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GTA3 Tips & Tricks Contents

GTA3 Tips
Note <Top>

Just a few notes, please read this crap:

  • Regardless of the title, this is more than a tips page.  You will also find observations, Easter eggs, regular tips, mission tips, and other random stuff people have found in GTA3.
  • Some of the tips below may contain spoilers so proceed with caution.
  • Please feel free to submit your own tips and tricks after you've made sure they aren't already listed.  If you'd like to add something to a tip, just send me an email and mention the tip number and your addendum.
  • Please try and make your submission as grammatically correct as possible.  The less editing and capitalizing I have to do the better.
  • This section is a little sloppy at the moment because it was just cut and pasted out of the news archives.  Some of the tips were posted hours after the game came out, so some of them may seem a bit obvious. 
  • Any material in BLUE and in quotes was yanked directly from the submission.


GTA3 Tips <Top>

1 Old Skool GTA
Eric sent in the following tip that most of us used in GTA, "you should try out some of the old skool tricks in this new version. i.e. like causing a traffic jam in the middle of a huge intersection and then blowing everything up. Everything catches on fire and blow up in succession. It's awesome! we used to do that in GTA 1 and 2 cause it was the quickest and easiest way to get money to progress in the game. There's not much need to do this in GTA3 since much the progress is story driven but it's still cool. Plus, the city and its drivers and pedestrians all react in mayhem anytime there's a massive explosion like the ones you orchestrate."
2 The L
Walking or driving around on the elevated rail tracks can give you a birds eye view and will help you track down hidden weaponry and power-ups.  JWeb sent in a more specific tip but believe me, its more fun to track this stuff down on your own.  The easiest access point is on top of big hill in Portland, not far from Salvatore's mansion.
3 More Old Skool GTA
If you played GTA, try some of the same stuff in GTA3, a lot of the same vehicle stunts still work in the same way (L1, the handbrake button, is your friend).
4 Drive-Bys
  To perform at drive-by in GTA3 you must have an Uzi.  When you get into a car your weapon will automatically change to the Uzi, then you just hit the R2 or L2 buttons to change to a side view, and then hit the CIRCLE button to fire.  You can only do a driveby with the Uzi.
5 Hydraulics

Hydraulics are only on certain cars, when you get into a car with Hydraulics it will tell you how to use them.  Basically you hold down L3 (the horn button/left analog stick) and then adjust tire height using the right analog stick.

6 Rich Bastards
Keep an eye on what people drop, some of the homeless people living in the tunnel behind 8-Ball's bomb shop drop some very useful items.  Also, some peds are richer than others, especially if they recently visited an ATM machine.
7 Vehicle Side Mission Rewards
The side missions in the police car, ambulance, fire truck, and taxi are more than just a fun diversion, you can earn rewards back at your safe house if you do enough of them.
8 Hidden Package & Vehicle Rewards

The hidden packages are another way to get rewards in the game.  Every time you find ten of them, something new will appear at your safe house.

Hidden Packages (replenishing item in hideout):

  • 10=Handgun
  • 20=Uzi
  • 30=Grenades
  • 40=Shotgun
  • 50=Armor
  • 60=Molotovs
  • 70=AK-47
  • 80=Sniper Rifle
  • 90=M16
  • 100=Rocket launcher and $1,000,000

Vehicle Missions:

  • Taxi:  Complete 100 taxi missions (not necessarily in a row) and a new borgnine taxi is created in Harwood. The fares you collect are yours to keep.
  • Ambulance: If you save 50 pedestrians, health power-ups will be created at your hideouts. Save 100 pedestrians and Adrenaline is created at the hideouts. If you complete ambulance level 12 then infinite run is awarded enabling you to run/sprint without tiring.
  • Fire Truck: You double the money earned with each consecutive fire extinguished in a single mission. Put out 30 fires in each area of town (covering all three districts) to get the flame-thrower at your hideout. This weapon will not be unlocked by collecting hidden packages.
  • Police Car/Vigilante: Kill 40 criminals in each area of town in all three districts to create police bribe power-ups at the hideouts. Two are awarded for each district.


