTA2 card to someone you like/love/hate
    • Latest GTA2 downloads, including exclusive backgrounds and other files
    • Movie Info, photo's, info about the making of the GTA2 Promotion movie
    • Steal Movies, the newest promo movies sent to us in a special section to be viewed online or downloaded at this moment there are 3 movies out of 10 +2 bonus movies. (new section)
    • A list of all the GTA2 previews
    • All the screenshots that have been shown to public
    • Images of most of the cars that are in GTA2
    • Info and high resolution images about the Characters/gangs in GTA2
    • All the latest features GTA2 will have in the full version
    • Facts about the game

This site is especially based on the GTA2 news, come back every day to read the latest about GTA2. At this moment I'm proud to say this should be the best GTA2 on the Net. So if you have any GTA2 news, you can send it to me and it will be posted on the news. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you daily at GTA2 More Extreme

Site Updates <2:00 AM CST - schu>

  • As you can see I didn't do a second update yesterday as I expected.  I had to do my radio shift followed by a bunch of school crap, followed by a bunch of BS which pretty much too up the rest of the day.
  • I'm considering reinstalling my system this weekend because I can feel a Win98 full blown crash coming on any day now and I'd rather backup and reinstall before that happens.  Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my weekend but it may be necessary.


Thursday - September 23, 1999 <3:00 AM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Teaser #3 Released <3:00 AM CST - schu>
John Paul Bichard of Take2 Games sent me the latest installment of the GTA2 Shockwave teasers.  Once again a reminder that you will need to get Shockwave before you can view them.  Here is list of all the teasers released so far:

GTA2 Demo Links <3:00 AM CST - schu>
Having trouble downloading the demo? I've collected a few of the demo download locations that I've spotted around and posted the links below. If you know of any other GTA2 demo file mirrors, please send me the URL and I'll add them to the list.  The Gigex download is a self contained download manager that will download the demo for you, its only 87.7k, or if you want, you can download the full demo at 12.3MB.  If you don't wanna use Gigex and need a download manager, you might wanna check out GetRight or NetVampire.

Demo Requirements:

  • Pentium P200 or above
  • DirectX 6.1
  • Any Direct3D compatible video card (at least 4MB) (support Voodoo cards aswell)
  • Any DirectSound compatible sound card
  • 40Mb free drive space

Download Sites:






GTA2 Audio!
<3:00 AM CST - schu>
Damn...  If you haven't downloaded the GTA2 Audio Preview (3.53MB) you should definitely check it out.  There are small bits of music on it, but for the most part the MP3 sample is a collage of the radio samples you will hear in the game.  The DJ bits have been expanded greatly in GTA2 with the addition of commercials and judging from the sample, the voice acting will be top notch.  I really cant wait to hear the full version of "Taxi Drivers Must DIE!"  When I spoke with Dan the other day he also mentioned that some of the music heard in the GTA2 film will appear in the game, so that might give you a general idea of what to expect, but he also said that many different musical genres will be represented, much like the original GTA.


GTA2 Preview @ Nice One <3:00 AM CST - schu>
Mugwum has completed his GTA2 preview over at Nice One, check out the details on the preview and the upcoming GTA2 demo review at 3DAP!:

Well, you know, everyone else has one, so I thought I ought to have one. It's got lots of info and I feel it's worth a read. Tomorrow or Friday, 3dAP will have a GTA2 demo review in association with Nice-One (in other words I'm writing it) and that'll be good. As you may have read at GTA2 More Extreme, there should be lots of GTA2 stuff going on up until the release, and then we'll bring you a review on 3dAP and here pretty quickly. Oh, and there're some screenshots up to go with the preview. Enjoy.




Screenshots: http://www.3dactionplanet.com/gta/gta.asp?file=articles/gta2_eyecandy

<3:00 AM CST - schu>

  • David 'The GTA Jedi' Whitney has posted his comments on the GTA2 demo over @ Section 487.  He also made some comments on the new GTA2 file formats, namely the fact that GXT=FXT, STY=GRY/G24, and that the GCI format replaces the old CMPs from GTA.
  • Check out Henrik's Liberty City Graveyard @ http://www.gtaxtreme.net/lcg/
  • FLuBBeR has opened up the GTA Spanish Sites @ http://members.xoom.com/gtass.  The page is still under construction so this is more a preview than anything.  The site will contain files, cities, cars, tips, hints, and small GTA2 preview with screenshots.
  • The controversial KT who has left the GTA scene more times than I can remember is back once again.  This time he is reviving his RV2 site.  It will most likely hit the web within a week assuming he finds some place to put it.  Lastly, KT mentioned that he did not send the message many of the GTA web masters received before he left the scene about a month ago.  It was basically a message that told all of us to fu*k off.  It happened awhile back and return addresses can be easily faked so I cant say I'm convinced that he actually sent it, but I also cant figure out why someone has taken it upon themselves to piss off KT and get everyone pissed off at him.  As far as Im concerned, its in the past and hopefully it will stay there.

Project News <3:00 AM CST - schu>

  • Miracle Maker Update
    Version 1.37 of MM has been released with a bunch of changes including the addition of spray shop insertion.  Check the Miracle Maker site for full details @ www.miraclemaker.tsx.org.
  • GTA Mod Central
    Rhys has launched one central site for all his GTA utilities, GTA Mod Loader, GTA Mod Loader Deluxe, and the upcoming GTA Mod Installer.  The GTA Mod Installer will work in conjunction with the Mod Loader Deluxe by extracting mod zip files into a new directory for easy use with the Mod Loader Deluxe.  You can find GTA Mod Central @ rhys.homepage.com.