9 Sniper Rifle
"Missions that deal with taking out a certain person is very easy with the Sniper Rifle. It can be bought in the Ammunation in Staunton Island for $10,000. You get 20 or 25 shells, AND IT'S WORTH EVERY CENT."  -- Submitted by Insane2757
10 Safe House Item Respawn
If you don't want to wait for the items at your safe house to respawn, try going into your safe house, then when it asks you to save, just hit cancel. When you come back out they should all be there again.
11 Jacking A Police Car
If you need a police car there are a few ways to jack them successfully. The first method is to try jacking the car from the driver's side, then run to the passenger side and get in when the cop gets out.  You can also try jacking the cop car from the passenger side, then run around some cars and peds to confuse the cop.  Then jump in his car before he can get back to you.
12 Free Ride
Stand in the street and wait for a car to come up behind you, the jump on the hood.  The car will drive around the city while you stand on top.  It's not always easy to stay on and if the cops are looking for you they will ram the car and try to knock you off.
13 Fight Combos
Badboys1987 mentioned that if you hit the CIRCLE button fast enough in melee combat you can perform limited combos.  Mainly a punch followed by a kick to the face.  Personally I think it is all related to distance, because I tried this about twenty times and I could never quite get the same combo twice, even when I did the exact same thing over and over again.
14 Tank
zach sent in a rather complex and dangerous way to get a tank, read on and find out how.  "My tip is how to get an army tank, to get one max out your warning level and steel it when the military come for you, its easier if you have at least 50 hidden packages then go to your house in the second part of Liberty City and collect all the items, then go up and shoot pedestrians, and cops with your Uzi’s in front of the ally that goes to your house until you get 5 warning stars. Then jump in a car and the FBI should be after you. You should blow up the FBI cars by drive by shooting them, its easier that way cause if you get out of your car they'll gun your ass down. After you blow up about 3 or 4 FBI cars you will have 6 warning starts, this is when the military come for you. Try to lure a tank down to your garage and try to get them to come out of the tank, then shoot them down, and if your lucky you can get their tank then drive it into your garage and save because it's fucking hard as hell to do, and once you've done it you won't want to do it again. I spent several hours trying to get one but I finally got one and its bad as hell and was well worth all the time spent getting it."
15 Hip-Hop Honeys
If you listen to GameRadio in GTA3 you'll occasionally hear them announce the URL, www.hiphophoneys.com.  Striderhiryu2557 went to take a look and the site does exist.  It is not a site created by Rockstar Games, but it does exist and it is of an adult nature.
16 Da Hos
It turns out that you can pick up a hooker in the game.  Someone mentioned that a strategy guide mentioned it so I thought I'd give it a try.  They didn't say how so I just figured it out based on my past experience picking up hookers (yes, I'm kidding... no really).  I'm not sure if it requires a specific car, but I used the Esperanto since it looked like a pimp-mobile to me.  Just pull up next to the hooker of your choice and honk the horn, they should then walk up to your passenger side door.  If you wait a few seconds she will get in.  Then drive somewhere secluded, and well, use your imagination from there.  No I haven't tried this in first person view but I don't think there is really anything to see.  You then get an extra 25 health (so you can get up to 125 health total) but it costs you money.
17 Internet Cafe'
cHOAS sent this in but I haven't checked it out yet.  "Hey, this is a little something I've noticed while playing GTA3!  First you go to Staunton Island, then you go to that Internet cafe (the place where you can smash through the glass to get in), after you do that you gotta go to the two comps by the stairs, then look through first person mode at the comps! You'll see something very familiar ;)."
18 Melee Combat Tips
Here are a few tips from illspirit on melee combat, "I think hits and kicks might have to do with how hard you hit the button.  Also, you can creep at slow speeds in car by holding down the x button very lightly."
19 Links
If you don't mind spoilers, Terran Redneck XII found a message board for you, click here for the GameFAQ's GTA3 message board.  Whes007 (GTA3 World) also mentioned GameFAQs.com, apparently they have posted a strategy guide you can view here.
20 Taking Out The Tanks
Tanks got you down?  Here is a GTA2 tip from LoneWolf that works in GTA3, "If you actually manage to live long enough so you have the Army after you, you've probably found that the Tanks are pretty much invulnerable to bullets. Try and find a tight alleyway, where the Tank has to fight to get at you. While it's trying to get into the alley, pelt it with molotov cocktails (pretty much the exact same way to beat the Tanks in GTA2). Pretty soon, the Tank will be set on fire, and will eventually explode."
21 Sirens
inv noticed that if you tap the L3 button while driving an emergency vehicle it will turn the sirens on.  I think I may have mentioned that before actually.  Anyway, after you have the sirens on you can hold the L3 button to emit different siren sounds.  The sirens should make the cars in your path move out of your way.
22 ShoreSide Vale Garage
stuntwill found a way to pack more cars in the ShoreSide Vale garage, here is his tip.  "To [fit more cars in the ShoreSide Vale garage] do this, you can either park the 3rd car in front of the garage door (which isn't opening because you already have 2 cars in there), then get out really fast, which causes the door to open because you're near it. After it starts opening, you get back in your car quickly and drive through the door before it closes again.  Another way to do it is to block the door with a car you already have in the garage, then drive your 3rd car inside while the door shakes around trying to close. However, this doesn't work as well because the car jamming the door will disappear if it leaves your field of vision, closing the door in the process."
23 Rampages

Here are a few from Insane2757:
"Kill Frenzys/Rampages can be passed more easily if you jump on a car that is not moving. This way, the people with baseball bats cannot hit you, and peds cannot punch you. (That is, until you jump off the car.)"

24 Tank

This is a definite spoiler from Stom4571.  "OK......after you beat the game (all the required missions), go to Phil Cassedy's army surplus.  When you get there, there should be a tank next to all the sand bags!  When I went there to buy a rocket launcher, it was there, and even after I (accidentally) rolled it over (don't ask).  I went back to the surplus store and it was there again......cool huh?"

25 Adrenaline Powerup
"OK, first get the pill power-up, then get the Uzi out the run up to a ped and punch him.  He should go flying in the air, and while he is in the air hold R1 and blast away." -- Submitted by BadBoys1987
26 Hidden URLs

Tobias tracked down another hidden URL, bringing the total to three.  So far none of the URLs has gone live so it will be interesting to see what they do with those.  Here are the URLs I've received so far:


27 Fly The Dodo

tDemaxx & E-Razor have been trying to get the Dodo off the ground and apparently they've had some success.  "So this is how you do it, you start at full throttle and after a while it wants to go up, then u push the left analog stick a lil forward, just enough so you stay on the ground. At the end of the runway let the stick go a lil so you take off and fly over the water to Staunton!  When your in the middle of Staunton the plane will get a steady speed and you can let go the L3 stick and just fly high into the sky!"

Another Dodo flight tip came in from M Goddard.
"Since there have already been one or two messages telling you how to do it, and I'm sure you've probably figured it out by now, I'm going to tell you where to take off to get a better chance of staying in the air for an extended amount of time. The first good place to take off from is the hill near the blocked tunnel, next to the Dam in Shoreside Vale. Just aim your plane down the hill, and takeoff like you normally would, only you'll notice that since you are going downhill, you will gain speed much faster, and wont have to wait as long to take off. The second good spot is on the Callahan Bridge, going in either direction. If you are going to fly towards Staunton Island, You should start holding the stick up as soon as the game comes back after the "Welcome to Staunton Island" screen. You may want to start from a complete stop, or going slow, and make sure the road ahead of you is clear. Don't try to do this in the middle, for some reason the plane tends to jump around, like the wheels are getting stuck in the grate or something. If you're flying towards Portland, You wan to try to be in the air before the "Welcome to Portland" screen comes up. Start holding down the stick and accelerating as soon as you get over the incline when you are coming onto the bridge from the Staunton Island side. No matter which way you choose, you should be able to get some serious altitude this way."

And yet another flight tip from mark.  
"Pilots Listen Up!!

FLYING THE DODO- (easier to understand than the other tip posted)

1) Taxi dodo to end of runway facing Staunton Island
2) Accelerate down runway
3) Third of the way down runway make the nose of the aircraft tilt down towards runway- by pushing analogue stick away from you. Do this for 20 secs or less.
4) Then slowly release analogue sticks and dodo will rise upwards.
5) Always keep speed- NEVER pull up to go higher
6) To land, stall dodo by pulling up over runway or road,or other straight, flat area of land
7) follow above tips to takeoff and land anywhere in Liberty City
8) For level flight and turning always use small inputs to analog stick, no sharp turning!
9) Flying makes your arms ache!"

And lastly, a huge explanation with CaliGangstar's flight FAQ.

CaliGangster send in this rather long FAQ on flying the dodo.  Perhaps this might help any of you having trouble with it.
"Ok, I know that ALOT of people are having a hard time flying the Dodo. So... I decided to write a FAQ to help you all.

NOTE: I just learned how to fly, and trust me, THIS WILL TAKE PRACTICE!

OK, First off, go to the airport in ShoreSide Vale so you can get the Dodo. When you are there, drive all the way to the beginning of the runway, or just go down by the place where there is another Dodo, and a bunch of helicopters.(NOTE: I get my Dodo usually down in the hanger by the water, but you can get the one near the helicopters to save time, it doesn't matter.)

Now get on the runway, and make sure you are pointed straight, so when you drive you wont go off the runway,or the black part. Now hold the left analog stick very slightly up. This will cause your place to tilt forwards when you drive, and help pick up speed. The reason why you should barely move it up is because then the plane will take longer to lean all the way down, thus you pick up more speed.

Now while holding up on the left analog stick, start to drive.

Keep going until you see your plane sort of bouncing up and down, and you see sparks.

When you see your plane sort of bouncing and you see sparks, let go of the analog stick gently. This will send your plane shooting into the air, almost vertically, so when you get up, start pressing up, so your will make the plane level. Sort of point it a little downwards so the plane will kind of dive, thus you pick up speed, then you just level the plane by barely moving the analog stick downwards.

Keep pressing up on the analog stick every so often to pick up speed, the plane usually does the rest and makes you gain altitude, so really when you go down and get more speed, the air will sort of pick you up, and make you go higher, but you still need to push the analog stick down a little to help it
climb higher, and so that you can fly longer.


Now turning...

Turning is very hard, and should only really be done when you know where you are flying. To turn, just barely tap the analog stick in the direction you want to turn, but kind of do it diagonally, like right-up, or left-up, NEVER push is left-down or right down, this will cause your plane to sort of stall. And can be very hard to get flying again, and you will most likely crash. Never make hard sharp turns, unless you want to crash...

Landing is pretty simple, just make sure your straight, find a long flat place, and press up on the analog stick, this will move you down, and just press Square and R1 when close to the ground, so that you will stop.

This FAQ has been written by Alex Wisniewski, and if you use it any other places, please give me the credit. Thank you.


28 Mission Tip: Portland Bank Robbery
Chris sent in the following tip on completing the Portland bank robbery mission, "A handy tip for the bank robbery mission. When you pull up to the bank do it facing the oncoming traffic and when the robbers get back into the car head towards the ally straight in front of you, this ally has a loose feds item that will take your wanted level down by 1 leaving you to find the spray shop then take a nice quiet drive to the drop off point."
29 Rampages

"Kill Frenzies that have to deal with blowing up cars get the ped's attention, and they come after you.  Either Jump onto a car, or blow them away. If you chose to blow them away, the cops will find you, so you might want the other choice." -- Submitted by Insane2757

30 Map Glitch

Kyle Anderson and stuntwill sent in the following glitch.  I'd make sure you have your game saved before you attempt this though.

"Go to the police station at Staunton Island.  Then, go down a set of stairs on the south side of the police station. Take a left down the tunnel where a police bribe is located. Go to the end of the tunnel and walk into the wall in front of you near the corner. You should go through the wall, then fall into oblivion, etc..."

porkcharsui2k noted something about the bug where you fall through the map, here is what he sent in.  

"This thing happens in several places. Note: after you fall through the '3d wireframe' you DO end up back at the place near your 'fall'. So it's pretty fail safe I believe."

31 Tank
Paige sent in his method for getting the tank without using a cheat.  
"Hit all three cities so you can get a code six. Grab a sniper rifle and rocket launcher then head over to the multi-level parking lot in Staunton Island. From the top level by the insane jump ramp start shooting civilians and blowing up cars until you get a code six. You need to be standing on the ledge in order to do this next step. Eventually tanks and military trucks will start tearing around you. Wait for one to stop below you, the marines will jump out and start shooting. Kill them and any other cops in the area jump off the ledge and get in the tank. Take it to your Staunton Safe House and then steal any normal car and hit up the Pay'n'Spray. Walla, your own tank that you earned!"
32 Easter Egg
illspirit send in the following GTA3 Easter egg he found, its in gray because it's a possible spoiler:  "You know those stairs behind the liberty tree office on Staunton island? if you drive a car up them, jump on the car, then jump on the roof, you can walk over the little driveway and jump into a small alleyway. In that alley, there is a big sign that says "you weren't supposed to be able to get here you know!"
33 Securicars
"If you find a Securicar, CAR JACK IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!!  This car is SUPER RARE, and if you drive to Portland with it, you can put it in the Import/Export Garage, or get $5000 for it in a building that has doors with number's painted on them. Drive it through the one with no number."
34 Bomb Shops
Striderhiryu2557 sent in the differences between the bomb shops on the different islands, here is what he had to say.  "Did ya know about the different bomb shops?  In Portland it blows when someone gets, in Staunton it's timed, and in Shoreside you get a detonator."
35 Flying Tank
Using the Dodo cheat, both Alaron and Insane2757 have flown the tank.  Here are their reports:
Insane2757 writes, "With the Dodo Car code (which is the same as the "Better Handling/Driver" code), cars can hop and jump like the Dodo. But the tank, since it shoots and therefore gets extra speed without it's wheels having to be on the ground, it can fly ANYWHERE. I could only get enough speed to do it twice, and believe me, its hard to fly the thing. The highest I got was almost over the stadium's wall, and I flew from a 4 lane street (by the Casino) into Portland. Not far in a straight line, but I kept doing flips in midair, and I hardly shot the cannon. This is crazy stuff, if you see it, you'll know what I mean. To get enough speed to do this, you must find a straight, and very long, street, start going down as fast as you can. Turn the turret all the way behind you, and tap Circle. Then use the "Flying Dodo Car" or some Hint from Gamewinners or IGN to get you into the skies."
36 Flying Tank