New GTA Sites <3:00 AM CST - schu>

The Liberty City Graveyard
GTA Spanish Site

Site Updates <3:00 AM CST - schu>

  • Ok.. I'm busy archiving some of the news since this page has gotten wayyy to big.  Sorry for not doing this earlier but I've been studying constantly for the big essay exam I had yesterday, that might explain why I only got one hour of sleep the night before the demo release.
  • Finally, a nice big GTA/GTA2 update.  News has been pretty skimpy lately but today was crazy, and this is only the first update of the day :)
  • Tomorrow I'll be posting an exclusive shot of Rockstar's Terry Donovan dressed up as a Hari Krishna.  I'm still waiting for the shot but Dan mentioned that its one of the pics from the making of the GTA2 film.


Wednesday - September 22, 1999 <4:00 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Demo - Get It NOW! <4:00 PM CST - schu>
The GTA2 demo is now available in the Downloads section at GTA2.com! If the GTA2.com server gets bogged down you might want to try downloading it directly from here are gouranga.com or over at Mugwum's Nice-One.

The demo weighs in at 12.3MB. You can also download the GTA2 audio preview from both GTA2.com and from here at G!. I would HIGHLY suggest getting any of the downloads with a download manager like GetRight or NetVampire. When you download the demo from the GTA2.com site you are actually downloading a gigex downloader that will autodownload the file for you, but even getting the gigex file is pretty tough at the moment, but using by using a download manager you can avoid hitting the refresh button 100 times.  I would upload the full demo to G! but it seems rather pointless since its on gigex and downloading it will probably be quicker from gigex anyway.

Site Updates <11:00 PM CST - schu>
Sorry for the delay in updates since the GTA2 demo post but I only got one hour of sleep last night so after I played the demo through a few times I passed out. I'm going through email right now so I'll hopefully have an update in about one or two hours.


Tuesday - September 21, 1999 <8:00 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Demo & Audio Trailer Tomorrow! <9:00 PM CST - schu>
As you damn well should know by now, the GTA2 demo is being released tomorrow at GTA2.com.  The actual time of the release and demo details have not been announced, until now that is :).  I called Dan Houser today about the demo and he emailed me all the goods, including the approximate time of release, the demo features, the demo requirements, etc.  The following is the email from Dan about the demo and about the GTA2 audio trailer that will be released tomorrow.
Demo will launch at www.gta2.com at noon eastern time tomorrow.

It features 6 missions - two easy ones for each of three gangs - The Zaibatsu Corporation, The Loonies, and the Yakuza.

You'll see that the game looks amazing, and it gives you a good taste in the 6 minutes of playing time available, but several important aspects of gameplay aren't in the demo - the respect-o-meter doesn't have enough time to be properly effective - not only are there only 6 minutes but also you need more like 4-5 missions from one gang to properly use it (this is the thing in the top left corner which shows who likes you and who hates you - you effect it by completing jobs or executing gang members) AND you don't get to travel with a gang in the demo, which features in several of the later missions and is great fun. These missions are also the 6 easiest in the game, so you're going to find it pretty easy, but it should wet the appetite in preparation for the launch of the final game.

System requirements for demo:

Pentium P200 or above
Any Direct3D compatible video card (at least 4MB)  (support Voodoo cards

as well)

Any DirectSound compatible sound card

40Mb free drive space

DirectX 6.1
ALSO we will have available a 4 minute audio trailer to excite people about the music and personality DJs in GTA2 - this will be an audio file, available at www.gta2.com - It will launch with the demo, which obviously doesn't have music to save time.
Thanks to Dan Houser for this update, especially since he took the time out of his busy schedule to send it in, even after being up for three days straight working on GTA2!


GTA Tournament This Weekend
<9:00 PM CST - schu>
Fingal's Cave sent in the latest on the GTA Tournament, check it out:
Hey, this is Fingal's Cave. I now have enough people for the tournament, which will start this Saturday 25th September. It has been decided that the competition will be run as a league. Thanx 2 everyone who voted League for giving me so much work to do ;-) The fixtures and Results will be uploaded on Sept 25th at 12:00 noon, GMT (hopefully), so if you are involved you will need to get to www.baznet.currantbun.com and see who you're playing.
<9:00 PM CST - schu>
  • You may have heard that Azz had some computer problems rather recently that kept him from updating.  He recently posted an lengthy explanation into what happened, check out his update on 20/9/99 over at azz.gouranga.com.
  • Just though I'd mention again that GTA Plus 2 opened recently at www.gtaplus.net.
  • Three new GTA sites opened recently, TheTuckmen's GTA site is now online @ members.xoom.com/TheTuckman, Kriss opened Kristoffer's GTA2 Page @ home.sol.no/~sveimoen/gta2.htm, and The GTA Store opened @ go.to/theGTAstore.

Project News
<9:00 PM CST - schu>

  • GTAus
    Byron sent in a short update on GTAus.  He mentioned that the police routes and missions are about half way done.  He has been pretty busy with his X-Com site lately so he hasn't had as much time to devote to GTAus.  Hopefully after things calm down a bit everything will be back on track.