Alaron writes, "In GTA3 It's possible to make the Tank fly like an aeroplane. Not a prolonged jump, flying around. Gaining altitude and making landings on highways on top of cars! I posted it on cheatplanet.com just a few minutes ago. I was trying out the cheats listed there, and accidentally managed to make the tank take off.  It's simple:
Turn on the "peds fistfight each other" cheat (I don't think it makes them fight but for some reason it makes the tank fly), which is:

[Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1]

Then get a tank one way or another. (I used the tank cheat) Find a suitable runway, hopefully at night so there are no cars there to get slowed down by. Turn the tank turret so it faces backwards, and accelerate down the "runway" while simultaneously firing the cannon out behind you. When the tank hits a certain speed it just takes off, and you can control it's flight with the d-pad. Turn too far in either direction, however, and you spin out of control.  You have to keep firing to stay in the air. Be careful not to land on special buildings like the stadium, cos you go straight through them and end up in this parallel universe where the laws of PS2 graphics don't apply.  It looks cool and you eventually fall through the floor and onto the street, but the cops are usually chasing you after the takeoff (Cannon shells flying everywhere arouse attention) and you can get busted fast."

37 Ho Train
Desi found a way to get a long line of hos, here is his tip.  
"The "Ho Train" Trick,
This trick will allow you to have a troop of ho's following you everywhere. First, grab a sporty car and goto the red light district (basically where the ho's are) and drive up to the curb. When a hooker approaches, she'll bend over a few times before she decides to enter your car. (The best way to do this is by attracting the hooker to the drivers side - so that she has to walk around the vehicle to get in). Quickly, exit the vehicle before the hooker opens the passenger door and then she'll follow you anywhere on foot. You can do this as many times as you want, eventually getting a "Ho Train" :) Now I change my costume to the pimp and stroll Portland with my ho's. This game is just to cool."
38 Import/Export Garages
Eric sent in this possible spoiler about your reward for bringing cars to the import/export garages.  "Here's a tip regarding the import/export garages (found in Portland and Shoreside Vale - not sure if there's one in Staunton).  After you complete the list of requested cars (posted outside on the garage wall), you will receive a bonus.  That bonus is access to all of the cars that you bring in anytime you want. So basically, you help the garage get cars so they can export them for cash and once you complete the list, they'll be able to import any of the cars you got them any time you want.  A nice handy helper for times when you need a phat car but can't find one.  Also, have you noticed that when you're in a phat car, dozens of other phat cars are around but when you're in a taxi or other not-so-phat car, none are around. Strange huh? the import/export garage is located by the docks in the Portland and by the police station in shoreside vale. Hope this helps you and other GTAers!"
39 Train Track Jump
Paige sent in this one on driving your car on the monorail tracks.  " Ride the Monorail! At the subway entrance in Portland there is a ramp on the south side of the stairs. Get a really fast car and hit that ramp at a angle pointing towards the monorail and you will land on it. Warning : make sure you land on the right side, the left side has the active train!"
40 Prison Jumpsuit Bug

"I found a bug that lets you play the game in the jumpsuit.

I started the game up with no Memory Card in. Skipped the opening cinema, and the first mission (Give Me Liberty) began. Just as the opening scene for that mission was playing (8-Ball talking about his hands) I hit START, put the Memory Card back in, and Loaded up my old game. When it began, the Character was in the Jumpsuit.

If you Save your game, he will stay in the Jumpsuit forever. However, this code disables the Wear Any Outfit code, so you WILL be stuck in the Jumpsuit for the entire game. You'll need to decide whether or not you really like the color Orange before pulling off this trick."

-- Submitted by LoneWolf

41 Nice View
LoneWolf sent in a bit about getting a full view of the Liberty City skyline.  "This isn't really a tip or a cheat, just something interesting to do. When you reach Shoreside Vale, drive up to the Dam, and at the upper right corner, you should notice a tunnel at the top of the hill which is blocked off. If you leave your car and run up the right-hand side of the tunnel entrance, you'll be able to climb the mountain heading towards the Observatory. You *Will Not* be able to reach the Observatory, the rock cliffs become too steep to climb. However, there's a perch near the base of the Observatory where you can stand, and its quite possibly the highest point in Liberty City. Standing there, I got an amazing view of the *Entire* City. It really made me appreciate the work that went into this game."
42 Boat Tip

Finn sent in this tip.  It's rather hard to understand but I think you'll get the general point, that you can relocate a boat to another body of water with the proper time and effort.  "Hi I found a tip for Staunton Island.  Go get a speedboat. Then drive to the waterfence [pipeline]. Now get some nice speed then drive the speedboat up to the road and get outta that speedboat. Take a car, crash the speedboat toward and crash it half timeout/in the water. Then push the speedboat out in the water jump in it and wait.  It can take some minutes but it works. Then you are over the waterfence [pipeline]."

43 Import/Export Garages
FreakFXP just wants people to know that there is an Import/Export garage both in Portland and in Shoreside Vale
44 Staunton To Shoreside With No Missions

Stephen Loyd sent in this tip (it's a glitch really) on how to get to ShoreSide Vale without completing any missions in Staunton Island.  "In Staunton Island, get on the road next to a ruined wall that overlooks a building site. Opposite this wall is a car park with a low wall around it. Drive up the embankment as though you are about to jump the wall (if heading downhill then the precise spot is just before you get to a lamp post inside the car park) and you can drop through the wall into "null space". You drop out again into the tunnel leading to Shoreside Vale - on the Shoreside Vale side of the blockage!"

Darq sent in another possible method.  "For those without memory card and the for the lazy bastards too. You can get to Shoreside Vale from Staunton Island pretty easily. Thing you have to do: go and grab speeder near Asuka's place. Turn to north and start follow Stauntons coast until you find sea route blocked. Now you need to back off to get full speed and crush your boat in land few meters before the concrete wall next to the sea block. After few tries you should fly over the land to other side of the block. Now you just drive west until you reach Shoreside Vale and find a good spot to leave the boat. Welcome to Shoreside Vale.

45 Fly To The Other Parts of Liberty City
Slicey sent in the following tip on how to use the low gravity cheat to get to the other islands.  "Since I do not have a PS2 memory card, I was trying to find a way into the other islands after I knew Portland completely, I found one way to do it, enter the low gravity code (Right,R2,Circle,R1,L2,Down,L1,R1) get a Cop Car, Banshee(inside the car dealership by 8-Balls),Diablo Stallion, or Mafia Sentinel and head to the bridge by Greasy Joe's Cafe. You must fly over the gap in the bridge using a little bit of speed, Welcome to Staunton Island. Turn off the low gravity code(put it in once more) then head to the Porter Tunnel,just east of the stadium, once there u can head straight into Shoreside."
46 Easter Egg
Ryan found an interesting GTA3 Easter Egg while flying around in the Dodo.

"Hi, I am a loyal GTA3 fan, and I was flying the Dodo around Liberty City. I was flying around the Airport, BEHIND the dam, and I ended up in an area where I wasn't supposed to be. I could see the bottom side of Shoreside Vale! As I was flying, I saw a series of buildings, but after numerous attempts, I figured I couldn't hit/land on the roads or buildings. I got bored and decided to go on, to see other goodies I might find.

I was flying along, and I saw a bunch of weird shapes on the radar, but at closer inspection, they were words! I had manages to read a few. Woodcounty? Chris' Town? Aaronvile? The list goes on, but I figured they are all cast/DMA/Rockstar people. I was wondering if I could have the whole list of names that appeared on the radar, and I would like to know what the buildings behind the unfinished tunnel are/were meant to be for. Also, do these have anything to do with the full winged Dodo? (If there is such a thing)"

Unfortunately I don't have any answers to Ryan's questions, but I'll see what I can do.
47 Kenji's Parking Lot

Albert sent in an observation he made about the cars parked around Kenji's Casino.
"Well I noticed that, in Kenji's Casino, the parking lot down below, has cars parked in it. I noticed that when I travel from around noon, to about 9 at night, the car doors are locked to the Sentinel and the cobra look alike and the Yakuza car. I went back like at 2 in the morning and the doors where unlocked however, the alarm goes off."


48 Mug The Muggers
catnip07 found a way to mug the muggers, here is his tip.  "First find a mugger, they either wear dark red and blue jacket and a bandana or white and blue camo pants and green hat.  Follow them until they mug someone then target them make sure they see you and they will drop what they stole."
49 Securicars

PJA116 sent in three useful tips on Securicars and getting another boat.
"1- How to get a Securicar easy. When you get that mission from Donald Love to escort the securicar don't worry about it, just wander the streets near Donald's apartment, when I did it I saw 3 of them, when you get 1 put it in your garage than just fail the mission (suicide, arrests, whatever) and go save.

2-Get a new boat. When you get the mission to kill Ray's partner don't shoot him, just chase him until he throws all the buckets off.  He'll drive his boat on the beach, just get out on the beach and kill him, then get in his boat and reverse for a while till your in the water, its called the missing something."

50 Safehouse Stash Respawn

Kat Rosen and Tom Taylor send in this useful tip on getting your safehouse stash to respawn.  "If you walk all the way in and then all the way out of your hideout's car garage, (so that the camera angle is forced to change...), any and all 'stuff' you've accumulated through missions/packages in the hideout will respawn. VERY convenient when trying to get that pesky 5 star wanted level down and you have 2 bribes waiting for you at home. (If you make it home...)"

Tom Taylor sent in a correction on a tip he sent in previously.  
"A week or more back I told you about the trick to respawn whatever goodies you had at your hideout?  Well, upon further review, we've found that running into and out of the car garage does NOT seem to want to work at your hide out in Shoreside Vale.  However, at all your hide outs, you can make everything respawn by stepping into the save area and hitting Cancel.  Cheap, but it gets the job done (and interrupts game play a little...)."

51 Break The Tunnel Blockade
Johan Brodd sent in a tip on getting through the tunnel blockade, giving you access to different parts of the city.  "I printed the cheats for GTA3 a few days ago, I stood on the Harwood cliffs above the tunnel entry and called in the cops near the Shoreside vale tunnel, and much to my surprise I saw the copcars drive out of the tunnel through the blue tunnelblocker!  I repeat: This is no spoiler! This can be done but it's hard and you need alot of health, I would even say that you need armor to do this cheat. Call in the cops twice so you have 4 stars lit. Now drive to the tunnel and let the cops chase you there. When you have 4 stars you also have to deal with cop busses.  Since they weight is quite heavy you better do this with a light car i.e.. a taxi or similar. Now accelerate and let the cops crash you against the blocker, if you're lucky the car flips and slides through the blocker on the roof. The chance is if you succeed 99% that the car will be destroyed, so get out of the car as soon as possibly and run for your life. Now disable the cops. and start to walk. You can even access Staunton Island this way, and when you get there make sure to save as soon as possible. The safehouse is in Liberty Campus on Staunton Island, and in Wichita Gardens in Shoreside Vale. If you get wasted you'll end up at the hospital in Portland."
52 Go Straight To Staunton
Johan also sent in the following tip, I haven't tested this yet so I'd make sure you save your last save to a new slot just in case anything goes awry.  "When the game starts up and the memory card is accessed hold down X to get to Staunton Island."
53 Adrenaline Tip
Kyle Lancaster sent in the following tip on using the adrenaline/slo-mo pill. "If you take the adrenaline pill(aka slow-mo pill)you can sprint at cars and it will damage them or if no one's in the car you can flip it but,you must be sprinting while doing this or it won't work and if you don't believe me ask someone to try it or do it your self. I now love the adrenaline pill."
54 Drive-By Tip

Insane2757 sent in a tip on doing drive-bys while riding on top of cars. "Want to do drive-bys with a gun, other than the Uzi?  Well, try this. Jump onto some car (I like Bobcats, but that's just me), and make sure you don't start to slide off. Stand on his roof, trunk, or spare tire.  Then he will start to drive, allowing you "to blast any mutha that gets in the way". (It's from the GTA song, listen to Lips 106) Have fun!

If you want to go faster, do this: shoot the car once with the M16 (or something so it doesn't do too much damage!). The car SHOULD start driving really fast! But it will drive erratically, so you may fall off/get killed!"