Community News <9:00 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA World

  • My site name is GTAWorld and my club name East Banana Grove. I am collecting cars to the car site and I need HEEEEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!! I only got 349 cars now but I want more than 3000. Like you see I need a MAJOR miracle. But I think it is possible. Everybody, I mean everybody HELP my and send your cars to me. Your car DOES matter. The one who send most cars, win the Mass Production Author of the year award. Then please help me build the biggest GTA garage on the Internet.
  • GrandDrive's Untitled GTA2 Site

  • This is GrandDrive, I have a new website which can be found at www.homestead.com/gtanews/main.html I know the banner says go.to/GrandDrive but there was a problem and it wont register!  I also know there is a problem with the navigation bar and where it says nothing it should say Main I will sort this out some time in the week and please e-mail me with comments
New GTA & GTA2 Sites
<9:00 PM CST - schu>
Grand Tuckman Association

Kristoffer's GTA2 Page

Monday - September 20, 1999 <9:00 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Chat @ PlayNOW! <9:00 PM CST - schu>
The GTA2 Chat @ PlayNOW! is from 11PM to 12PM GMT, which means its from 6AM to 7AM EST in the Americas. Pretty early for the East coast, even earlier for the no coast (5AM-6AM CST) / (4AM-5AM MST) and wayyy early for the West Coast (3AM-4AM PST). At least its over the weekend... My being there will definitely depend on the previous nights activities ;) but I think I'll try and work something out.

GTA2 Banner <9:00 PM CST - schu>
No Fear (GTA2 More Extreme) sent in this nifty GTA2 banner he saw on BBZilla.


Super Linker <9:00 PM CST - schu>
Anders has released his Super Linker to GTA web populace.  The Super Linker is a small window with a pull-down menu linking to various GTA sites.  The Super Linker only works with DHTML compatible browsers.  If you are using NN4 or IE4 you should be covered.

 Super Linker

New GTA Sites <9:00 PM CST - schu>

The GTA Store (Auf Deutsch)
The GTA Cop Shop

Site Updates
<9:00 PM CST - schu>
My f*cking email client decided it would crash and take the 20 or so unsent emails with it in to silicon oblivion, along with the originals that I trashed after answering... This basically means, if you did not receive a reply to your email and you were expecting one, please send in in again and Ill answer it again. Hopefully this time it wont f*cking crash screwing me out of an hours work... grr... Time for a new email program I guess, this one is definitely testing the limits of my sanity.


Friday - September 17, 1999 <8:00 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Chat @ PlayNOW! <8:00 PM CST - schu>
PlayNOW! (an Australian gaming site) is organizing a GTA2 chat session with Dan Houser, Sam Houser, and Jeff Castaneda, all from RockStar Games.  The chat session will take place on September 26th at 9pm (AEST) and if you hang around the chat room until 10pm (AEST) you could win an autographed copy of GTA2.  PlayNOW! has even prepared a section for people who cant attend.  If you cant make the chat session you can submit a question beforehand, and if its good enough they will ask the question for you.  Check out the announcement for yourself @ PlayNOW!.  Now, if I can just figure out what AEST is in GMT I'd know when to be there :).


GTA2 Unofficial Requirements <8:00 PM CST - schu>
Just though I'd mention the current, unofficial, requirements for GTA2.  They are from a reliable source, namely Dan Houser, but he emphasized the fact that they are NOT official.  Notice that GTA2 multiplayer may support two more players than the original GTA.
Pentium P200 or above

Any Direct3D compatible video card (at least 4MB) (support Voodoo cards as well)

Any DirectSound compatible sound card

Any DirectPlay compatible input device (keyboard joypad, etc.)

Multiplay - up to 6 players using DirectInput (TCP/IP, IPX, etc.)

DreamCast GTA <8:00 PM CST - schu>
You may recall awhile back that GTA DC was sighted at a few different online retailers.  I asked Dan Houser about what GTA ports were currently in development or being considered.  He mentioned GTA for GameBoy of course, but he also stated the following on GTA DC.  "DreamCast we are looking at possibly doing something but nothing is in development nor are plans in any way final."  So it looks like we will have to wait awhile longer to see if GTA or GTA2 will ever appear on DreamCast.


Log On To GTA BBS <8:00 PM CST - schu>
If you have been around the GTA scene since the very beginning you will probably remember Neil's GTA BBS.  GTA BBS was a great GTA site done with a BBS flare, hence the name.  Its been gone for awhile now but Neil has decided to resurrect the site for the impending launch of GTA2.  Log in at http://go.to/gtabbs.


Thursday - September 16, 1999 <7:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Promos <7:30 PM CST - schu>
John Paul Bichard from Take2 Interactive has been sending out these nifty GTA2 shockwave promo/breaker type things.  You'll need to get the latest Shockwave plugin to check these out.  I wasn't sure what to think about the first, its cool, but I really dig the second one.  If the music in the second one and the music featured in the GTA2 film are any indication of the quality of music that will be in GTA2, I will be extremely pleased.  There will be ten of these promos released + two bonus promos leading up to the GTA2 release on October 22nd.

GTA2 Release Date Clarification! <7:30 PM CST - schu>
GTA2 More Extreme mentioned the possibility of GTA2 being delayed.  I just noticed that they have received word from Take2 that it will be released on time, but I figured I'd add the following statement from Dan Houser on the subject.  The first bit is my question to him and second is his reply:

There has been a rumor going around that GTA2 will be delayed on either PC, PSX, or both in some countries...  Is there any truth to the rumors?