55 Infinite Ammo?

Peril sent in the following tip on how you can get infinite ammo.  "Infinite ammo is gained for a gun if you get the ammo over 9999. For example, I got an M16 19 times, and realized the ammo read 9999 - 60. I saved the game, then went to nick a car. I shot some passersby, and realized the ammo didn't decrease from 9999! I am now trying to get this with the AK47 to verify that it works. The ammo is lost if you are killed, and you have to again get 9999 ammo for it to work. Could somebody test this to check it isn't just a fluke."

Rhino and Troy wrote in about the infinite ammo trick and it doesn't appear to work as advertised.  Apparently the ammo readout only goes up to 9999, even it you have more ammo that that.  So, if you have 10000 ammo, the readout will read 9999.  After you get back down to 9999 the ammo count will begin to read correctly again.

56 Hidden Package Map
OutForBlood sent in this link, where you can find scanned images of the hidden packages maps.
57 Secret Roof Area
Insane2757 sent in a link to a thread he started about a secret roof area he found.
58 Taxi Missions
"Taxi missions can be MUCH MUCH easier if you do them in a row, because the extra time accumulates after each drop-off. Also, the green blip isn't the one YOU HAVE TO GET, you can drive past them, and someone else will want a ride." -- Submitted by Insane2757
59 Street Race

Stom4571 found a way to start your own race with some unwilling opponents.  "OK first try to get a fast car like a Banshee or Cheetah, then goto Staunton Island where all of the fast cars like the Banshee (duh). Go find one of those fast cars driving and get on the side of him (still in your car).  All ya gotta do now is do a driveby shooting at him, but only hit him once or twice.  If your lucky, he'll take off and now you can race him!! You might have already known that, but it's fun to see how long you can keep up with them."

PJ also sent in his own version of this tip by doing it in the tunnel.
"It work's the same as in the city. I saw a tip about your own created street race. Well this is the same just in the tunnel. Do a drive by in a tunnel and stick behind the piss in his pants scarred driver you just shot at. It doesn't take them to long to get in a horrible accident in the tunnel and blow themselves up and the traffic jam that builds up :)).  For more fun wait for a van or something else biggy. They swerve more. Just be sure not to get in any accidents yourself."

60 Securicar
If you are looking for a security van, Nicholas might be able to help.  He says one of the best places to check for this elusive vehicle "is the underpass below the lift bridge on Shoreside between 15:00 and 16:00 (game time)."
61 Bullet Proof Cheetah

Caustic found an interesting tip on getting a bulletproof Cheetah that was originally posted by Evil_Stallion.

"And when I say "always", I mean it's EXACTLY like the BP Patriot and doesn't lose its bullet resistance when you put it in the garage and save.

It all happened last night when I was messing around with the Turismo race. I decided it would be fun to try and beat it using the Barracks OL. So I came screaming down the street and slaughtered one of the cars from behind to start the race. It slid through the first checkpoint on its roof and came to a stop against the wall at the end of the street. Now this is where I became interested in the car. It just sat there on its roof for a whole minute and never caught fire. So I got out of the Barracks OL and put 3 shotgun blasts into it. When it didn't blow up, I pulled out the flamethrower and tried roasting it, to no avail. So I finally decided to run a little ways up the street and put a rocket in it, but when I turned around to take aim it had disappeared and I caught a glimpse of it speeding away down the street.

At this point I had determined something was up and decided to reload and try the mission again. Started the race the same way as before, but this time I didn't flip the car I hit. But, I did succeed in trapping it with the Barracks OL. I jumped out, being sure never to lose sight of the Cheetah, and tried to open the door and jack it. THE DOORS WERE LOCKED! So I turned and jumped in the Barracks OL , but since the car left my field of vision when I turned, the computer had reset it on the road and it sped off.

I finally did it right on my third attempt, this is what you must do:

Flip one of the Cheetahs and stand near it, (never letting it leave your sight) until you fail the mission when time runs out. When you fail, the driver will exit the vehicle and run off. Don't try to jack it because the doors will still be locked. Take your Barracks OL and push it back to your hideout. (The best route is to go opposite the starting direction of the race and down the street and through the alleyway to the Red Light District with the Police Bribe in it.) I've found it car is easier to push and control when it's on its roof. So try to keep it on its roof for the duration of the trip. Once you get it to the hideout, get it on its wheels and shove it in the garage and save your game!


Now take your new bullet-proof Cheetah out of the garage and put shotgun rounds into it a point blank to your heart's content, or better yet take it to Saint Mark's and kick some Mafia ass."

62 Pistol Whip
Kirk sent in this one about pistol whipping people.  I have tried this and it does work, sort of, it's just difficult to stay close enough so you don't actually shoot the gun.  "I thought this was interesting. If you wanna smash someone's face with a pistol whip, get in very close proximity to them and target them, then simply press circle. It looks like you punch them but they fall down in one shot. I never thought anything of it until I realized I was hitting them with my gun. That's a move they didn't list in the instruction booklet."
63 BF Injection

"After beating the first mission, the dune buggy that Joey was working on in his garage BF Injection), is created at Misty's Flat, by the El Burro Phone. You can pick it up only at a certain time period, but I only know that a little after 9 you should find it.  It's parked right in front of the doors." -- Submitted by Insane2757

64 Easter Egg
Jim DiCamillo found an Easter Egg of sorts.  He noticed that a Realtor sign in Shoreside Vale reads John Homes.  According to Jim, John Holmes is a porn star.
65 DA Hos
"You can pick up hookers with any vehicle, as long as it isn't a van, taxi, or law enforcement car. Also, if you exit the car the same time as she does, you can get back in and make her do it again. You can repeat this process up to 125 health." -- Submitted By Insane2757
66 David Lynch & GTA3

illspirit did some thinking and came across some interesting stuff that links cinematic works of David Lynch to GTA3.  I'm not really sure if this qualifies as an Easter Egg, but any David Lynch fans should find it interesting:

"OK, I think I figured it out.  All right, Donald Love is played by Kyle Maclachan, who also starred as agent Dale Cooper in the David Lynch movie and TV series Twin Peaks.  Agent Dale cooper disappears in the end of Twin Peaks.  In another movie by David Lynch called Mullholland Drive, there is a mysterious box that causes a character to disappear (Donald Love's package maybe?).  This box ends up with a really mysterious evil looking homeless man, who in way is similar to the Darkel character.  Now if you've seen Twin Peaks and Mullholland Drive, you might notice that it appears the two stories are interrelated, like how the backwards talking midget from Twin Peaks is in Mullholland Drive with a normal sized body, yet both times is always in an odd room surrounded by red curtains.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but maybe its not.  I mean, the game is full of little references, parodies, and tributes to other films.  For instance, the whole Flashback FM/Scarface thing.  This might just be another one of those.  But wait a minute, if it is, then that actually makes the whole thing even more confusing because it means you have to understand what exactly was going on in the David Lynch stories, and I don't think ANYBODY really understands those.  Nevermind.  My brain hurts now!"