[Dan Houser] 
Schu! Where's your faith! GTA2 will ship on time, and it will be of the highest quality - the game is coming along very nicely and we'll get it done, end of story. We may not sleep much, we might lose friends, we might let our lives and our friends fall about our ears, but that game is hitting the shelves 22.10.99 - the rumours are started by people who don't know anything about the way games are developed on PSX, and then mutated to cover PC, foreign languages...

So, there you have it :)

GTA2 Q&A <7:30 PM CST - schu>
You have probably spotted this on other GTA sites (namely, Xtreme Getaway), but I figured for the sake of completeness I'd mention the Q&A session Thresh's Firing Squad had with Dan and Gary of Rockstar Games.  Some of the information is the same old, same old, but there are a few GTA2 info gems in there.  Its definitely worth a look and does a good job of clarifying some of the GTA2 features.  Until now I didn't realize that GTA2 was hardware only, meaning you must have a video card that supports Direct3D in order to play the game.  I don't see that as too much of a problem since almost all decent video cards supports Direct3D, but for those of you still playing GTA on your 486/100, consider this your reality check.

Announcements <7:30 PM CST - schu>

  • Jordan over at GTA Plus is setting up a chat session with the GTA2 crew.
  • GTA2 HQ has an exclusive interview with Andy Smith (Editor of the Future Gamer web site

Project News <7:30 PM CST - schu>

  • Criminal Valley Update / Empire City Up For Grabs
    RobertB sent me the latest on Criminal Valley and Empire City:
  • First, Poseidon told me he doesn't have enough time to finish his map Empire City, so if someone is interested in taking over mail him at bubba__99@hotmail.com . I'm not sure how serious he is, he seems to change very often (no I don't mean clothes). Anyway that's not my problem. He just said he was too busy with something.

    Right, Criminal Valley. My own map. The goal with making this map is to create the ultimate GTA experience, with new graphics, sounds, a really good mission story, a simple but useful architecture, special features... ok I'm not going to say I'm the best map maker ever cause I know I'm not. Therefore I need help. I just can't figure out how to add roadblocks, if someone knows and is willing to help me, mail me at robert.braun@telia.com . The map will be finished within a few weeks, I just got about 20% of the map and loads of mission programing left. Thanks for your time peeps!


    Hackenslash  members.xoom.com/hackenslash

    Empire City vs Criminal Valley members.tripod.com/ecvscv


  • Miracle Maker
    Version 1.36 of Miracle Maker is now available.  The latest version now supports CMP file viewing.  You can download it from www.angelfire.com/yt/gta

New GTA Sites <7:30 PM CST - schu>

Respray's Respray


Wednesday - September 15, 1999 <7:00 PM CST> <Top>
GTA On Gameboy Color! <4:30 AM CST - schu>
This is gonna be quick because its waaay to early in the morning and I need sleep, but this was to good to resist waiting until later.  There have been rumors about GTA for Gameboy Color for awhile but this time we finally have some solid evidence.  First I've got Dan Houser of Rockstar Games stating, "[GTA for] Color Gameboy is taking place - it is in development" and now, thanks to ILLSPIRIT's keen eye, we have a LINK to screen shots and a short preview over at Pocket.IGN.com.  I've been checking this site for awhile now, but no one ever seems to post the preview when I'm looking for it, oh well, at least ILLSPIRIT picked up on it.  The preview features five screen shots and a few interesting details.  It looks like the Gameboy Color version will take place in the cities we all know and love, Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City.  The camera that used to zoom in and out in the original GTA has been replaced with a static camera.  The BIG questions that remain are, will they be able to recreate the GTA experience in hand held form? and will they censor it?  I suppose we will have to wait and see to find out for certain, but judging by the preview, it looks as if they are trying to stick to the GTA formula as much as possible.

Playstation GTA2 Previews <7:00 PM CST - schu>
PSX.IGN.com has updated their GTA2 preview with 25 new screen shots. The shots should give Playstation fans a better idea of what to expect. The new shots seem much brighter and show off the changes RockStar and DMA have made to the interface.

Next-Generation posted a rather short GTA2 preview yesterday with three screen shots and some insight into the improvements made to vehicle handling.


Tuesday - September 14, 1999 <8:30 PM CST> <Top>
Announcements <9:30 PM CST - schu>
  • Nick's two sites, Ransom and INIEditor have been updated.  Nick also mentioned that he is working on a new map called Seven Islands, check the Ransom Site for details and check the INI Editor site for more on version 1.3 of the INIEditor that will be released shortly.
  • Check out +2's new opening screen at www.gtaplus.net.
  • GTA Fire Burner has a new look and some new details on GTA London 2001.
  • Speaking of new looks, GTA 2 HQ has also been revamped recently.
Project News <9:30 PM CST - schu>

GTA Springfield / GTA Tournament
Fingals Cave sent in updates on GTA Springfield and on the GTA Tournament:
The first update is for GTA Springfield (which has now moved to www.baznet.currantbun.com/SimpGTA I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time, but I've been pretty busy. I have posted a few more screen shots, and it is now possible to download the character pictures that will feature in the game. The second is my Tournament www.baznet.currantbun.com. I now have 14 entrants, but I would still like a few more. Plus, I need referees, to join the games, and make sure people are using the correct names and not cheating.
Community News
<9:30 PM CST - schu>
  • Hughesies Hut

  • After a couple of teething problems, Hughesies Hut has moved to niteshade.net, and can now be found at the new URL: http://hughesieshut.niteshade.net - will people please update all links and bookmarks please, as although the old URL's will still work, they may now be unreliable.