67 Scarface & GTA3

Kirk sent in this observation as a follow-up to illspirit's David Lynch theory.  Kirk's email mainly compares Scarface and GTA3.  This contains spoilers, so please don't read it if you haven't finished the game yet.

"I found that little piece in the news that illspirit wrote about David Lynch interesting... Now when I read that I was totally NOT surprised because GTA3 takes so many different characteristics from a multitude of movies and even a TV show. Now it's no surprise that Tony Cipriani is modeled after Tony Soprano. He has personal problems with his mom (Listen to the caller 'Tony' on ChatterBox) and he pretty much acts like him. The whole Mafia is pretty much a combination of The Sopranos and The Godfather. And don't forget how big of a role Scarface plays in this movie. It's a coincidence that Salvatore has a girlfriend that ends up falling for your GTA3 character? No. If you've ever seen Scarface you will know what I'm talking about. Maria is Elvira, and you are pretty much Tony Montana. Also, this is interesting... you know the Bus? Not the Coach, the bus. Well, when was the last time you saw a Bus like that on modern roads? Well, if you watch Scarface, in the scene where Tony and Manny are on the way to Freedom Town in a prison-like bus, it looks EXACTLY like the Bus you see on the roads in GTA3. Coincidence? I don't think so. Just goes to show how cool this game really is, also how cool Rockstar [and DMA] is."

68 Mission Tip: The Purple Nines

RiceVoid sent in the following report:
"Firstly, I've not used any cheats at all in the game yet. Not once. But when I first tried the Dice mission I noticed that I needed WAY more time to even be able to FIND that many Purple Nines. My mission time was over and I still need like 10 more kills to complete it. Then as I tried and tried to complete this damn mission other things would stop me from succeeding...namely being abused by the gangs' Rumpo vans and the occasional Police car. All this added up to utter aggravation. I sat down and really tried to think of a way to complete it. This is what I came up with. I got in a Rhino. The tank. I drove it to the phone, started the mission and just drove around that one block (around the two apartment buildings). With the tank, I no longer needed to worry about any vehicles either harassing me or interfering with my line-of-sight for my drive-bys. And the Rhino also drives at an almost perfect speed for drive-bys, not too fast so you don't need to modulate your speed as much as with other cars. I got lucky and completed the mission my first time with the Rhino. Using the tank obviously won't make more Purple Nines appear, but I think that the advantages it affords can make up for their dismal numbers. But, as additional help, I did notice that once in a while there is a rather large gathering of gang members (sometime red, sometimes purple, sometimes both) that hang out directly in front of the sign to the right of the dirt path (the one that leads to the Patriot for "Gripped"). So, I always took my time as I drove by there, making sure to really fire off some good shots.

Also, I may have found another compelling reason to use the tank. I don't know that this works for a fact, but since the Rhino's cannon fires as well as your Uzi during drive-bys than any Purple Nine death resulting from the explosion from the tank shell while holding R2 or L2 also counts towards your ultimate kill count. I am not 100% sure about this, and if someone could test it and attest to it that would be good.

Hope this helps."

Mark Pagliaro sent in his thoughts on what might cause the problem:
"First Time I played I didn't cheat and nines were there but I deleted my game save by mistake.

The second time I played I got all 100 hidden packages before I did the D-ice missions and the 9's were gone

The 3rd time I played I only got Portland's hidden packages a and I didn't cheat (any type of cheating) and the 9's were still gone

Now since the game is on a DVD it can not auto store or delete any memory so the glitch itself is on the memcard

If the glitch occurs Delete GTA 3 data from memcard (memcard manager) not during gameplay and do not use ANY cheats until Dice missions are done.- This worked for me but as you can see I had to start over 4 times just trying to get 100 % which is a lost cause now."

Lastly, Albert sent in some tips on finding the Nines:
"I played the DICE mission today called, "Uzi Money" which someone said that the Purple Nines refused to appear.  I never encountered this problem.  I spotted all of them and finished the mission in no time.  However if you do not spot them, try driving straight a little bit then make a U-Turn and they should appear.  Also don't drive anywhere else, stay in Witchita Gardens.  Better yet, keep driving back and forth on the street where you receive your mission."

69 Mission Tip: Dice - Rumble
"While on the last mission for the Dice (RUMBLE), it's hard to survive an attack by all those Purple Nines with bats. Make a run towards the back of the parking lot and jump on the flatbed of the pickup truck. The Purple Nines will surround you but cannot hit you. Slam your bat onto their heads until they are all dead. When you're done, get in the pickup and drive home." -- Submitted by Wan Yue Chiu
70 Easy Vigilante Missions
"When the "Criminal threat" is in view and the blue arrow is floating above the car simply pause the game wait a second and unpause it. The "Criminal" will get out of his car and start shooting you so all you have to do is run him over. This comes in VERY handy when they just fly past you and you have no hope of hitting them" -- Submitted by Pigwidgeon
71 Health Cheat Tip
"When you are in a car and you do the health cheat
(R2,R2,L1,R1,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,up), the cars health gets restored and any fires go out. The car will still LOOK smashed up but will have full health."
-- Submitted by Pigwidgeon
72 Cop Stunt Spectacular
"It's easy to see the AI improvements from previous versions of GTA, but the police AI still has its limitations. In Portland, attract the attention of the police (the higher the level, the better) and head to the Callahan bridge. Carefully drive around the barricade and up towards the collapsed section. Once you reach the edge of the gap, get out of your car and jump up onto the concrete side rail. All the police vehicles pursuing you will try to ram into you, but will be stopped by the side rail, and you will have a nice view as they sail into the river one at a time!" -- Submitted by Nicholas Hulst
73 Tracking Down Rare Vehicles
If you are having trouble finding vehicles such as Mr. Whoopee, The Securicar, and others, try doing either a fire truck side mission or a vigilante mission in the police car.  Both missions type randomly generate a vehicle and before too long your target should be one of the rare cars.  Used in combination with Tip #70, this could be a very easy way to find your target cars for the Import/Export Garages. -- Submitted by Nicholas and Lick.
74 Fudge Packers
"Go to Ammu-Nation in the first zone and look at it from across the street, then look slightly to the right at a building in the background, which is happily and unashamedly labeled 'Fudge Packing Corps' hehehe" -- Submitted by Stuart
75 Drive Blown Up Cars
"First, I would like to say that I didn't find this out. Someone over at the GTA3 message board at GameFAQS.com did. I forgot who it was though. OK, stand next to the car you want to ride around in blown up (it MUST have someone driving it) and start entering the "blow up all cars" cheat. Since triangle is one of the buttons your character uses to get into cars, your character should still be doing the carjacking animation (throwing the driver out) as the car blows up. You should be sitting in the blown up car. As it is about to blow up again enter the Health Refill cheat and the fire will go out and you can get in and out a blown up car. You can also go to the pay-and-spray to get all then doors back." -- Submitted by Gamesharkpro
76 Multiple Hookers