    I have now made Hughesies Hut GTA Only.  I have ditched all my other sites, and HH Is now home to 3 GTA sites - HH, and coming soon, Eternitiman's GTA Showpost and the Knight Rider TC Homepage.  Please find attached a picture advertising Eternitiman's GTA Showpost, and can you link it to HH Please.  The test version of the site will be available very soon.  The Knight Rider TC page should also be available very soon.  


    On another note, college work is tying me down a bit, but once I get my act together, I will regularly update the site.  I will revamp the site over the next few months.  I will also add the huge backlog of cars I have at the moment very soon (I Have over a 120 !!!), and will all car makers continue to send me any cars they make.
  • Tiffany's Unofficial GTA Shrine

  • Hughesie sent in Miscellaneous character mugshots & Sesame Street mugshots, I added 6 cars to the Car Depot, and I updated the Special Thanx page! 

    I want to send my condolences to the family of Brian Hildebrand, also known as WCW referee Mark Curtis. He was taken by cancer on Wednesday, September 8, and he'll be missed lots.

    Also, check out my GTA2 Teaser (requires Shockwave 7)!

  • GTA Canada

  • Grand Theft Auto Canada is giving away a free website to ring in the new year. We will have a contest and the winner will receive the domain http://www.gta2000.net Check out GTA-Canada.Com for more details in the coming weeks. More than likely a GTA related question will be asked and a winner will be drawn from the correct answers, by me the webmaster of GTA-Canada.com.
  • GTA Place

  • GTA Place is finally back up and running after months of abandonment and

    is back now with a vengeance. Now with more news, more features and a new address and server with no more banners. It can be accessed after Friday from www.GTAPlace.co.uk.

Site Updates <9:30 PM CST - schu>

The Bandwidth God has finally answered my prayers and accepted my sacrifice of my modem that I performed under a full moon just as the Internet scriptures state.  Actually I had to call a few more toll free numbers and found someone at GTE who knew what the hell was going on, and it only took a total of three days!  Anyway, I'm all hooked up now and watching everything download in a blaze of glory is definitely a thing of beauty.


Monday - September 13, 1999 <9:30 PM CST> <Top>
Updated GTA2 Preview <9:30 PM CST - schu>
GameSpot UK has updated their GTA2 preview with a few new screen shots and some information they gleaned from ECTS.  The preview is a little over two pages long and features a wealth of screen shot goodness.  Thanks to Jordan (GTA Plus) and No Fear (GTA2 More Extreme) for sending in this bit of news.



MotorHead Opens <9:30 PM CST - schu>

Rob's site, MotoHead opened recently and he asked that I post the following:

I have just started motorhead, a site dedicated to helping gta car makers, it is a bit like the old Hot Tweaks site but hopefully will last a bit longer. visit it at www.wheres.com/bg/motorhead

Miracle Maker - The Saga Continues <9:30 PM CST - schu>

<miracle maker> continues his updating frenzy releasing version 1.25 at www.angelfire.com/yt/gta.  He also mentioned that the minor downloading problem has been cleared up.



Site Updates <9:30 PM CST - schu>

Well, I had ADSL installed on Friday but its not fu*king working yet because GTE can't seem to get anything right.  This may explain the late updates because every time I talk to them over the phone I have to remove my dial up adapter and half my network protocols just for them to say, "I guess it really isn't your computer causing the problem" which causes me to respond to "NO SH*T!!!"  Then when I want to update I have to reconfigure everything.  Hopefully it will be sorted by the end of this week.  Today I spent three hours of prime updating time talking GTE dumb ass #432 only to find out they routed my service number to the wrong department and that the correct department will contact me tomorrow, all this after calling five separate toll free numbers.  Hopefully my quest for more bandwidth will have a happy ending sometime this week.


Friday - September 10, 1999 <9:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 Screen Shot Exclusive! <7:00 PM CST - schu>
As promised yesterday, here are the four exclusive GTA2 screen shots:

You may also notice in that the graphic for the Respect 'O' Meter has also been improved from the older screen shots.

azz.gouranga.com <7:00 PM CST - schu>
I finally got the redirect up for Azz, so now you can get to Get That Azzhole easier by using the azz.gouranga.com URL.

Site Updates
<7:00 PM CST - schu>
Not much going today, if anything interesting comes in I'll be sure and post it.


Thursday - September 9, 1999 <9:30 PM CST> <Top>
More On The GTA2 ECTS Disc <9:30 PM CST - schu>
Mad Scientist sent in some details on the GTA2 CD that was being distributed at ECTS.  Here is a portion of that message:

Unfortunately there aren't any GTA2 screen shots on the CD, only some other pix. When I first saw the GTA2 CD I was hoping for a demo(!) or at least some screen shots.

Here's roughly what's on the CD:

  • The GTA2 movie - at roughly 98Megs, its better quality than the initial one I downloaded from the web.
  • Concept art for 4 cars: Cab, Allard (you've called it Wireframe Sedan on your site), Toya & Cop Car
  • Sketches of some weapons
  • Sketches of some of the characters
  • Pictures from the GTA2 movie - these were released at Gamespot I think
  • Box Shot
  • A couple of GTA2 logos
  • Press reaction to the original GTA, and a description of GTA2

Mad Scientist also mentioned that all the pictures on the CD were very high quality, most of them more than 1mb in size.  He also sent one new shot (491k) from the cd that hasn't been posted on the web.  Its a collage of sketches and such.  Thanks to Mad Scientist for all the shot and info.

Miracle Maker Updated Yet Again! <9:30 PM CST - schu>
<miracle maker> is updating like crazy, releasing version 2.14 of Miracle Maker today.  This version adds integrated FXT file editing (save & view) and tank kill frenzies.  You can get the latest details on Miracle Maker and download the latest version at www.angelfire.com/yt/gta/.


<9:30 PM CST - schu>
Two new GTA2 site links today...  The first is ANDER'S GTA2 Site, and second is GTA Fire Burner.  GTA Fire Burner is the home of the London 2001 project that will feature new tiles, cars, etc.

Community News
<9:30 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA2 More Extreme

  • GTA2 More Extreme has got another NEW section called GTA2 Greeting Cards. Yes as you could guess it from the name you can send digital GTA2 cards to someone you know. I've made all the cards and you can choose what kind of type card you want to send, either to someone you like, or someone you hate or to wish someone happy birthday. There are lots more things in GTA2 More Extreme including daily updates with the latest GTA2 news and files and more of course, check out the section which got all the info about the GTA2 Movie including images from the shootings. You can find it all at gtaextreme.niteshade.net thanks
  • GTA2 Mainframe

  • It may be a few days until I next update because I've got an error with viewing the Images on HTML pages.  Sites on the Internet like Gouranga now look fine and all images work, but when I load a site of mine from the Hard Disk no images appear, just the little box with a cross in appears. If anyone could help please tell me.


    Also news is very rare at the minute and I can't seem to find any through the other GTA2 sites. If anyone has any GTA2 related news please email it to me and I will add it.
New GTA Sites
<9:30 PM CST - schu>

GTA Fire Burner

Site Updates
<9:30 PM CST - schu>
Check back tomorrow for a GTA2 exclusive here at G!. I will be posting four brand new GTA2 screen shots featuring electric weaponry, tanks, flame-throwers, and the army!


Wednesday - September 8, 1999 <8:00 PM CST> <Top>
New GTA2 PIX! <8:00 PM CST - schu>
Mad Scientist was lucky enough to attend ECTS and snagged one of the GTA2 cds they were handing out there. The GTA2 CDs contained some high res GTA2 pictures and the GTA2 movie. Mad Scientist sent in the concept art for two of the cars and shot of the box. Check em out:

GTA2 FAQ <8:00 PM CST - schu>
Nathan West has written an extensive GTA2 FAQ and posted it over at his site, FAQWorld. The FAQ will be updated regularly as new information is released. Get on over to FAQWorld for the latest version. I'll be sure to post an update as newer versions of the FAQ are released.

Miracle Maker Updated, Again! <8:00 PM CST - schu>
<miracle maker>has updated his INI editor, Miracle Maker, once again. Version 1.22 is now available and adds support for kill frenzy insertion... Get it @ www.angelfire.com/yt/gta


Tuesday - September 7, 1999 <8:20 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2 & RockStar @ ECTS99 <6:20 PM CST - schu>
As you may, or may not, know, that ECTS99 has been going for three days now in London.  ECTS is one of the largest computer game conventions in the world and RockStar is there showing off GTA2.  Lots of thanks go out to LiTtLeThUg who has been watching GameSpot UK and VideoGames.com and tipped me off to a wealth of GTA2 information.  First a few choice quotes that contain new information, then I'll list the articles so you can take a look at em for yourself.  There are three updates on GTA2, two updates on RockStar Games, and one set of GTA2 screens from the making of the GTA2 movie, but first, the best bits:


Finally, A Save Option:
"For those of you who were frustrated by the lack of save points in the previous games, good news - salvation is at hand! In GTA 2, it's possible to save at any time simply by making a donation to a church - isn't that nice? A typical example of the humour that pervades GTA 2 is the fact that the neon sign over the church flickers from 'Jesus Saves' to 'U Save'."

"There's a selection of deadly weaponry on offer, including such items as a pistol, silenced Uzi's, flame-throwers and a microwave gun - which doesn't cook eggs super fast, but actually frazzles a person! You'll be able to pick up some of these weapons from the corpses of the people you slaughter."

"One of the areas in which GTA 2 has made strides since the original game is in the artificial intelligence. AI characters comes complete with their own line of sight and a hearing range. This comes into play in missions like the one where you have to infiltrate the Russian Mafia HQ. If you can sneak in and take out the sentry stealthily, the mission will go a lot more smoothly. If he spots you coming and raises the alarm, 60 burly Sovs will be after you in no time!"

Water Cannon!:
"One of the key features that everyone wanted to see in the original game was the ability to squirt the fire engine's water hose. And guess what - you can. This is one cool way to repel attack from the cops!"

Scrapyard Powerups:
"Stolen vehicles can now be sold to a scrapyard, where they are compacted to reveal bonuses and power-ups."

ECTS Update Links:

Project & Util News
<8:20 PM CST - schu>

  • GTA Cars Update!