"To pick up more than one hooker, drive up next to one in any car other than a government or taxi vehicle. After she gets in, drive up to another hooker and get out of the car and back in it really quickly. This should get both hookers "talking" to you (by standing beside your vehicle and doing the exhausted animation). They should both get in your car at the same time. You can get up to 3 hookers. What purpose this serves? None, but sometimes you need more than one ho to make you feel all right." -- Submitted by stuntwill

77 Get The FBI Car
"If you want a quality car its definitely the FBI's! The trick is to stay
near the spray shop in the last island. Do your damage until they're all
after you. Sit in your car so you can see through the gap in the wall
next the the entrance of the spray shop. Wait until an FBI car tries to
get through to you but it will fail and just run against the wall. Then
quickly get sprayed and get out to the FBI car and get in as normal.
you'll only get one star for this so you do one back to the spray shop! enjoy"
-- Submitted by Kleky
78 Mission Tip: Cutting The Grass
"Cutting The Grass"
"After several futile tries at beating this mission...I decided, instead of trying to follow the cab, I was gonna steal another cab, and pull right behind the cab he was supposed to get in...When he came out, much to my suprise...he got in mine!...After that it was a walk in the park."

--Submitted by LONESTARxp
79 Mission Tips:  Turismo & Evidence Dash

"Here are two tips that depend on the destroy all vehicles code (L2,R2,L1,R1,L2,R2,Triangle,Square,Circle,Triangle,L2,L1)

Don't Feel like racing? Pull up to the line, when the race starts get out of the vehicle, head over to the sidewalk and enter the code. Then find the first vehicle you come to and start going through the checkpoints. Shortly into your little drive you'll come to 3 burnt out husks with arrows over them.. Poor bastards..

"Evidence Dash"
Talk about one code making a mission a whole lot easier...Type in the code...Mission passed..Simple huh?

One last note...ever look at the company name on the Securicar?..."Gruppe Sechs"...pronounce it out...and you get (Group Sex)"
--Submitted by LONESTARxp

80 Free Kevin!

M Goddard sent me this interesting email explaining the "Free Kevin" call on Chatterbox:

"This has to do with the whole "Free Kevin!" call on Chatterbox. Some of you, but probably not all of you, already know about Kevin Mitnick and the whole Free Kevin thing that was going on up until a year or two ago (probably while GTA3 was in development), but for those of you who don't, Kevin Mitnick was the first Hacker/Phreak to make it on the FBI's Most Wanted list. He was caught once, released, then was on the run. After he was captured, he was placed in prison for years without a trial. Anyway, if you want to read about all that, go check www.kevinmitnick.com or something like that. Also, there is a sign at the exit of the tunnel near Francis Int. Airport for a computer company called "The Big BEIGE Box.", a beige box is a tool used by phreaks to clip onto the ring and tip terminals of other people's phone lines."

81 Mission Tip: Donald's Package

Ok, so that was a bad joke.
"This tip is for all you out there who are having trouble surviving the pick up the packages in the bay mission. You know the one from Donald Love. First you drive to Portland to pick up the speed boat. Get all the packages (and have 5 stars) but don't go back to the Portland dock, instead go to the Staunton dock (where you get the first Staunton Island missions from the Yakuza chicka). Get into any car parked there and drive up the road into the city. About half way up that road on the right you have the multiple story parking garage. If you take the hard right between the garage and the other building you get to the paint shop :)) and gone are the 5 stars and all the pig's after your ass. We had so much trouble getting it done any other way, and forget driving around picking up star's as you go. We tried with a touring bus and that failed as well." -- Submitted by PJ

82 Stick it to OPEC

"I was just playing GTA3 and I figured something out, something not too big but I think its pretty cool.  Ok, the gas station on Portland Island, in St.Marks near the place where you get the Banshee.  The pumps will explode if u shoot em.  I tried ramming with a car but that doesn't work so just shoot the pumps and they explode.  I was using the AK47 and the M16 so far to blow em up.  I tried with the Uzi, the pistol, and even the shotgun but it seems that only the rifles do the trick" -- Submitted by Jandar

One addendum I'd like to make to Jandar's observation is this.  When you are running from well armed rival gangs, do not take cover near the gas pumps :).  I ran through that station more than once trying to get away from Mafia only to end up dying in a massive explosion.

83 Under Construction
"While I was driving around by the construction yard, I noticed something very peculiar. If you look at the building with the glass all around it, It keeps getting taller as time progresses. I drove over to the base of the building and noticed an elevator. I tried to get in and pressed triangle, but nothing happened. I don't know if it has something to do with how far you get in the game or how much time progresses in the game, but I really hope that you eventually get to use the elevator to get up to the top." -- Submitted by Mike
84 Free Resprays
"Here's a rad little tip for getting free resprays.  Drive in as normal, but when you reverse out, don't go too far.  If the colours look whacked then drive back in for a complimentary respray.  You can keep on doing this until you hit the colour you want. You still have to pay for the first time but it's worth it if you wanna be rockin something with a bit of class." -- Submitted by ShabbyCat