  • Jeff Mathews has released GTA Cars 3.2.1 over at the GTA Cars site.  Version 3.2.1 is only available for registered users.
  • Miracle Maker

  • <miracle maker> has released version 1.12 of the Miracle Maker INI editor.  You can download the latest version @ www.angelfire.com/yt/gta/.
  • GTA - Chicago 1934 (Help Wanted)

  • Pedo is working on a new project called, GTA - Chicago 1934.  The project is set in the heyday of the Mob and will features a new map, new missions, and possibly new cars.  Pedo is currently looking for help with the mission.ini the and map making.  If you'd like to help out you can contact Pedo @ thepedo@hotmail.com.
  • GTA Wars

  • The download section for the GTA Wars TC now features new vehicles for all three cities, along with the modified FXT file, pregame RAW graphics, and sound files.  Coming soon to the GTA Wars download section are the modified city graphics.
  • Car Creators Encyclopedia

  • Chris is building a Car Creators Encyclopedia over at Intel GTA.  The encyclopedia will feature a list of all the car makers and set of car making tutorials.  To get the list of car makers together Chris is asking that all the car makers out there fill out this form, and then send it to him with an example of your work and an optional photo of yourself.  Check out Intel GTA for more details.
Community News <8:20 PM CST - schu>
  • My Garage

  • "My Garage" has been updated. It will feature not only GTA, but GTA 2 news and links as well. I am bogged down with cars at the moment, but I am adding them as fast as I can. Some criticism would be nice.  NOTE: there are a few bugs, but they will be sorted out within the next 2 days.  I have a few cars coming out on Wednesday afternoon, so be there to get them.  You can find the site as always at buzwa.niteshade.net
New GTA Sites <8:20 PM CST - schu>



Monday - September 6, 1999 <7:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTAzz Haz Moved <7:30 PM CST - schu>
Apparently Gibbed is shutting its doors for an "indefinite amount of time" and is evicting all of the sites it used to host.  This includes Azz and his site Get That Azzhole, but Azz has already found a new host who just so happens to be ME!  Get That Azzhole is now being hosted over at gouranga.com and can be found at gouranga.com/azz.  I'm working on getting a redirect up that will allow you to get there through the azz.gouranga.com URL, but that won't be up until later this week.  Besides moving, Get That Azzhole also has a great new look, check it out and be sure to update your links and bookmarks.

ILLSPIRIT Remodels The Spacestation <7:30 PM CST - schu>
That's right, ILLSPIRIT is at it again, working to make the awesome Spacestation:GTA even better with new tiles, cars, and who knows what else.  You can get a sneak peak on ILLSPIRIT's GTA Page...  If you haven't tried Spacestation:GTA or ILLSPIRIT's other masterpiece, SnowBall City, then you don't know what you're missing.   They are both definitely worth the download and are two of my personal favorites.
GamesZone GTA2 Screen Shots <7:30 PM CST - schu>
I stumbled upon some GTA2 Screen shots at GamesZone, a German games site.  Most of the shots are repeats, but I think one or two may be new.

Site Updates <7:30 PM CST - schu>
  • Not much in the way of news today, but I'm still going through email...
  • I didn't get as much done on the site as I wanted to this weekend, but I did make some progress, and I think I found a java chat client that isn't covered in ad links.  
  • Moby put on a excellent show this weekend, if you ever have the chance to see him perform live it is well worth it.  Probably one of the few performers who doesn't take himself so seriously and actually has fun doing what he does.  The show was on the third floor of an old warehouse so I didn't expect much, but it kicked ass none the less... Its amazing what you can do with 8 veri-lights, some smoke, and kick ass music...


Friday - September 3, 1999 <8:15 PM CST> <Top>
DMA's Web Site <8:15 PM CST - schu>
DMA Design's web site is currently being redesigned but Mark, the new web master, took some time out of his schedule to post a progress report.  The update makes mention of a possible GTA2 "special download" at the end of next week when things calm down a bit.  Check out the full update HERE

New GTA2 Print Preview <8:15 PM CST - schu>
I just noticed that October issue of Next Gen will include a GTA2 preview...

Star Wars - Episode 1 - GTA <8:15 PM CST - schu>
Stuart Ashton is working on a Star Wars - Episode 1 mod for GTA.  He sent along a short update on the mod.  GTA Arena has a page devoted to the add-on with screen shots and the latest details:
A new mod for Grand Theft Auto is being developed called Star Wars Episode 1 Gta. The finished mod will include:
    • New Levels
    • New Text
    • New Cars
    • New Textures
    • New Sounds
    • and anything else that I can think of
    It should be ready around January 2000. If you want to look at some screen shots and any news on it (Updated as often as possible) then visit Gta Arena @ www.Gta-arena.8m.com

Announcements <8:15 PM CST - schu>

  • Olle has updated GTA Traffic Jam and added a kick ass new sub-site called Lammers-Mcgrath Cars.  The page is the present and future location of the cars created by Olle Lammers & Ryan McGrath.
  • UG², a new GTA2 site recently opened its doors at www.ug2.8m.com.
  • No Fear asked me to post his nifty new logo for GTA2 More Extreme, so here it is.


  • Tiffany has updated her GTA Shrine, here is her update:
      Just wanna start by saying G! Looks groovy! I added cars to the Car Depot, I've updated the Older Car Depot, and I've updated my Links, GTA FAQ and Special Thanx!

Site Updates <8:15 PM CST - schu>
I will be working over the weekend to try and get a few more section up and running here at G!... I won't be around on Saturday however, I'm headed back to my home town to see Moby, should be a good show... Monday is Labor Day here in the states, but I'll probably update anyway, after all I've got the day off from classes :)


Thursday - September 2, 1999 <8:30 PM CST> <Top>
New GTA2 Preview In Print <8:30 PM CST - schu>
The October issue of PC Gamer (US version) features a GTA2 preview on page 32.  The preview contains a lot of the standard GTA2 information and features three screen shots.  The GTA2 ad also makes an appearance in the same issue on page 255.  Thanks to Adam Hansen for this information!


Community News
<8:30 PM CST - schu>
  • GTA2 - More Extreme

  • After GTA2 More Extreme was opened at gtaextreme.niteshade.net on Tuesday August the 3rd I had to go to Italy for 3 weeks so it was closed in that time. But now I've returned and GTA2 More Extreme is getting better by the day, there are a lot of contents and info and downloads, I've also got a new section which has info about the movie of GTA2, images from the scene have been taken.  GTA2 More Extreme has got all the official previews, I've cut out all the cars I could find in the screen shots on August the 3rd and posted them in the GTA2 Cars section. But there's lots more and lots to explore and since there aren't many GTA2 sites this is definitely worth a visit, and maybe more because I'll try to update it daily if I can find some news, if you can find any GTA2 related news please send it to me, No Fear, at; Turp12@dds.nl and I'll post it right away. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site.

  • GTA Canada

  • I have added a Exclusive GTA2 Q&A to GTACanada. Plus there is a new GTA Online Tournament starting up. It can be found at GTA-Canada.com as well. Grand Theft Auto Canada will also be opening up a GTA2 section at http://gta-canada.com/gta2
Help Wanted
<8:30 PM CST - schu>

RingMaster is putting together a new GTA map and is currently searching for cars to release with the map.  He is mainly looking for realistic looking cars to replace every car in GTA, including the train, tank, etc.  If you submit a car you should also make a note in the email explaining what the car's name should be, how much it should be worth at the docks, and a note stating that its ok for your car to be used with the map.  Car names should reflect the real name of the car, and not something like, "The AssBlaster 5000".  All inquiries and submissions should be sent to Ringmaster @ stalker@starting-point.com


Wood is looking for ideas and team members for a new TC.  If you have any TC ideas or if you'd like to join up, contact Wood at me_gta_man@yahoo.com


Wednesday - September 1, 1999 <7:30 PM CST> <Top>
GTA2.com Updated <4:30 PM CST - schu>
The updates at GTA2.com include a new section on the gang known as The Loonies. The journal section was updated with a third entry that details some new info on The Scientists and The Loonies as well as some of the gang rivalries. Also of note is the Links section featuring some GTA2 site links and a full listing of all the GTA2 previews online. I'll be updating my GTA Reviews/Previews section with this information as well as the screen shot selection in the GTA2 Info section. I think the next update at GTA2.com will be on September 22nd when the demo is released.

New GTA2 Previews! <5:30 PM CST - schu>
I just updated the GTA2 Reviews/Previews section with five new GTA2 previews, obtained from the listing at GTA2.com.  I'm just now reading them all, and the GTA2 Developer Diaries at PlayNOW! are looking the most interesting. As soon as I'm finished going through them I'll add any new screen shots to the GTA2 Info section and post any new information right here in the news...

Preview Comments <7:00 PM CST - schu>
As far as I could tell there aren't any earth shattering new details to mention, but the Developer Diaries at PlayNOW! are well worth a look.  They give a great inside look at Rockstar Games in part 1 and a look at DMA Design in part 2.  One thing I found a bit confusing was the mention of a black and white film they did prior to releasing GTA.  Has anyone actually seen this film?  It sounded to me as if they had released at some point in time...  hmm..  I'll have to check into that...

The preview at Happy Puppy was pretty short and hardly worth mentioning, and Game Informer's first look was on the short side as well.  I can't really comment on the French previews since I don't speak French, but if there are any French speaking GTA fans reading this then perhaps they could let me know if anything new is mentioned in those previews (hint hint).  

If you only want to check out a few of previews I would highly suggest the Adrenaline Vault preview, the PlayNOW! Developer Diaries, and if you have some extra time, check out the preview at GameSpot UK.  The links to all the previews I know of are in the GTA2 Reviews section.

GTA2 Competition @ PlayNOW! <7:00 PM CST - schu>
First, I'll start with the catch before I get anyone's hopes up too high...  The competition is on an Australian based site, and so the competition is only open to Australian residents, ages 15 and above;  All entries must be received by November 26th...

Now then, on to the details...  The competition gives you the chance to win 1 of 5 autographed copies of GTA2 followed up by a congratulatory letter from Sam Houser, president of Rockstar Games.  To enter you need only answer the rather simple question at PlayNOW! correctly which will enter you in the drawing, but like I said, its for Australian residents ONLY...  

The entry form link may not take you directly to the GTA2 competition, you might have to scroll up or down a little on their competition page to find it because their link was screwed up the last time I tried it.  I found the entry deadline to be a little strange though, November 26th is more than a month after GTA2's release date...  I'll proabably finish GTA2 by then, oh well, its free, so you can't bitch too much I suppose...

Rockstar Games Website <7:00 PM CST - schu>
I just noticed over at Take2's site that the new Rockstar Games new web site will be going online sometime soon.

Miracle Maker Update <7:00 PM CST - schu>
<miracle maker> sent word that the download problems that some people were experiencing have been fixed.  If you were having trouble downloading Miracle Maker previously you should give it another try.  You can find the latest details on the new INI editor at www.angelfire.com/yt/gta.

GTA Editing Heaven <7:30 PM CST - schu>
Gold Phoenix is planning on releasing his own GTA editing site named GTA Editing Heaven. Gold Phoenix commented that the site is "totally dedicated to editing GTA and the mods others have already made." The site is barely half way done, but a lay-out test is planned for tomorrow.